Monday, May 3, 2010

I love you too - seriously!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good Freebie.
I blame the Marquardt gene ... it's a quirk of nature where we are born unable to resist a bargain.
Like my parents, I religiously enter competitions, though my biggest win so far has been a Vegemite hamper (and I had to give half of that away, as it included peanut butter and Toblerone .... Mr 9 has a life-threatening allergy to nuts).
Still, I can do stuff for free with the kids, and to my relief, they love it.
Picnics in the park - any park will do; feeding the ducks/eels/fish at our local creek; spending time with family and friends; even pottering around in the garden.

Here we are doing the DIY Day spa at home. Miss 7 enjoys a bubble bath, complete with face and hair mask. We followed that up with a massage, hair-styling and manicure session.
We love Ipswich's Queens Park, and during our last visit, there was a jazz music festival too. The kids weren't that keen on the jazz (sorry performers, because you were truly awesome), but they did love the carnival atmosphere.)

Mr 9 loved the jumping castle

Wheeeee! A fearless Miss 7

Hmm ... I wonder when I should put the balls in (Note to Miss 7: It doesn't really matter, the prizes are always crap!)

Can I get one of these signs for the kids?

A swan at the free mini-zoo. There were babies this time, but we didn't see any.

The flying fox

Miss 7's turn
Ipswich's Queens Park is usually free, though on this occasion we did have to pay for rides. Queens Park is one of Queensland's oldest, and boast 22 hectares or so of huge trees, grassy areas, a fab playground, and a miniature zoo and nature park.
MEANWHILE, I recently won a double pass to see Aussie comedian/writer Peter Helliar's new movie I Love You Too at Indooroopilly's BCC for TONIGHT. I can't go, because I am on Mummy Duty tonight, so if you'd like to go, leave me a comment with your favourite Brisbane freebie. Make sure you include your email addy so I can send you the pass!


Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww you're so generous giving away your pass! And I don't know a single person that doesn't love freebies :D

Honey the Great Dane said...

Finally got here at last!! So sorry I haven't been able to visit before - things have been hectic lately. Anyway, glad to have somewhere new to keep up with your adventures! :-) That looks like a PACKED day - great place for a family.

I'm always entering competitions and have NEVER won anything - ever!! Humph!