Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To Brisbane From Beyond...

We haven't always lived in Brisbane, though my country-based childhood involved countless visits to the "Big Smoke".
I vaguely remember hanging on for dear life as Dad deftly negotiated the then-terrifying (to a young kid) Blackbutt Range. Despite, or perhaps because of, his superior driving skills, I usually ended up throwing up over my Sunday Best clothes somewhere between Moore and the city outskirts.
Often the visits involved scary trips to doctors and dentists - specialists being unavailable in a small country town.
But if we were good, (and in my case, had stopped being sick), there was always a reward. Usually, it was a treat unavailable in our quiet South Burnett town: a soft serve ice-cream covered in sprinkles, brightly-coloured sweet and sour pork from a Chinese takeaway, a decadent pastry from a French patisserie, or - my favourite - a trip to the Darrell Lea chocolate shop in Queen Street.
Oh, the treats we could buy with our pocket money! Chocolate-covered almonds, little bo-peep boiled lollies, or if we were really rich, a small box of our own soft-centred chocolates. Mmmm ... chocolate!
Anyway, I grew up to spend a large chunk of my grown-up life living in Brisbane, so it's pretty lucky I no longer throw up when I'm visiting the CBD!
Until recently, however, we've been living across the ditch in Auckland, so we're rediscovering Brisbane, and beyond, with new eyes.
Every patriotic, we flew home with Qantas, and although I've been a loyal follower over the years, I have to say the quality of service seems to have slipped since I've had kids.
On this occasion, the ruggies - spoiled as they were from a recent Air New Zealand flight where they had their own private entertainment systems from the moment they boarded - caught only a glimpse of the television, and weren't interested in the movie offering - Julie & Julia - either.
The meal also got the thumbs-down, and the activity pack was the same one they've been given on countless occasions during domestic and ditch-flights over the years. (Yes, I know - they are lucky!)
But the main thing was, we arrived here safely and pretty much on time. (Just don't ask about the queues through baggage-collection and customs!)
And while the kids have had to get used to mosquitos, flies and the occasional snake, the verdict is unanimous: There is nowhere like Brisbane. Or Queensland for that matter.
And we're looking forward to making the most of it!


Thea said...

Welcome back!!
I love Brisbane. Looking forward to more on your new blog. :)

Bronnie Marquardt said...

Oh thank you Thea. And you are my first follower! I am honoured ... Bron x