Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Stuff That Shits Me

"Mum, why are they swearing?" Mr 9 asked, as we drove home from school yesterday.
"They're saying the F-Word."
I couldn't help but laugh because I'd already thought the same thing.
I had the radio on and the Christmas campaign jingle for Foxtel was playing.
"It's FuckMiss, It's FuckMiss", the advertising singers warble in excitement. Or at least that's what we thought it sounded like. Apparently they're supposed to be singing "Foxmas".
And that ad totally shits me.
If we didn't go through enough with the freaking EOFYS ad at the end of the financial year, now we have weeks of FuckMiss to endure.
Remember the EOFYS ad? It was supposed to be advertising the End Of Financial Year Sale. (Get it? Yeah, really inspired. Not).
Instead it featured a street of freaky neighbours putting out Christmas decorations far too early, young men carrying signs, and a gaggle of teenage girls happily bumping and grinding. Just like an afternoon in my own street really ...
 EOFYS? Sounds crap to me. 
I haven't had the pleasure of actually SEEING the FuckMiss ad, only to have my eardrums tortured whilst driving.
And for the record, my kids aren't allowed to say the F-Word. Mumma is, but only when I've stubbed my toe, paid my electricity bill, or heard the FuckMiss jingle.
And that got me thinking about other ads that shit me.
The "Shout" campaign, which features women who may or may not be drunk, high, or both, screaming and rampaging through the store in search of tampons.
Because everyone knows menstruation is a joyous time of the month, and tampon shopping is a highlight. (Sigh...)
I love the way they highlight that there is now a handy 4 pack. That's because women are too stupid and/or lazy to put a few tampons in our purse or bag so we don't have to shlep the usual tampon pack around. Huge as it is. And we'd love to pay extra to pay more for some which come neatly packaged for us.
Shout? Nah. It makes me want to hurl, quite frankly.
(And dear Johnny O-Keefe would be rolling in his grave if he knew his iconic song was being used to plug - not sorry for the pun - sanitary products for women.)
To be fair, it's not just ads that are aimed at women that shit me.
One of the latest pasta ads pisses me off no end.
Dad is portrayed as a hen-picked husband whose wife doesn't trust him to feed their kids.
Despite this, the blokey Dad finds a handy packet of pre-made pasta in the fridge. Chuck it in some sauce - presumably also store bought - and he has a meal that the kids will eat. He likes it too. Praise be! And get this: They have to keep it a secret from the Mum.
And what happened to actually making pasta and sauce from scratch? Or producing a meal all on their own. It's not that hard and most men I know can do it.

A real captcha code I had to enter when commenting on a blog recently. Says it all recently.

So readers, what ads shit you?
Or why limit it to ads?
What else shits you?
Or is it just me?


life in a pink fibro said...

Amen to all those. And every damned HIgh Decibel Harvey Norman/Joyce Mayne shout-fest on tv and/or radio.

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Hubby & I don't get to see a lot of tv ad's cause of the following reasons

Uusually we are watching something we have recorded so can fast forward through the ads

If hubby is home and in charge of the remote control and we are watching tv he channel surfs when ads come on.

As for me if I'm watching something on tv & an ad comes on I go find something to do like tidy the dinning room table, or some other part of the house while the ad is on.

Having said that the only ads we do love watching are the ones on ABC in a programme called The Gruen Transfer where they chat about ad's what they are suppose to mean, who their target audience is etc it's a funny show hosted by Will Anderson.

LOL The foxtel ad you are posting about just come on in the middle of Ready Steady Cook

(((( Hugs ))))

Anonymous said...

I HATE that "shout" add, and also thought how stupid for there to be a 4 pack of tampons. They are probably twice the price of a normal box too!
The first time I saw it I shook my head in disbelief that they would make such a ridiculous add!

Another add that got to me was the panty liners one where they shortened "Light Bladder leakage" to "LBL"...Umm what? It's not like lol, ok! ha ha

That Foxmas add sounds pretty crappy too. Wheres all the creativity gone from this world!? *Dumb


So Now What? said...

What about that "Forget You" song out at the moment where the ruder version is Fuck you and fuck you too. On Nova, if they are attempting to censor the rude version, they are doing a shyt job of it. t

Kim said...

That tampon ad, yes!!! I hate it so very much! It's a bit like men getting excited about having prostate cancer.

Veggie Mama said...

Thankfully, for my sanity, I've not seen the Shout ad. If I had, I would most likely have shouted at it. I'm like that. But I don't have a television, and the shouting quota in the house has gone wayyy down. Except for when I shout at articles about the Tea Party. They shit me no end.

Thea said...

Ads in general shit me!
We don't even get the 'good' ones, we get boring regional TV ones, so I don't know the Shout ad.
Not missing anything by the sound of it.

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

The worst thing is that the tampon ad is clever, well acted and then you get to the point and I'm all, "Wow, tapered tips - what other kind are there - triangular? Something, something, and then Four Pack?!"

I wish I could be like my husband who has the incredible superpower of actually being able to tune out ads - I know!

Pauline said...

As you probably know free to air TV in NZ is totally crap. I decided to spend my discretionary dollars on wireless for the computer rather than SKY so only receive three channels here in the backblocks. Usually I tune out to the ads, read a book during the ads. But last night the programmes were so bad I read through the programmes and watched the ads. And it really, really shits me that the ads are better than the programmes!

I cfan't believe this - word verification is anishole....too, too funny!

Unknown said...

anishole for word verification. oh my, it doesn't get better than this!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha love the blog not so sure about the Chrismas song though but made me chuckle it did. Thank the stars I have had a CD on in the morning for a while.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing about these types of adds are that they are long enough to get a drink or have a toilet stop !!!!!!!! and it's a pity the adds weren't the only things we had to worry about pissing us off...........but life if far to short to be bothered by it all...........

whatsinemmasbrain said...

Ahhh fucksmiss, I thought it was just me, funny funny

Emma said...

I hate that damn tampon ad. What an insult to a cool old song and to women.

Not to mention that in Australia, according to advertising apparently, no women over the age of 25 have periods. And they all get excited and jump around shrieking at the thought of tampons.

I also hate how my fiance laughs his head off every time he watches it!