Thursday, June 24, 2010

One person's trash ....

Don't you love that Aussie tradition of putting crap you don't want in front of your house, with a 'free' sign?
Over the years, we've given away loads of stuff that way. You know the kind of things that aren't worth selling, and you no longer need. And there's not enough for a charity to come out and collect it, and it's too big to take there in your car. Or it's something electrical, and most charities won't accept these products anymore.
Anyway, we've given away quite a bit of stuff that way over the years, including a lounge, table, toys, and microwave. (The guy who picked it up wanted the glass plate inside it. Who knew?).
Maybe it was karma then, but driving home from visiting my brother and his family last weekend, we passed a computer desk sitting on a footpath, and bearing the sign: 'Giveaway'.
Mr 9 has longed for his own 'work desk' and was beside himself with excitement. So of course we stopped, but try as we might, we couldn't fit the desk in my little Mitsubishi Lancer.
We huffed and puffed and eventually, using an ingenius technique of shopping bags and clothes (don't ask), we managed to tie the desk onto my boot and drive very carefully back to my brother's house to beg for help.
He and Mr 9 replaced the shopping bags and clothes (I said, don't ask), with a sophisticated network of ropes and even one of those dinky little red flags I think you're required to display by law when transporting crap that doesn't fit inside your car.
When we got home, Mr 9 happily untangled the ropes and helped me move the desk into the house.
It's currently in his room, where he has proclaimed it is his work desk.
Okay, it's certainly a well-loved desk, but it's working fine for My 9. Now we just need one for his sister!
Thanks anonymous donors! Oh, and Uncle D. for coming to our rescue ....

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Not Quite Nigella said...

You are so resourceful -and with shopping bags and clothes no less? I'm intrigued by this method! ;) Congratulations on your new purchase!