Friday, December 31, 2010

And that was the year that was .... shit!

Driving home this morning, after paying a couple of strangers to do hideous things to my jaw, * I wondered why people always say they see out the old year with a bang!

Okay, apart from the fact that that sounds ridiculously rude, I suppose the traditional and very wasteful fireworks displays that most places seem to put on at New Years' Eve may have something to do with it.

(Come on people. I know they're beautiful, but those fireworks, or at least the cost of them, could do an awful lot for the poor flood-affected Aussies at this time of year).

So apart from the fireworks. Why the cause for celebration?

Oh that's right, because the Crappy Old Year we've just struggled through has made way for a Happy New Year, one that will be bigger and brighter than ever before.

(It's also an excuse for some members of the population to drink far too much alcohol, fall over, vomit and/or  walk home barefoot. I, of course, have lived a blameless life and clearly cannot condone such behaviour...).

I don't even want to get started on my Crappy New Year, which was the start of 2010.

I kid you not, it has been the worst year of my life and I cannot wait to wave bye-bye to it.

But good stuff has happened too.

I've found myself (again). I've had fun with the kids; I've laughed with friends and family. I have a gorgeous kitteh Hannah, and sweet and lovable adoptive pets, Russy, Polly Pig, Zsa Zsa, Sushi and numerous gold fish.

I have awesome friends and family, of whom I will never be able to publicly declare my love. (Because I am a Big Wuss and would go All Girly and Cry.)

I've written, quite a lot, and I've had my writing voice encouraged by some of the country's best authors and my lovely literary agent Selwa Anthony. And a few mentors from the past, who I hope to one day grandly thank in the forward to one of my best-selling novels. (Ha!)

I've read, quite a lot, and wish I had time to read more. Australia really has some wonderful wordsmiths, and I urge you to go patriotic wherever possible.

I've found support and friendship from the most unexpected places, and I treasure that.

I know that, in spite of the rough journey I've been on, I've had supporters, and prayers, and helpers on the way, and I love you for that.

And I love the universe, because whatever it brings; the good, the bad and the meh, I learn from all of it.

One day, I hope I can teach it to my kids.

So dear readers: May your New Year be Happy, not Crappy.

Oh, and just to prove I can do wimpy rhymes: It'll be heaven in 2011!

*I have TMJ, which sounds like the name of a bad 80s group, but in fact stands for something far, far worse. I'll write about it one day, but for now, trust me, it hurts almost as bad as giving birth to a human.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meet me on Monday

I've joined Nat's Natterings: Meet Me On Monday, a BlogHop where participants answer a few questions.
Here goes:

1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?
I'm not planning to go out or attend any free concerts or firework events. I've been there, done that, and I'm too old and broke to get much out of it these days.
Plus, I'd much rather spend it at home with the people I care about.
I had half-planned to cook a roast meal with all the trimmings at home, and watch a glimpse of the Brisbane fireworks from our balcony, but I'm not sure if that will happen.
This Christmas has been weird with sick and/or stranded relatives and loads of visitors, so we're kind of playing it by ear.
Whatever I do, I'll probably be asleep by midnight (if not before) but up early to enjoy the first day of the New Year. After last year - quite frankly, the worst of my life - I am feeling confident that 2011 will be better.
Plus, 2010 wasn't all bad. I've grown a lot, learnt a lot, and achieved so much, I'm proud I came through it with my head held high.
No one puts Bronnie in the corner (anymore ...)

2. How tall are you?
I have honestly never measured myself. I think my passport says 158 cm. Whatever, I'm short compared to most Aussies. My son, who is 9, is already almost as tall as me.

3. What is your favourite pudding flavour?
I don't like pudding, so none. I love real gelato though, especially chocolate, white nougat, tiramisu; or if I'm feeling healthy, sorbet like blood orange, passionfruit and pineapple.

4. What room of the house do you blog the most in?
The office. I have a small TV in here though, and a bed for my dog, so it doesn't feel like work.

