Monday, October 4, 2010

So now what? Fashion faux pas?

So my twitter pal, @Bern_Morley, is having a competition over at her blog SoNowWhat?
Now, I love Bern and I always enjoy reading her blog.
But right at the moment, there is more to enjoy. Because Bern is running a competition for those of us who #needmiracles.
And she has a giveaway of Not Your Daughter's Jeans for one lucky reader.
Apparently these jeans lift your bum, suck in your guts, and basically turn your life around, no effort required.
So of course, I must have a pair.
Entrants need to send her their biggest fashion mistake.
Me, I could not just stop at one, so I've decided to blog about a few of my more hideous, erm, interesting fashion choices.
And here they are:

The $5 Thai bikini

My Jungle Girl phase. A $10 playsuit I got at a market in Hawaii, which was so skimpy I had to wear beachwear underneath it. I toured the US in that one. (Oh yes, I was all class. Paired the outfit with my LA Gear high-tops ...)

An 80s aubergine bubble skirt affair. Note the big hair and white skin. What was I thinking?

A day at the races in another Thai outfit and a cheap Target hat. Why no, I didn't win fashions on the field that year, thanks for asking ...
All I can see in my defence is that it was the 80s. And at least I was skinny ...?

This was a fave dress for a while. I remember the day when I put it on for a wedding, and the zip wouldn't quite do up. Oh the shame, I thought I was hugely fat and ugly! Oh to be so fat again ...

So Bern? You can see I have absolutely no fashion sense and that was when I had very little guts to suck in and bum to push up. I clearly need help!
Pick me ... please?


So Now What? said...

I can't believe you didn't get fashion on the fields. Judges were clearly blind. Both literally and metaphorically.

Taryn said...

Loved those! You look especially HAWT at the races! Oh dear! Thanks for sharing. You know we all have these kinds of photos! Especially the ones where we thought we were ugly and fat at the time and then we look back and realised we really should have given skinny dipping a go because we were so HAWT. Sometimes I want to go back and slap myself silly! x

Unknown said...

Oh totally. I totally obsessed with every little flaw back then ... if only I had know to flaunt it while I had it. (Actually I did go through a phase of doing that ...))
And yes, Bern, I am sure I should have won the Fashions prize at the races. Am sure the judges were jealous of my effortless style!

Kalena Jordan said...

In 1988, I had the most cringeworthy bubble skirt EVER. Wore it to death until I had a giant farewell ceremony for it 2 years later. Thanks for the memories :-)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe you are too funny! :P I grew up in the 80s so I have an entire decade of shame :P

Mummahh said...
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Mummahh said...

i loved all of thoses pieces of clothing!!!
and you looked Hawt in a Bikini