Friday, September 24, 2010


It's day 5 of my Flab To Fit challenge ... not that I'm counting or anything.
I'm eating healthily, and getting loads of exercise at my local Fernwood gym.
I'm loving rediscovering the buzz that exercising regularly gives me. No wonder I used to be a gym and fitness junkie.
The past few years I just haven't put myself first. I've always worried about money, or the fact that I should be spending any 'spare' time either working, or parenting, or catching up with housework or whatever. I'd try to exercise for free ... walking wherever I can, taking the kids to the park, doing Tai Chi or Yoga at home. But the problem was that I wasn't doing it regularly enough.
Finally, as part of my Mindfulness journey to happiness, I decided to show myself some loving kindness by making my health and fitness a priority.
I chose Fernwood because, well, it's just really nice. I used to go to a cheap and cheerful gym, where there was no air-conditioning, and any really tall women could see into the loo next door because the doors were so tiny. Or kids could climb underneath the door and announce: Surprise!
 And where there were lots of grunting, sweaty men. (No offence guys ... it's just a bit intimidating to a self-conscious girl like me). Oh, and the men weren't actually in the bathroom. They were in the main gym.
Lest you think they were grunting and sweating in the ladies' changeroom.
At Fernwood, the showers and loos are nice, the staff aren't intimidating, and if the mood strikes, you can always hang out for a free coffee, healthy snack, and chat before and/or after class.
The only problem is that I've overdone it a little this week.
Ironically, the class that did me in was Body Balance. That's a combination of pilates, yoga and tai chi.
Back in my fit days, yoga and the like, were easy exercises, the ones I did more for my mind and stress levels than getting fit. That's because I was so fit the poses were easy.
Oh my goodness, I struggled with Body Balance this week, and it really hurt. Because of the ankylosing spondylitis, quite a bit of my spine and hips have fused, so the poses are difficult and painful. I stuck with it though.
I hadn't realised but that day was an open day for women in the area to come in and try classes for free. There were giveaways and special deals.
At the end of the class, the instructor gave the prize to me! Me! Saying that she admired that I'd stuck with it, and done what I could, and that was the whole point of getting fit.
I suspect she gave me the prize because I was the crappest Body Balancer in the class, but I accepted it gratefully.
My prize was a couple of sauna sessions, some hair bands, and a free 'Military Miss' workout.
I like the first two, but I suspect I won't like the latter. Groan.
Meanwhile, I've managed to flare the arthritis up again, and there's quite a bit of inflammation in my body.
But I'm happy knowing I've made a start, and as I get fitter the arthritis pain should improve.
Finally, don't forget my book giveaway (see previous posts). You have until 5 pm today to follow my blog and/or comment on why you deserve a random act of kindness.
Also? Fernwood have an internet special at the moment. 14 days for $14. Go to to find out more.
Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored by Fernwood or receiving any payment from them. I am blogging about them because I like them. Though I am hoping to talk them into giving away some freebies to my followers, so don't forget to follow and/or leave some bloggy love so I can show them that Mummy Bloggers rule. That is all.


Melissa {Suger} said...

Wow! Great job.

I too used to LOVE the feeling of regular workouts. I'm on my way but am definitely not where you are with it.

So this is me... Waiting on the vibe!

Wanderlust said...

Congratulations on your workouts and on your prize. See, what comes around goes around. More random acts of kindness! Keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll get back to that brave and fit woman posing with the tiger!

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm excited to hear that you've kept up the Zumba!! It's such a great class, isn't it? Am also slowly going back to classes now that we're back from holiday. I tried the Body Attack last weekend instead of Zumba and it nearly killed me!! :-) Seriously, I had to stop in the middle of the class and just breathe coz I was feeling lightheaded & nauseous from lack of oxygen and had a huge stitch in my side...and then I was hobbling around with calves that felt like lead for days afterwards! Still, don't they say no pain, no gain? :-)

I'm so excited that we seem to be trying the same classes. I tried Body Balance too and I really enjoyed it - it was tough (esp the Pilates bit) but still easier than the Body Combat & Body Attack classes! And I was surprised at how sore I was the next day - you woudn't think balancing on one leg uses any musles but it does!! :-)

Hope to catch up soon - maybe at a Zumba class together?! :-)


Thea said...

One day I want to join a Fernwood!
I'll have to move first though because my closest iis over an hour away.
But I totally agree, free exercise is great, but I don't stick with it either. Would love to join a gym again.
I started yesterday doing 20mins of strength & toning exercises and am I feeling it today? Yes, yes I am!! Ouch.
Good luck to both of us. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. I did an hours zumba class this morning and pretty sure I nearly died. I got through it though, and it was fun ... really enjoyed it, though I probably will be stiff and sore tomorrow. I can't move my booty like the instructor and I hate seeing my reflection in the mirror, but at least I'm having fun and doing something about it.