5. What is your best physical feature?

Once it would have been my legs - short but toned and in proportion. Alas, those days are gone. Now I would probably say my hair gets the most attention, even though it is desperately in need of a cut and colour!
I'm a typical girl, don't like much about myself ... I'll be working on that in 2011.

That's it! How did I do?

Directly from Java's Blog
Time to link up and meet!!

This is a blog hop so if you want to put the linky on your post just click the "Get the Code" at the bottom of the linky.

Your link MUST include your Meet Me On Monday post!

You're next...

Of Santa And Salty Nuts

On Christmas Eve, we did the obligatory snack for Santa and the reindeers.
Although the Santa at Westfield Garden City had requested milk and cookies, my kids decided he would much prefer a good drop of their favourite beverage, Mountain Dew. (A little sugar, colouring and preservatives would probably give Santa the boost he needed to get around the world in record time, they reasoned).
We also left home-made chocolate truffles (for Santa), and carrot and water for the reindeer.
(Mum's note: I'm pretty sure the kids both know Santa may not be real (gasp!), but Mr 9  in particular is happy to keep the magic alive. And hey: Believing in Santa = extra presents. FTW!).
The finishing touch was the card Miss 7 left for Santa ... or Canteare - from all of us. Written with no adult help. Bet you didn't guess that!

'To Canteare, I hope you have a good flight from Chase and Mum and Harmonie' it reads.
And there are photos of polar bears stuck on to make Santa, sorry Canteare, feel at home. Plus a cat for good measure.

Finally, I was forced to drop into one of the shopping centres recently, hence hitting the edges of the Boxing Day sales, which I tend to avoid like the plague.
(Hell, I have enough crap I don't need, and not enough money as it is without entering the madness of the post-Christmas sales.)
Anyway, forced as I was - I needed prescriptions made up and I like to go to one particular pharmacy, where they keep my records for me and are very, very nice - I took a quick twirl around Target while I waited for my meds.
I didn't buy anything, but I was particularly tempted by the following product, which had been marked down by 50 per cent:

Greg Norman's roasted and salted mixed nuts. I was amazed at this. I would have thought his first wives would have already divided his nuts between them!
Yet he seems to have a never-ending supply of nuts (lucky for Wife Number 3), and these ones are Shark Approved.

I loved that Greg's nuts have been roasted and salted for extra flavour, and in this pack, he's throwing in a couple of his balls as well.
Ahh, the miracle of Christmas. Never-ending nuts and balls.
And who knew you didn't have to marry Greg if you wanted to get your hands on his balls? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

