Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas, cake and other chaos

So it was  my birthday yesterday - yes, 21 again - and I had to pleasure of setting the alarm and shlepping the kids over to our old place to do yet more moving stuff.

Which we all loved.


I hate moving. The kids hate moving. It sucks, especially on a birthday.

However, the good news is that most of our crap precious belongings, are finally here, and we've settled in well to our new home and have bonded with the inhabitants. (A handful of pets came with the home, which to us is a bonus not a negative. Apparently, there are a couple of snakes about too, but thankfully, we haven't made their acquaintance yet.)

We still managed to have a fairly fun day, getting out and about, and even participating in a Christmas Carnival.

It was madness in this heat, and of course, I was the only one to get suburnt, despite liberally dousing myself in sunscreen. We had a late lunch/early dinner out before collapsing on the couch with the pets and watching Pokemon.

The kids then demanded massages since they were tired from their day out, which I grudgingly provided, whilst mumbling something about it being MY birthday, and surely I was the one who should have been massaged!

There was rainbow cake, which we made and iced together, and despite being a fully paid-up member of #TheBoombahClub, I actually allowed myself a piece. Delicious.

In all the madness, I still managed to draw the winner of the 'Search For Santa Paws' DVD giveaway.

It was Nadine, who now may actually get some peace when she's out shopping with her little ones, and they may stop pestering her for a copy.

Nadine, message me and I'll get your DVD off to you. Porter Novelli Australia Pty Limited, Aussie Mummy Bloggers, and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment are the kind people who donated the giveaway, so many thanks to them.

In case you missed it, you can see the Santa Paws trailer here

This week, I'll have another giveaway to announce, so stay tuned.

Now, where's my rainbow cake?
Forget her! Where's my Whiskas?


Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday lovely xxx

Anonymous said...


ClaireyHewitt said...

Hate moving, love birthdays and love giveaways too... I will be back!

Unknown said...

Thanks girls, love you long time xo

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Love the picture of the cat its the kind of look Felix gives us when he wants his Whiskas.

(((( Hugs ))))

Pauline said...

Happy Birthday! Reminds me I haven't made a rainbow cake in yonks. And also reminds me of a birthday when I moved and no one gave a fig that it was my birthday to the extent that I actually forgot it was, too.
Hope you have a wonderful year ahead!

Unknown said...

Haha, yes Susan, she looks possessed doesn't she.
Oh Pauline, I've done that too... there's nothing worse!
Congrats to the winner, and thanks for the birthday wishes. xo

Rubyjaz said...

Hi Bronwyn, Happy Belated Birthday!. Sorry I have not been on line for a while. I had mine on this week to. Talk soon. Amber