Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the lucky winner is ...

For the Tara Moss and Kate Morton giveaway.
As mentioned earlier, oh a few posts ago.
Sorry it's taken so long, and I did announce it in comments earlier, and was going to announce it properly during my next post.
Except ... it's school holidays. I have my lovely kids. And I'm not quite getting to the blog.
But I know everyone is waiting, so I thought I'd do a quick community service announcement for you all.
So @Motorbikes_Lady just email me or DM your address, and the booklets I was given at my literary agent Selwa Anthony's recent conference will be on their way.
(For those who came in late they are sneak peeks of the upcoming novels: The Blood Countess, by Tara Moss; and The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. They cannot be bought or sold, and so are priceless).
I would love to do more giveaways, once I convince Australian companies that Mummy bloggers are a powerful force.
You can help by following and/or commenting on what goodies you wish you could win ...


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

WOW Thanks I can't believe I won thank you thank you thank you I'm so happy.

(((( Hugs ))))

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Enjoy ...