Monday, May 24, 2010

A trip to the dentist

So Miss 7 had to go to the dentist a couple of weeks ago.
Previously, she'd been very brave during visits, but on this occasion, she had a young male dentist who didn't appear to have a lot of experience with children. They got off on the wrong foot when her x-ray didn't turn out and they had to do it again - and each time the experience pinched her little cheek and gums.
Then they needed to do a filling. But not just any filling.
It was to remove a filling done by the school dentist in NZ about a year ago. Apparently the dentist hadn't cleaned the tooth out properly before doing the filling ... and there was decay underneath.
To cut a long story short, it hurt. A lot.
And bribery, cuddles and even giving her my 'lucky ring' to wear, didn't work.
In the end, the dentist put a temporary filling in and told me we would have to see a paediatric dentist.
When DDay arrived, Miss 7 was still terrified. It took my best mothering skills to get her out of the car, and tears were falling down her little face as she clutched the four - four! - stuffed toys she had brought for support.
Finally, we walked into the surgery and the first thing Miss 7 noticed was the fish ... and then her name on the welcome list.
There was a playstation/x-box/some kind of computer game to play, and loads of art and toys. And slowly, H. started to relax.
Everyone from the receptionist through to the dentist - another young male but this time with plenty of experience with kids - were great with H, taking time to answer her questions and make sure she was comfortable.
This time, in their skilled hands, the x-ray didn't hurt (they even put her toy possum up on the x-ray machine to watch), and Miss 7 was feeling much better about the whole thing.
It turns out she will need quite a lot of work done, and the dentist recommended doing it in one hit under sedation, rather than putting her through several painful visits in the chair.
We will probably have to take a small mortgage to pay for all this, even after private health insurance, but I guess you can't put a price on your child's health. And we don't want her to get a phobia about the dentist, like I used to have.
As for the dental clinic? Just gorgeous. Why should kids have all the fun!

A special welcome to some special patients ...

I'm scared ... oh look at the pretty fish!

Damn ... I was going to totally stand on that counter too!

Inside the colourful paediatric dental clinic

Time for a spot of art while waiting
Afterwards, Missy was quite happy to relinquish her toys for the goodies they gave her for being good, containing stickers, gum, a balloon and some colouring in.
Wish I got a goodie bag for going to the dentist!

If you go: We saw Dr Mathew Fracaro at Indooroopilly, and I highly recommend to parents of anxious kids.


Not Quite Nigella said...

My how times have progressed! I don't remember my dentist visits looking nearly as appealing! :)

Xzema Girl and Betty said...

LOL re standing on counter. I have a funny sign from my recent excursion to Niagara Falls. It's a stick person climbing over the railing with a huge red slash through it. It was hot, but not for a swim into those falls. I should post in on my Twitter.

Unknown said...

Hahaha ... like you totally would have gone for a swim otherwise!