Saturday, June 19, 2010

House rules

Do you have house rules? We've had them for a few years now, and they generally work.
We keep them pinned up somewhere obvious, just to remind us.
But because of my separation from the kids' Dad, there are new rules for each house. 
Last weekend, I got the kids involved in coming up with Mumma's rules.
Miss H. got a bit distracted at first, and came up with this ...

I know, cute huh?

(She has a kitten fetish)
Then she did her version of our house rules. I'm not sure where Eat apples came into it, but I like it. (And what the hell is that creature, and what is it eating? Looks like a bum to me...)

When I was sad one day, Mr 9 immediately knew how to cheer me up. He put on his neck brace, added my glasses, and looked like a nerd. I couldn't help cracking up. 
Just a few reasons why I love my kids so much! 


Not Quite Nigella said...

hehe they look to be sort of around our house rules (althoughI must admit I break the swearing one myself on occasion when things go wrong in the kitchen!) :P .

Jen said...

Laughed at the apple, and yes it does look like a bum.......but still, an apple a day etc :) Very cute :D

Cheryl said...

You have adorable kids!!!

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Our step daughter has rules over here so has a more structured routine, where as her mum lets her ran wild. Some of the rules include

After School:

3.30pm - 4pm Spend time with Dad & Step mum talking about my day at school etc

4pm - 5pm Play with my friends.

5pm - 5.30pm Bath time (this early only for winter time)

5.30pm - 6pm School homework (Tues to Thursday, home work back to school Fri Morning)

6pm - 7pm Help set table, feed cat & help cook tea if I'm allowed. After Tea clean teeth

7.05pm - 8.30pm Free time can do anything I want with in reason or spend more time with step mum & dad.

8.30pm to Bed (can read in bed quietly or go straight to sleep, if reading light out by 9pm)

These are just some of the small rules we have, then we have weekend rules & before school rules.

We broke it up so that it doesn't seem like to much for her.

Kelley @ magneto bold too said...

How damn cute are those kids?!

We have modified 'hands and feet' to 'hands, feet and OBJECTS to yourself' cause damn those kids are crafty.

Unknown said...

Haha Kelley, I have added OBJECTS to the rule. Because you are right, they are crafty (or evil, the jury is out...)