So Christmas is over for another year.
Ours was technically our first as a single parent family, although I realised part-way through the preparations, that nothing much had changed.
I still did the shopping of food and presents; the wrapping and hiding; the preparation; the tree; and the lights. And yet - despite being tired and having a zillion things to make before the big day - there was no real tension or stress.
So our first Single Family Christmas was pretty darn good.
I was lucky enough to have the kids, which helped.
On Christmas Eve, we made chocolate truffles (without the rum or sultanas), and a chocolate log for Christmas Day.
The kids help me prepare a kick-arse German potato salad, made from potatoes dug from my Dad's own vegie garden that very morning. We added mayo, finely chopped shallots, and some pineapple mint from my niece's herb garden, with a little paprika sprinkled on top. I also did a roasted vegie salad - capsicum, eggplant, Australian garlic, Dad's own tomatoes, and red onion. It was all I could do not to devour it on the spot!
(Tips: If you make it these salads the day before, the flavour goes through them, making them even more delicious.).
We also put together a chocolate log - hideously sinful, but I knew all the littlies in the family (plus a few of the oldies) would love it.
Later, we watched telly under the glare of our Christmas lights, while wrapping a few gifts, and chilling with the pets. We started a new tradition, of opening one present on Christmas Eve. I got a DVD about puppies, which we promptly watched whilst sipping hot chocolate. (For once, the wet weather meant we had a cool Christmas, instead of the stinking hot ones we are used to in Queensland.)
It was gorgeous.
The kids went to bed, without complaints, right on time, and were out like lights. (Unlike the Christmas lights, which twinkled merrily all night).
This gave me time to finish wrapping the pressies I hadn't quite finished doing in the previous weeks.
There wasn't a lot of money to splash around this Christmas, but I tried to purchase things the kids would love that I could afford. Some items were sourced from markets, garage sales, and charity shops, not that kids seemed to notice.
Even Santa was frugal, dropping off a (cheap) boogie board each rather than the usual bike, scooter, or fancy schmancy games console and/or games they may have received in the past. (They got those from their Dad and his girlfriend in spades).
I was too scared to look at the clock when the kids jumped on the bed and woke me in the wee hours. They told me it was about 4 am, but I think it was closer to three. Apparently, Mr 9 woke up first, discovered Santa had been, woke his sister, and they then bounced on me until I woke up.
With no one to grouch at us, we got up and exchanged gifts over milo and tea, before climbing back into bed with the pets for a sleep in.
I felt sad and a little guilty when the present-opening came to a rather rapid end, but the kids were surprisingly very happy with their gifts. As Mr 9 said: "We can tell that your presents were bought with love, and that makes them even more special."
Bless his little professor-like heart.
I woke before the others and set to work on the tomato salsa salad, coleslaw, and pavlova.
We had planned to attend church with my brother and his parents, but I'd had a bad night with TMJ pain (that's a whole other story), and disrupted sleep. Plus I was running out of time to prepare my part of the meal.
We eventually made it to my brother's home in time for the celebrations. (My oldest brother and his wife were hosting, but poor SIL had emergency gall bladder surgery during the weak, so we had all chipped together to do as much of the work as possible. Yes, I know, she's a trooper!)
My other brother and his family were visiting from WA, so that made the lunch even more fun.
It was one of the most laidback, relaxing festive lunches we've had.
What a pity Christmas only comes but once a year!
Readers, how was your Christmas?

 Zsa Zsa dressed for Christmas

 Russy the cat, finally lets me take his photo

 Barbecued chicken (we don't like turkey)  and baked barbecued ham. Wish I'd taken photos of my salads as well.

Digging in...

 Hannah was rather taken with Mr 9's pokemon gadgets

My home-made pavlova with mango, cherries, lychees and grapes

 The chocolate log looked gross having collapsed in the humidity, but tasted yummy

My big sister couldn't be there, but sent one of her home made plum puddings for the oldies.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two more sleeps...

As I write this post, there are now Two More Sleeps until the Big Man In Red uses his magic key to break into our house visit, and leave us loads of hopefully acceptable cool gifts.
I can't even begin to describe how I struggle with the concept of welcoming a strange man into our house every year. (And am I the only one who thinks Santa's magical key sounds rude?) * **
It's my first Christmas as a single Mum and I'll still trying to work out how I'm going to sneak a few gifts into the house, and wrap them, without the kids cottoning on.
(Yes, I know! The plan was to have wrapped and stashed them already, but of course, I didn't quite make it ...Sigh).
In any case, the Festive Fun Fever is high, and the Christmas Cheer has begun.

We had this year's Santa photo taken at Westfield Garden City (Mount Gravatt).
From initially not wanting to have his photo taken because he was 'a grown-up now' Mr 9 came away saying the Garden City was the best ever. ***
"He's the best I've ever seen as well," I told C. And it was true.
This was a lovely, old-fashioned Santa, with a twinkle in his eye, and a genuine "Ho Ho Ho" belly laugh. He gave us big hugs, and talked in such a lovely way to the children. Just as I imagine the Real Santa would.
Miss 7 asked for: A 'Fake Pony, which eats Fake Carrots and stuff'.
Those ponies, like real ones, don't come cheap. Santa must have sensed my fear, because, he told H. he couldn't remember if the elves had made any of those this year. If they had, he would bring her a Fake Pony, and if they hadn't he would bring her the nicest thing he could think of instead.
It was the same with Mr 9, who rather optimistically told Santa he was hoping for an Iphone 4, an Ipad, or a Jetpack "which comes with fuel and insurance." (I love that C. has managed to factor in the cost of fuel and insurance and get someone else to pay for it.)
After a lovely chat with Santa, the kids came away with a couple of activity packs, reindeer antlers, and a slightly more realistic expectation of what the Big Guy might be able to provide.
Even better, the photo was free!
Though I couldn't see the offer displayed on site, I subscribe to the Westfield Garden City newsletter, which this year had informed us that if you ask, the Santa staff will email one photo to your mobile phone or computer, without charge. Talk about giving!
In the event, they emailed it to both, which it meant I didn't have to cough up for photos.
(Have you seen the prices this year? Outrageous. It was all thanks to Telstra's 55 Days of Christmas and Westfield apparently. The free digital photos, not the outrageous prices. Talk about the season for giving ...
In other festive news, it was time for our adoptive toy poodle Zsa Zsa to get a new look for Christmas.

