Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of Santa And Salty Nuts

On Christmas Eve, we did the obligatory snack for Santa and the reindeers.
Although the Santa at Westfield Garden City had requested milk and cookies, my kids decided he would much prefer a good drop of their favourite beverage, Mountain Dew. (A little sugar, colouring and preservatives would probably give Santa the boost he needed to get around the world in record time, they reasoned).
We also left home-made chocolate truffles (for Santa), and carrot and water for the reindeer.
(Mum's note: I'm pretty sure the kids both know Santa may not be real (gasp!), but Mr 9  in particular is happy to keep the magic alive. And hey: Believing in Santa = extra presents. FTW!).
The finishing touch was the card Miss 7 left for Santa ... or Canteare - from all of us. Written with no adult help. Bet you didn't guess that!

'To Canteare, I hope you have a good flight from Chase and Mum and Harmonie' it reads.
And there are photos of polar bears stuck on to make Santa, sorry Canteare, feel at home. Plus a cat for good measure.

Finally, I was forced to drop into one of the shopping centres recently, hence hitting the edges of the Boxing Day sales, which I tend to avoid like the plague.
(Hell, I have enough crap I don't need, and not enough money as it is without entering the madness of the post-Christmas sales.)
Anyway, forced as I was - I needed prescriptions made up and I like to go to one particular pharmacy, where they keep my records for me and are very, very nice - I took a quick twirl around Target while I waited for my meds.
I didn't buy anything, but I was particularly tempted by the following product, which had been marked down by 50 per cent:

Greg Norman's roasted and salted mixed nuts. I was amazed at this. I would have thought his first wives would have already divided his nuts between them!
Yet he seems to have a never-ending supply of nuts (lucky for Wife Number 3), and these ones are Shark Approved.

I loved that Greg's nuts have been roasted and salted for extra flavour, and in this pack, he's throwing in a couple of his balls as well.
Ahh, the miracle of Christmas. Never-ending nuts and balls.
And who knew you didn't have to marry Greg if you wanted to get your hands on his balls? 


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe well with a title like that... :P I braved the sales on the 27th and vowed never to return. We usually can't deal with them but I must have taken leave of my senses or something! :)

Pauline said...

Oh, too funny - or funny x 2.
On Christmas Eve I was hiding a guinea pig and thought I had been quite ingenious in doing so. However, I didn't hide it's the bag of food. When the littlies discovered it I said it was for the reindeer. "Strange, it smells like guinea pig food", said one. Lies, lies, how I can tell lies!!

Love the Greg Norman story! Bet those nuts were leaping off the shelf, a one and only chance to have the Shark's nuts on a platter! I can imagine there would be some who would be prepared to pay double the asking price.

J said...

Funny post! I'll never look at that product the same way again. And would probably be giggling silly too.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe I will be the same when i see them on the sheelves and have a giggle for sure.. might duck to target to see if they have some left as my pop will get a kick out of them and your joke (if I can steel it for this reason)

The present hiding is great fun isnt it I did the wrapping the night before(only chance i had as i have 2 night owls) and silly me left a board game out and when the kids went to the toy room to play the next day asked me where this really cool new game came from so lies lies i said it was a game mummy was going to give you for christmas but you found it damn I guess it will have to stay upwrapped under the tree for the day as it is after all a christmas pressie hehehe ...Nasty hey hehehe...loved your last couple of posts just been a little lazy in the reply to them sorry.. Libby even said that your poodle needs a pink ribbon in her hair not christmas hehe cheeky brat..Thanks for the lovely post tonight cheers Nadine