Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trinny and Susannah do Brisbane

My lovely friend Hsin-Yi invited me to join her on a girly day at Westfield Chermside yesterday.
I first met Hsin-Yi when I wrote about her and her gorgeous dog Honey the Great Dane for the New Zealand Women's Weekly.
Honey is the busiest and most talented dog I have ever met. She dances, she's polite, she helps sick people and troubled youths, and she even blogs!
Hsin-Yi and I had so much in common, we became friends. (We are both writers and animal lovers, we love good food and travel, and we blog. Oh and we're both models. Erm no, that would actually be Hsin-Yi. And Honey too for that matter! Yes, Honey has even appeared on television and posed for a critically-acclaimed coffee table book.)
As it happens, Hsin-Yi and her husband Paul and Honey moved to Australia just before we returned here after a stint in Auckland.
We try to get together regularly, although it's never often enough, and when Hsin-Yi spotted that Trinny and Susannah were filming a television show at Westfield Chermside, she asked me to join her.
Westfield Chermside was apparently the last stop on T. and S.'s tour to makeover Australia.
As well as transforming the looks and self-confidence of more than 100 women during the tour, the trendy pair have been filming the journey for a new TV series for Lifestyle YOU.
(Neither Hsin-Yi nor I have Foxtel, so we'll miss it. Damn)..
Hsin-Yi and I met for a delicious Sushi Train lunch and green tea before the event, before joining hundreds of other women and a few men at the Trinny and Susannah stage.
There was only limited seating, and these appeared to be for the family and friends of people who were with the ladies who were being made over.
We'd expected the television personalities to choose women from the audience to be made over, but apparently this had all been organised prior to the day.
And the women were 1 1/2-2 hours late. 15 or 20 minutes might have been okay, but I can tell you there almost was a stampede before the main attractions finally graced us with their presence.
Supposedly someone was handing out yoghurt and Uncle Toby's samples, but we never saw them. Hsin-Yi kindly offered to get some water while I minded our spot. A few women actually had to leave after waiting for ages, because they had to do school pick-ups.
It was all rather frustrating, and pretty much a missed marketing opportunity. (See this is the journo in me coming out). We were a captive audience, Westfield could have done something like use their own fashion consultants to pick people out of the audience and do mini-makeovers and/or hair cuts by their own tenants.
Or they could have presented some trends for spring and summer, featuring things that people can buy at the shopping centre.
Having made the effort to wear a dress and make up AND heels, it was pretty crappy having to wait so long.
However, when Trinny and Susannah did appear, they did look and sound lovely. And true to form, there was a lot of grabbing of boobs and butts, and statements like: 'You've got great tits', from the fashion gurus.
The women they made over were all really inspirational and deserving, and there were a few tissues being passed around.
The madeover women looked gorgeous, though we thought some of the outfits were a bit garish, and the heels, while beautiful, were sky-high, which pretty much rule them out for a lot of us. 
A few of the women looked uncomfortable walking in their heels, but overall, they looked really amazing, as their hair and make-up had been also transformed.
We didn't stay until the end ... my feet and back hurt after standing for so long, and I wanted to beat the traffic. Hsin-Yi had to get home to walk Honey.
It was a fun way to spend an afternoon, and perhaps it would be fun to have a makeover too, without the having to appear on stage and on television part. (That's the wuss in me coming out.)
So readers, would you enjoy a makeover?
Trinny and Susannah finally arrive
Susannah and one of the madeover women.
Photos courtesy of Hsin-Yi and


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Having Friends in the UK I've heard how T & S (as the UK's call them) always stage their tv shows & real shows, so will never ever go to any of their shows they are big frauds.

On a side note my fav spot Kedron Wavell Services Club is next to Westfield Chermside

(((( Hugs ))))

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I'm blushing after that write-up!! (and Honey too if she could blush!) Stop it - you're embarrassing me. :-)

You gave such a good recap of the day and I totally agree with you about the missed marketing opportunity - what total idiots. And really poor of T & S to keep everyone waiting so long - I remember having to wait that long for a Michael Jackson concert but hey - that was Michael Jackson! And the show was sure worth it!

But I agree that it was very moving to see the women's reactions - staged or not! :-)

Hey - speaking of makeovers - do you know that Mac will do a makeover for free if you then buy something to the value of $50? At least they did back in Auckland. So I always used to go and get one if I was planning to buy something from them anyway. They only do make-up but it is really good to have a professional give you advice on how to enhance your features and what/how to use colours, etc. If I'm planning to buy something from Mac, I'll let you know and you can have my "free makeover"! :-)


Unknown said...

Hey - have you seen this, by the way? You probably have since you follow her - it's hilariously written!

I do feel sorry for her but I thnk you should leave her a comment saying that we were one of the waiting crowd and that while we don't blame her or T&S but we think it was really stupid organisation of the centre (and missed opportunity! They could really have got something out of it too!) if they had put something on in the waiting time - as you suggested in your post. That way people like that complaining woman would have been kept busy & happy. It's not the delay that was annoying people so much as the lack of anything to do, I think. (and chairs!)


Anonymous said...

Girrrlllls, I'm not a T&S fan. The idea of some random grabbing a breast uninvited is not appealing. And I think they are disrespectful of other peoples sensitivities (hey, trying to write this without saying "feelings" because there's two different sorts of feelings happening here!)
But live and let live. If it's your cup of tea....

Anonymous said...

Hi very sexy and Beautiful Trinny and Susannah thank you i am such a Big fan of You. keep Your Curves