Friday, November 19, 2010

Mary Christmas!

I felt a bit like Mary Christmas the other day, as I popped a review book in the post for a special guest reviewer to read and report on when she has time. At the same time, I was able to give away some double passes to a new movie to some other lovely followers.

One of the best things about blogging is being able to give things away. Seriously, I'm like a puppy with a bladder full of wee and a street full of lamp posts!

On this occasion, Porter Novelli Australia Pty Limited, Aussie Mummy Bloggers, and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment sent the kids and I a preview copy of The Search For Santa Paws to review. You can see the trailer here.

Isn't it cute?

And lucky readers, I also have a copy of The Search For Santa Paws movie to give away at MIA. A proper one, in a case and EVERYTHING. Just like you get at the shops. You could even give it as a present!  (Reviewers get basic CD in a clear film package.)

Now the reason for the preview:

Generally journalists and writers are lucky enough to see movies and DVDs before the general public. This is: A. So we can review them and presumably encourage people to see them (good or bad, any publicity tends to be good publicity); and B: To work out which stars and/or movies would make good features and secure interviews well in advance.

I remember, in my glory days of writing for magazines in London, when the editorial team saw a preview of Four Weddings And A Funeral, and we all tried to convince the editor that we needed to interview a guy called Hugh Grant, because he was going to be BIG. (Well, big in the movie star sense. I cannot vouch for his size in any other area).

Anyway, the (hetrosexual male) editor tutted and said: "No one's ever heard of him. NEXT." (Because a female or gay editor would have totally been into Hugh immediately, right?)

So we passed on the free interview we'd been offered, and a few months later when Four Weddings was making a killing at the box office, and Elizabeth Hurley started wearing next to nothing, our esteemed editor demanded an interview with Hugh Grant, and gave us a bollocking for not having done so already.

By then Hugh was far too popular for his people to even speak to our people, but one of my colleagues did score a phone interview with Liz Hurley, which was almost as good. Especially as she was given Liz and Hugh's home number on which to do it, and she spent the next few weeks trying not to phone them to listen to their answer machine message.

But I digress.

As luck would have it, our preview Santa Paws DVD arrived the day the kids and I were ordered to rest up because we all had tonsillitis, fevers, and were contagious.

I felt like a magician as I whipped out the magical disc (ie, the Santa Paws DVD), before the kids could moan about having nothing to do.

I then set them up with ice-cream, sick bowls, and antibiotics, before settling down to enjoy the movies. Afterwards, (okay during as well), the kids shared their thoughts.

I've weeded out the irrelevant ones like: 'Mum, C. keeps putting his feet on me', and 'Mum, H. just farted on me.' And the classic: "Mum, I'm gonna spew!"

Despite all that, they enjoyed Santa Paws and here is what they thought:.

Mr 9: "The start is silly. I hate the singing. It gets better after that. I liked the bit where Santa got knocked over by the car. That was funny." (Yes, he does see a child psychologist.) I want a magic crystal like Santa and Paws.  (Don't we all, son? Don't we all?)

Miss 7: Santa looked weird, I didn't really like him much. He's not like the real Santa. I hated the mean lady. Why do mean ladies always have orphanages? I love Paws, I even loved him when he became a toy. I want a magic crystal like Santa and Paws. (See above.)

Ms 42 (AKA Me): This is the prequel to Santa Buddies, which my kids loved, so the approval rating was already pretty high.
The cute dogs and their antics held the kids pretty much spellbound, but they lost interest during the singing and dancing scenes (which is when the touching and farting began. On my couch at home, not in the movie). The Christmassy scenes were gorgeous.
It's a cute enough movie, very predictable, but it hits all the right buttons for primary school-age kids. Younger kids might be a bit upset at some of the scenes, and teens would probably act bored, but might give in and watch if they're in the same room.
Also? In the extras section,  Debby Reynolds who is apparently quite hot right now, does a rocking rendition of Deck The Halls, which both kids loved.
I'd recommend it as a rainy/sick day/Christmas holiday viewing.
(And Miss 7 is right, the Santa did look a bit creepy. And I want a magic crystal too).

If you would like to win a copy of The Search For Santa Paws (rated F), just leave a comment below.

The winner will be announced on Friday, November 26.


Jack McClane said...

Just letting you know I don't want to win it but I really enjoyed reading your post.

You've got a style that zips along and I never get bogged down.

Well done.


So Now What? said...

Did you ever get sick of the interviews or freebies? It sounds so glamourous and fun but does it ever get to be your job?

Loved this and Hugh Grant, I have a total softspot, Devine Brown or no.

Unknown said...

I used to work as a magazine writer and commissioning editor, and yes, I did get paid for it, and yes I got loads of freebies. Working in London as a writer was just the best. I miss it sometimes, but I wouldn't want to bring up my kids in the UK. (Not that there is anything wrong with that ...

Danielle said...

I want a job like yours, please (the cool freebies and interviews) not the sick days, farts and spew. :)

Thea said...

My kids would love that movie!
And I just realized we don't have any Christmas movies.....tut tut tut! :)

life in a pink fibro said...

I haven't done any giveaways yet - but I do like the whole Mary Christmas idea, so maybe I should reconsider. :-)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I would love Santa Paws ...great review.
Hope the kids are feeling better.
Well I promise I would let the kids watch it too. My boys love dog movies ( They have an old movie length version of Lassie they adore bit I'm bored by it).
I saw my sister in law had Santa Buddies on her table ...I must try to beg a borrow of it.
I love freebies.

Anonymous said...

Your job sounds like it was so much fun!!! Hard work but awesome. And kids are great reviewers aren't they?

Naturally Carol said...

I love the giveaway aspect of blogging too and I'm giving away some bunting I made at the moment. Now I feel I have a whole new group of people I can foist my handmade stuff onto...he!he!he!..well, perhaps not 'foist' as they do put their hands up.

Bill Harper said...

Santa and puppies. How could our almost-three-year-old not enjoy that. And let's face it: any DVD that can keep a kid still for more than five minutes has to be good.


Gail White said...

Hi loved your post, would really love to win the search for Santa Paws for me beautiful little grandson, I know he would love it.
Gail White

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I loved hearing about the Hugh Grant story! More pretty please!? And yes given he was a straight male, he just would not have understood!

Anonymous said...

ha ha you made me smile. Needed that! movie sounds sweet had a good chuckle about the Hugh Grant thing and the Editor. Kids will be kids and do what kids do. Glad they enjoyed most of it and tell them I WANT A CRYSTAL TOO so IF they GET ONE tell me HOW.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better over your side of town this house is still trying to get rid of the bug but we aint as bad as you guys sounded..
What a lovley idea sit down and relax whilst getting the christmas feeling.
My kids love the santa movies and have been bugging me for weeks for us to get it from video ezy only thing is the advertise early so just feel my pain for a moment whilst i tell you the feeling of having to tell your kids NO and them not understanding the reason for the NO..
(mum)No we cant get that movie out today (miss 6)why not mum is it not cheap tuesday?? (mum)no becaues they advertise early and the movie isnt out yet.(miss6)oh so when it comes out can we get it (mum) only if you be good ...(miss6)MUM you are sooo nasty you are tricking me to be good so i can watch the movie... LOL i thinki miss 6 has cottoned on to reverse thinking already god bless her lol..enjoy reading your blogs keep up the great work Nadine xo

Cas said...

Funny! Love your work Bron! Our kids love the Buddies so I"m sure they'd love a copy of this too!

Unknown said...

PLEASE tell me someone told that idiot editor "I told you so!"!!!

Loved your puppy analogy! :-)