Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oops ...

So today, I totally had a date with John Travolta.
No truly.
Well, it wasn't really a date. More a media opportunity to watch him land at Brisbane Airport, meet him and greet him, and eat a piece of birthday cake cut by JT's own beautiful hands.
Yes, despite all the crap happening at Qantas, it is their 90th anniversary.  (And truthfully, I believe, they have been unlucky, and they have acted brilliantly and responsibility in both treating those affected by the latest concerns, with care. Whilst also responding to the public's concerns).
And part of the celebrations involved their wonderful Ambassador-At-Large John Travolta, flying into Sydney on his own Qantas B070 aircraft, and then onto Brisbane, where he was welcomed by Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce.
And then JT and Alan helped staff and their families, and the media pack to celebrate.
 (Please note:  Staff and their families were counted as VIPS too. I love that! Apparently, JT also answered questions from kids, which we all know can be Wild Cards.)
As a travel writer, I was lucky enough to be invited. And my goodness, I was looking forward to it.
As a journo, I rarely get startstruck by celebrities. To me 'real' people are far more interesting than celebs, who are usually spoiled, bored, and on their umpteenth interview already, to give much away.
But I think I would have been nervous if I had the chance to interview John Travolta. He always comes across as a super-nice person, a family man, a husband, a man who has experienced great loss, and change, and adulation, but still remains disarmingly 'normal'.
I had that confirmed just a few days when I met someone who knows him well. JT is apparently the real deal.
My problem was that I confused the RSVP time to attend, with the time of JT's actual landing.
So despite RSVP-ing I missed it.
Would it have changed my life? I doubt it.
Would it have made great blog fodder? Definitely.
And would I have swooned just a little? Quite possibly.
Look, I've not been the biggest Qantas champion in recent years. I've found their in-flight service, check-in/boarding procedures, and response to issues and/or complaints to be bollocks in fact. So much so that I now avoid flying with them.
However, on this occasion, I do believe they are a great Aussie icon, they are doing what they can, and JT as an ambassador is a fantastic PR achievement. And credit is due, because they still have possibly the best safety record in the business.
For me, Qantas PR could only be bettered if they could convince a great Aussie to learn to fly their planes. Hugh Jackman anyone?
Happy birthday Big Red Kangaroo.
If you want to send me some of the cake sliced by JT's own hands, I will faint, then recover, and eat the lot.

He should have been giving the thumbs up to me ...

Or talking to me in his nice uniform and big microphone ...

So readers, what has been your greatest stuff-up?


Unknown said...

Noooooo!!! Sadly, I love John Travolta- spewing you missed him!!

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I'm yet to meet a airline both cheap & dear that are any good.

I can't stand Qantas as they forced the closure of Compass, (one of my Nana's friends daughter & son in law worked for Compass so know most of the full story) as well as TAA (Take Another Airline, as they use to be called) all them years ago.

Only those they worked in Compass well really know the full story.

Sorry to hear you missed out on seeing John Travolta meet him on the red carpet in Sydney when I was a tiny girl for Saturday Night Fever or so my parents say.

(((( Hugs ))))

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh yes please, imagine Hugh Jackman, the pilot, he can do everything else already!! Love Posie

Pauline said...

That is so funny...and sad in a funny sort of way! What a missed opportunity!

No, I can't agree with the Hugh Jackman suggestion. Imagine every woman on the plane plotting and scheming to get his attention. Charisma is not something I require in a pilot!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh no Bronnie! Arrggh! That's the kind of thing that I would do too. I turned up for a midnight screening of Blair Witch project on the wrong day :(

vegemitevix said...

I think I would have been very nervous interviewing JT. I mean Grease may be the word, but I would be out of words I suspect. It was somewhat distracting seeing the words 'Spirit of Australia' on the side of the stricken A380 on the tarmac at Singapore. Felt a bit sad about it, but pleased they handled it well.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - seeing JT would have been cool. But then the thought of Hugh Jackman brings images of choreographed dancing up and down the aisles of the plane :-)

Cate said...

Dear Bronnie,

Aunty Cate has asked me to pop back over to assure you that she will be back with an answer to your dilemma in a few days.

Following a wee cup of tea and a lie down with a cold compress after reading your letter of course…….

Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind a bit of Hugh Jackson delivering me an iced tea at 30,000 feet ... perhaps JT could be driving the plane.
And Cate, that's lovely, can't wait to hear Aunty Cate's advice. In any case, I need a cup of tea and a Good Lie Down after imagining Hugh Jackman serving me iced-tea.