Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fabulous freebies

I never win anything.
It's not for want of trying. I've entered countless competitions on the internet, television, radio, magazines and more.
I mean, who couldn't use a new car/home/flatscreen TV?
However, the other day I got lucky.
Visiting one of my favourite blogs NotQuiteNigella, I left a comment on one of her posts, and was pleased to find out I'd won a $10 gift card, so that my family could try out the new Magnum Golds.
And then there was a visit to the Whiskas website, where I pledged my kitten's love for their products in a bid to win $10,000.
The competition is still running but every entry received a free sample of Whiskas for their cats.
Now, our kitten Hannah loves Whiskas. So much so, that if you try to pass off another brand, she turns her nose up at it and Miaows constantly until she gets her way.
When I open the pantry, she literally goes into it and pads a paw at the box to get a sachet out.
Must remember to get that on video one day.
Anyway, here's proof that occasionally you can get something for nothing - even me!
(But seriously - I'd love a free family holiday or loads of money next) ...,

Special delivery for Hannah

This is what she received

Can't pose, eating

The kids and I will certainly enjoy tasting the new Magnum Gold. Thanks NQN!


Motorbikes_Lady said...

WOW our cat Felix & yours must be related, he loves Whiskas as well, so much so that he has pouches of whiskas food in the cupboard. We stocked up on cat food when Big W had a sale on, buy two 24 pouch boxes for $25.00 which worked out to be about 52 cents a pouch usually a box of 12 is round $8.00

Felix also got his own two pouches from Whiskas as well(the same flavour as what your cat got) which saved us even more money. Feels great for me when I can get a bargin for anyone in the family even the cat.

Unknown said...

Wow - I had a cat called Felix when I was a youngster. Yes, it's always nice to get a freebie, even for the furry kids in the family.

Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh you're welcome Bronnie! I hope you like them. I'm such a fiend for Magnums so I loved them (although the Magnum Ego is my favourite) :) And very cool about the Whiskas too!

Anonymous said...

It's exciting to win something - no matter what it is. I don't win things very often. A holiday would definitely be a good win! Love your kitty too - wish we had one too.

Unknown said...

Yes, a holiday would be gold ... I'll keep trying. And the kitten is gorgeous - great company for me when the kids aren't here, and very loving with them when they are here. I think she pretty much rules our household. And thanks again NQN.