 It's amazing what a new do will do for a girl's confidence ...

 Wearing her Christmas bandanna and festive ribbons

 Isn't she sweet? (Yes, she's getting sleepy. This Christmas caper is hard work!)
I love this. Someone in our neighbourhood has decorated a tree in the middle of the road. The blown up empty wine bladders add a particularly Aussie touch...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. May Santa's magical key unlock all your secret doors and fill you with happiness. xo

*It's rare to have chimneys in Brisbane, so Santa uses his Magical Key to enter homes like ours
** Yes, I am single ...)
*** Mr 9 may have been bribed with a Boost Juice in return for playing. Miss 7 refused to have her photo taken unless she could sit on my lap. #MotherOfTheYear

Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy days

I've had a few whinges lately.
What with Foxmas (FuckMiss), Textmas, and the price of Santa Claus shopping centre photos, there's been much to complain about.
There was the cranky lady at Argyle's Jewellers at Westfield Garden City Mount Gravatt, who let my son wait patiently while she tried to sell an expensive ring to a young man; then completely bypassed him and served an adult who had just rocked up. (I was there waiting with him; it's just that I got distracted by all the pretty things for a moment).
That really pisses me off. Mainly because I was a little kid once, and grew into a little adult, and I was constantly overlooked in queues for those who were taller and/or who looked older than me.
I'm amazed at how often it happens to my kids, and how often other adults are ready to take advantage of it.
How was this shop assistant to know that my son wasn't cashed up and about to buy his Mumma some expensive bling? (Okay, he was hoping to spend his pocket money on a watch, but I can dream, can't I?)
Anyway, we won't be shopping THERE again. Humph!
Then there have been lovely customer service people, and I do believe it's the season to say thank you to those who make a difference.
  • The dude at EB games at Mt Gravatt Homemakers Centre, who spent ages explaining a tricky part of a Pokeman game to Mr 9. 
  • The female customer at Maccas, Oxley, who gave Mr 9 the $2 she unknowingly dropped because he'd been honest enough to give it to her. I protested but she insisted: "He can use it to buy himself and his sister an ice-cream. Most kids would just keep it."
  • The lady at the Oasis Shopping Centre tourist shop who knocked $1 off the price of a crystal ball souvinir thingy because Miss 7 had such lovely manners, and was spending her own pocket money.
  • The staff at Jupiters Casino who found Mr 9's precious DS charger and posted it to us, no charge, after a recent stay. 
  • The next door neighbour, who looked after our cats, Polly Pig, and Sushi the Fighting Fish when we went away recently. In our old suburb, I didn't tell people we were going away, lest one of them take the opportunity to break in. It's lovely to have great neighbours who we can trust.
These are the people imbued with the real Christmas spirit, and I hope Santa is very generous to all of them.
In the meantime, here are a few things that warm my heart and make me smile:

Our pampered pussy Hannah, safely tucked up in Miss 7's bed. I challenge you to find a more spoiled kitteh...

 She has instant relaxation powers over the kids ...

 Our adoptive doggy Zsa Zsa, who quite likes sleeping with Hannah and any spare human.

My kids, leaping into the joys of life!

A serious Mr 9 takes a break during an ice-skating session. He's growing up fast ...

 As is Miss 7!

