Friday, May 14, 2010

The kids and kitten join forces

When you're battling depression, you can use all the laughs you can get, and I get a lot of giggles out of funny internet websites.
LOLcats, Lady Gaga or Black -Eyed Pea spoofs, the lot ... I can't get enough of them.
One of my current favourites is the classic Shit My Kids Ruined, and its furry-friend companion Shit My Pets Ruined.
So in their honour I bring you Shit My Kids AND My Pet Ruined ... my son's bedroom.
It looks innocent enough ... Hannah the kitten in her play tunnel drinking water from a cup. As cats do ...
But expand the vision and you'll find the kids have transported Hannah's litter (sans tray), and food into the room too.

It gets worse ...

It appears kitteh has taken to her new makeshift toilet with gusto!

What do you mean, it's not a toilet?

So, what have your kids and/or pets ruined lately? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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