Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dag alert: I love Masterchef.
Now, I know it has its faults, is probably rigged, and there really should be a female judge on there, but it's still addictive.
I got into it living in New Zealand, when although it was months behind the Aussie screening (and therefore I already knew who had won), it was played at a kid-friendly time.
Gradually, I warmed to it. A. Because it was on at a time when the kids and I could chill out; B. It was watchable, and C. It was one of those few shows we could watch together.
No swearing, no sex (well, apart from the lascivious looks George, Matt and co throw longingly towards certain foods), and lots of stuff we could try at home. (Minus the lascivious looks obviously).
In Australia, it's televised a bit late for my kids to watch on a school night, but we often catch up on school holidays and/or the weekends.
I knew we'd watched too much telly when the kids announced one holiday morning:
"Mumma! We're doing a Masterchef Invention Test and you get to pick the winner!"
Now, I'm a fairly chilled-out mother. I'm pretty happy when my kids want to eat any breakfast at all, so for them to want to cook it? Awesome! (With me keeping an eye on things obviously. Clearly, I didn't want the house to burn down in the process.)
So I made them a deal: They could cook, if they promised to help me eat the results.
And we were on.
Miss 7, bless her heart, made dried-out scrambled eggs on toast. It didn't taste great. (Shhh, don't tell her!) But she'd made it to her taste, and managed to scoff the lot. I'd call that a win.
Master 9 went all out and did an omelette/scrambled egg mix which included: Eggs, milk, philly garlic and chive cheese, sour cream, ham and tasty cheese.
He wouldn't touch it (wise choice I thought ...) but I managed to down enough to keep him happy.
They also made me a coffee, which sadly, tasted and looked like dishwashing water. (Shh ... don't tell them! I managed to throw it in a grateful plant when they weren't looking.)
Despite dishwasher coffee and calorie-laden and/or dried out eggs, I love that my kids express their love for me by wanting to feed me.
Readers, do your kids cook, and what are their favourite recipes? 
C's ham, egg, cheese, sour cream and Philly Cheese omelette

My kitchen after the 'invention test'. Yeah, thanks Masterchef. Thanks a lot ...
Miss 7 eating MY eggs (thankfully...)

A casualty in the breakfast invention test


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Our step daughter when she cooks she knows the cleaning the kitchen is part of the deal & trust me she makes far more mess then your two put together of your kitchen pic.

Where I differ from you is I let my step daughter know if her food is no good to eat otherwise I feel she is always going to think her food is alright to eat.

It's only through their mistakes they will learn how their food really tastes plus it's something a lot of top chefs on Rwady Steady Cook say be truthfully about your kids cooking skills so they understand about how to improve food.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying what your doing is wrong I'm just saying that all parents have a different way of looking at the way kids cook.

Thea said...

Oh that is too cute!!
Mine are only 5 & 2 so not quite up to it yet, but one day I hope this is exactly what they'll do, too. :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aren't they clever! Sadly I've missed out on a lot of Masterchef as I've been overseas but friends have kept me up to date! I was so upset to hear Marion had gone :(

Your kiddies are such stars! :D

Alison @ Coffee Kids Chaos said...

It's a double edged sword sometimes, the mess they leave in the kitchen..but then it gets them being creative and learning some cooking skills!

I really want my boys to have at a minimum, basic cooking skills before they leave home so they can cook something decent for themselves, my Mr.4 and I like watching The Cook and the Chef too sometimes, he loves that show :)