Polly pig, our adoptive guinea pig
Kitteh: You are getting very, very sleepy.
Mr 9: Snore....zzzz
Readers, what makes you happy?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My name is Bronnie, and I'm a wuss

Readers, what don't you like about yourself?

One of my pet hates about me, is that I'm a Big Fat Sook.

Whenever there is an important family celebration, I'm unable to give a speech because I know I will bawl my way through it. I even turned down the opportunity to propose a toast at my godson's wedding a few years ago, because I knew I'd end up blubbering.

I blame my Dad.

He used to be a consummate public speaker, though often gets croaky and emotional as he gets older.
As for me, I was an award-winning public speaker and debater in my younger days, amateur theatre actress, and also worked as a television and radio journalist before specialising in print. I've interviewed politicians, singers and movie stars, all without nerves.

But in my personal life I inexplicably get all girly when it comes to chatting with people I love and admire. And as I've grown older and worked more and more on my own, from home, I've actually become insular and really quite shy. (Hard to believe, I know).

Since becoming a Mum, I've become emotional as well. Hell, I cry at Kleenex ads! Not to mention Christmas carols, graduations, birthdays, christenings, and weddings.

So if I have to talk about why I love someone, or thank them for being there, I turn into a wobbly bowl of jelly.

I can write about my feelings of course. I'm a writer, I'm great at hiding behind my words - or at least letting them express what I physically cannot.

But still, it annoys the hell out of me, that I cannot stand up and be heard.

There have been a few family celebrations recently, where I've been in awe of friends and family who have gotten up and spoken about how they feel about certain people in our lives.

And I've certainly thanked them for saying what they did and expressed my own admiration that they've been able to do it, and so well.

They seem nonplussed at all the fuss. As if getting up and speaking about feelings in front of a crowd, is not a Big Deal at all.

At the latest event, my lovely Dad Colin and my sister's Mother In Law Doris, celebrated their 80th birthdays.

In a freak-of-nature coincidence, Dad and Doris were born in the same hospital; their Mums side by side in the ward in a tiny Lockyer Valley Hospital.

Dad's Mum, my Nana,  had to travel one day to get there, and another day to take baby Colin home to the South Burnett, while Doris grew up in the Lockyer Valley region of Queensland.

(In other news, Dad, at 13-plus pounds, born in the days without c-sections or epidurals, was the hospital's biggest ever baby, which probably describes why he was an only child.)

Years later, Doris's son Owen, and Dad's daughter (my big sister, Leanne), fell in love, married, brought up kids and grandkids and all the rest. Our family lives have been intertwined ever since.

So it was lovely that both families and friends were able to celebrate together.

People travelled from all over for the occasion, while others sent congratulatory messages. Some peeps gave wonderful speeches, while I gave an awesome one in my head.

One day, I might Harden Up and give a speech in person.

Readers, is there anything you wish you could do?

 My Dad, Mr 80. He was a talented guitarist, singer and yodeller back in the day, and even performed on live radio.

 The cakes were made by my big sister, and iced by her and her daughter. Clever clogs. This one was for Doris.
 And this was Dad's.

Miss 7 helped with the decorating...

Aspie Mr 9 helped with the eating, but as you see, everything had to be set out Just Right.

 Some of Dad's memorabilia. He and his parents ran a successful cattle stud way back when.

I did manage to pose for a family photo with Mum, Dad, Big Sis. and Big Brother 1. Big Bro. number two couldn't make it from WA, but we'll be seeing him soon. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Man Tomato

Readers of my New Zealand blog, aussiesinauckland, will know I'm a lover of oddly shaped fruit and veg. In fact, in New Zealand, such pornographic produce could fetch big prices on TradeMe, the Kiwi equivalent of ebay. Like, sometimes even a few dollars!

So you can imagine my dilemna when I came across this little beauty - a Man Tomato, surely the holy grail of suggestively shaped fruit. Should I eat it, or put it on ebay and perhaps make my millions?

Even better, the rounded tomato with its proud attachment is still Christmassy green, meaning it should ripen by the time the Big Man In Red comes for a visit.

