Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're fully sick!

How do you keep your kids entertained when they are sick?
Back in my day, I usually had to stay in bed, or spend time at home doing school work the school would send home.
These days, with DVDs, DS's, Computers and not to forgot that really great invention called BOOKS, my kids expect a little more.
So on a sick day - or a rainy one for that matter - I usually let them bunker down with a couple of books, the cat, and DVDs. They do have to catch up on homework, but only once they are feeling up to it. Then there's that period between when, for example, they are still infectious but are feeling better and getting bored. Like today.
And that's when I bring out the big guns!
There's a craft and 'useful box' stashed away in the cupboard. (Yeah, I stole the name from Play School!) It's got bits and bobs, different materials, glue, paints and ice-cream sticks. That usually grabs their attention and keeps them quiet for a while.
I usually have a couple of colouring or art books on hand too.

But for Mr 9, nothing beats what he calls 'tech'. It's short for technology. C. has Aspergers Syndrome, and this is one of his interests. He loves to pull things apart and find out how they work, but because he often has trouble putting them back together again, the practice has been banned!
However, when we moved back to Australia from New Zealand, a heap of things inexplicably came back broken. These I have stashed away in case of emergency, when I can actually bring them out and let C. go to town.
Yes, broken DVDs and microwaves and whatever else are always recycled here!
This tech is from our old microwave after the kids got sick of using it as a tea party table, and decided to take it apart instead.

For Miss 7, nothing beats Beados. I hate them, fiddly little things that end up all over the place. Anyway, H. can't get enough of them, but she's only allowed them when she's sick or it's rainy/cold outside. Because, quite frankly, keeping the place clean and tidy is hard enough as it is without hundreds of tiny balls covering the floor. (Yes, I AM a mean mother).

And of course, there are foreign coins. Mr 9 has started collecting them. I once had a huge collection of various money from my travels, but they seem to have gone missing when we moved. However, I still occasionally get the odd coin in change when it goes straight to Mr 9's collection. Currently we are doing a tick-chart for him to work towards his goal of buying a coin book to store them in.

How do you entertain your kids when they are sick enough not to go to school but not quite sick enough for bed?


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...
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Unknown said...

Hey! Your sons habits may not be aspergers! no really hes just a geek like me! :D
I'm always pulling things apart, my car dashboard, my mac mini, the broken cdrom drives from mac minis, hard drives ... if you run out of things for him to pull apart, send him to an e-day computer recycling center for a day of fun! (or over to my place!) :D

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Now this is where you & I are different, if a kid is with me & sick then they have to stay in bed no tv, no games they are allowed to read but that's it.

I'm lucky that I have had Dr's who back me up in this kind of thinking only once did I come across a dr who thought differently & by following what he said oldest daughter ended up sicker.

Ever since then I've stuck to my guns any child(ren) at my house who are sick are confind to bed.

It's good that parents aren't all the same & some are more felixable like you & that some are more strict like me neither way has hurt a child(ren) yet that I know of

Unknown said...

As for kids being sick , i let them be bored or do something educational (reading books falls into this category). If i let them sit on computers or games it encourages them to fake being sick :D

So Now What? said...

Oh we had to stay in bed. If we were sick, we were sick, although I do remember flat lemonade being standard.

Mine are usually relegated to the couch and I let them watch movies.

Were you into the beadoes when they were akin to taking LSD if you licked them? My daughter was and they've been banned ever since.

Hope you all get fully well soon x

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I can imagine the beados would be the bane of your existence. They're so...fiddly and hard to keep in one place too! :o

Unknown said...

OH I was going to say about the Beados and the drug thing, but I was afraid of being sued or something! And yes Susan, you are probably right ... but because my kids get asthma, I often find if I keep them home for a day and keep them quiet it doesn't get worse. If I send them to school and they run around or whatever, I usually get a call in the middle of the day when their condition is far worse. My parents were pretty tough on me growing up, so I guess I am a bit of a soft touch. I do ban the really fun stuff like computer games and DS's though on sick days (not on rainy days). Liz nice to meet you, and yeah maybe it's not AS, he is just a supergeek in the making. He does get quite obsessive about it though ... can't stop until he is done, then keeps and hides all his favourite bits of tech! Who needs toys when you have tech?