The perfect gift for the person who has everything!

 The Man Tomato
 Quite splendid really...

I don't think you'd need to worry about getting two presents like this ...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the season to be winning ...

Don't you love school holidays?

As if the expense of Christmas is not enough, the kids have conveniently experienced huge growth spurts, rendering just about every item of clothing and shoes unwearable.

Which has meant far too many excursions to shopping centres at the very time of year I try to avoid them.

Luckily, there are some things which make the odd shopping foray worthwhile.

Spotted at K-Mart, Mt Ommaney. Oh how the kids laughed. Yes the knickers are on the floor. 

From another angle

I don't like the trend between faceless and limbless manniquins either. It's all a bit ...disconcerting. Shopping can be scary.
Anyway, following the shopping, I put the kids to work, drawing the winners of the Burlesque movie giveaway. They love helping out with giveaways, though they complain that they would like to win something too!

But I digress.

Thanks to Sony Pictures Australia, the following commenters have each won a double, in-season pass to Burlesque. That's the one starring Cher and Christina Aguilera. Apparently they both glow throughout the flick with rude good health (and in Cher's case at least, loads of surgery.)

And Christina Aguilera sings a lot and shakes her booty. And there's a story in there too. Fancy!

My spies tell me this is one for the girls, however, because of the amount of Christina Aguilera on display, even chick-flick-hating boys will probably find much to enjoy.

But never fear, there is eye candy for the girls as well, in the form of Cam Gigandet...

For the win!
The lucky winners are:
Aussie Waffler

Contact me with your snail mail addys (and your real name where necessary), and I'll pop your pass in the mail.

After the movie, perhaps you'd like to do some non-scary shopping... xo

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our furry foster family!

A few of my peeps have been wondering how we're settling into a new home.

We are loving it here.

The neighbours seem to be friendly, and the house feels a lot like home.

I have permission from the owners of the pets who came with the house to share our lives with them online.

So without further ado, I introduce you to:

Our own pet, Kitty Hannah, in Miss' 7's room. Regular readers would be familiar with her already.

 Mr 9 with Zsa Zsa the toy poodle. She is a sweetheart, who loves cuddles.

Miss 7 and Zsazi, with Christmas Tree number one. It was a $15 one from K-Mart, which toppled over when we put the star on it (hadn't put the star on yet).

Merry Christmas
Sushi the fighting fish. (He's in there somewhere. He likes a bit of a chat.)

Polly Pig AKA the guinea pig or 'hamster' as H. likes to call her. She's a fan of fruit and vegies.

We are thrilled the owners trusted us with their precious possessions and we are enjoying having a family of pets again. Best of both worlds really.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giveaway: Burlesque

Never fear, I have more to tweet from the Hamish and Andy Thank You Tour show in Brisbane. I know you want details, hence the flood of comments on my first post.


PLEASE comment. It takes but a minute and if I get a lot of comments, then I can go to Hamish and Andy's people and ask for their DVD to giveaway or something. I love that a lot of you lurk, but if I'm to get this blog into something that will deliver freebies every week, I need evidence that people actually stop by occasionally and read my crap. To show social-media organisations so they can give me fab giveaways for my followers and/or commenters. So please, take a minute to say something, and then I can get you prizes people!

Aussie companies have been really slow to warm to twitter and blogging and I am trying to show them that it's a powerful medium.

Not so, Sony Pictures Australia. These wonderful peeps are handing over some double in-season passes to the cool new flick Burlesque.

Starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, you can find out more and see the trailer at

To enter, simply leave a comment below.

Good luck!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank Him. And Thank Him Too...

What would possess a grown woman to sit in a puddle of water, wearing an assortment of garbage bags, and sheltering under a kid's pink butterfly umbrella?

I have three words for you: Hamish and Andy.

Yes, the Pied Pipers of radio fans (or in Brisbane's case, the Hungry Hungry Heroes), did their show from the sodden grounds of the City Botanic Gardens this week. (Brisbane: Perfect one day, In the midst of a torrential downpour the next).

Being lucky enough to score a 'rare as hen's teeth' Access All Areas pass to the Thank You Brisbane gig, I wasn't about to let a little rain put me off.

Luckily, I remembered to grab an umbrella before I left. Unluckily, I remembered at the same time that my two decent big umbrellas and one crap small one had all been turned inside out and ruined at the school's rained out Mother Daughter Camp earlier this year.

(Need rain? Just hold an event I really, really want to go to and invite me to come. It will bucket down, I kid you not).

Recklessly, I grabbed Miss 7's pink butterfly umbrella as I dashed out the door.

After all, Hamish and Andy had said they were holding the Brissie show in the City Botanic Gardens for the flowers. With this in mind, I decided to be a farewell memory, and wore a flowery dress with my pink butterfly umbrella as an accessory. Flower Power! Perfect right?

Kind of.

As I suspected, my outfit was not out of the ordinary in the Hamish and Andy mosh pit. People had come as gravy potato chips, toothless hockey players, and/or wearing KFC buckets on their heads.

Yeah, the crazy lady with the flower power dress, hippy hair do, and pink butterly looked perfectly normal.

But then it started to piss down relentlessly, and H.'s little butterfly was no protection from the force of Mother Nature.

I was drenched, and within minutes, sitting in puddles. Seriously. And I was in the VIP B105-Jetstar area. Heaven help the rest of the poor sodden sods in the general admission area, though no one was complaining.

Except, that Jetstar had clearly been counting on Brissie's usual summer-like spring temperatures to make an appearance.

There were cardboard beach chairs which quickly became sodden and disintegrated. There were little Jetstar Jetpacks filled with snacks - and a B105 ice-cooler.

B105/Jetstar/Astereo people did a stirling job, handing out garbage bags to help protect us from the elements. Later, I was lucky enough to score a plastic poncho, which was the finishing touch for my outfit I thought.

It was one of those days that I was proud to be a Queenslander.

The atmosphere was fantastic. People, some of who had arrived in the wee hours to bag themselves prime positions, were soaked to the skin, cold, but happy. No one yelled abuse or complained; there was no offensive behaviour or swearing.

There was plenty of screaming, dancing, hands in the air, and a few tears. And that was just Hamish and Andy.

"I love you Hamish," screamed several girls, as the shiny cockeral-suited hero strutted his stuff.

"Thank you," he said. "That's my little sister, we don't get together as much as we should".

"Take my pants off?" he continued. "Sorry, it's a unitard, and I don't want to get onto the sex pest list."

It was around this point that the Hungry Hungry Heroes overshared the fact that their suits had not been washed since their last outing, so were very smelly as well.

During songs and ad breaks, the boys kicked back, signed autographs, posed for photographs, danced a bit, and chatted and joked to the audience.

Partway through, Andy announced he needed to do a wee, and he hoped he'd be back without any suspicious wet spots.

Apparently, he'd had to ask a nice police man to unzip him so he could get out of his suit far enough to wee. He came back on, still getting dressed, much to the delight of his fans. And then Hamish, like a true gentleman, zipped his mate back up.

The great thing is that this isn't the end for Hamish and Andy. In fact, it's time for the boys to do the things they wanted to try years ago, but no one wanted to know about, let alone pay them to do.

To make time for this, the pair are reducing their air time next year to just one drive show a week on Fridays for the national Today network, represented in Brisbane by B105.

The pair have gone out on a high. Their show was the highest-rating radio series in Australian history, reaching about 2.7 million listeners nationally.

To see them live? Totally worth the wet spots!

Everyone in the Jetstar VIP area got a free snack box
The contents:

What's an Aussie event without a few portaloos?

For The Ladies...
Crazy bag lady. Don't know who she is ...

The enthusiastic crowd
That weird lady again...

No wet spots, after the wee

Hamish's tail...

I have loads more photos but most of them are blurry because of the rain. If you'd like to see more, pop over to B105's website. They are way better than mine!

And yes, I did snigger at the fact the tour was sponsored by Foxtel,  of the FuckMiss and EOFYS Ad fame.