Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thank Him. And Thank Him Too...

What would possess a grown woman to sit in a puddle of water, wearing an assortment of garbage bags, and sheltering under a kid's pink butterfly umbrella?

I have three words for you: Hamish and Andy.

Yes, the Pied Pipers of radio fans (or in Brisbane's case, the Hungry Hungry Heroes), did their show from the sodden grounds of the City Botanic Gardens this week. (Brisbane: Perfect one day, In the midst of a torrential downpour the next).

Being lucky enough to score a 'rare as hen's teeth' Access All Areas pass to the Thank You Brisbane gig, I wasn't about to let a little rain put me off.

Luckily, I remembered to grab an umbrella before I left. Unluckily, I remembered at the same time that my two decent big umbrellas and one crap small one had all been turned inside out and ruined at the school's rained out Mother Daughter Camp earlier this year.

(Need rain? Just hold an event I really, really want to go to and invite me to come. It will bucket down, I kid you not).

Recklessly, I grabbed Miss 7's pink butterfly umbrella as I dashed out the door.

After all, Hamish and Andy had said they were holding the Brissie show in the City Botanic Gardens for the flowers. With this in mind, I decided to be a farewell memory, and wore a flowery dress with my pink butterfly umbrella as an accessory. Flower Power! Perfect right?

Kind of.

As I suspected, my outfit was not out of the ordinary in the Hamish and Andy mosh pit. People had come as gravy potato chips, toothless hockey players, and/or wearing KFC buckets on their heads.

Yeah, the crazy lady with the flower power dress, hippy hair do, and pink butterly looked perfectly normal.

But then it started to piss down relentlessly, and H.'s little butterfly was no protection from the force of Mother Nature.

I was drenched, and within minutes, sitting in puddles. Seriously. And I was in the VIP B105-Jetstar area. Heaven help the rest of the poor sodden sods in the general admission area, though no one was complaining.

Except, that Jetstar had clearly been counting on Brissie's usual summer-like spring temperatures to make an appearance.

There were cardboard beach chairs which quickly became sodden and disintegrated. There were little Jetstar Jetpacks filled with snacks - and a B105 ice-cooler.

B105/Jetstar/Astereo people did a stirling job, handing out garbage bags to help protect us from the elements. Later, I was lucky enough to score a plastic poncho, which was the finishing touch for my outfit I thought.

It was one of those days that I was proud to be a Queenslander.

The atmosphere was fantastic. People, some of who had arrived in the wee hours to bag themselves prime positions, were soaked to the skin, cold, but happy. No one yelled abuse or complained; there was no offensive behaviour or swearing.

There was plenty of screaming, dancing, hands in the air, and a few tears. And that was just Hamish and Andy.

"I love you Hamish," screamed several girls, as the shiny cockeral-suited hero strutted his stuff.

"Thank you," he said. "That's my little sister, we don't get together as much as we should".

"Take my pants off?" he continued. "Sorry, it's a unitard, and I don't want to get onto the sex pest list."

It was around this point that the Hungry Hungry Heroes overshared the fact that their suits had not been washed since their last outing, so were very smelly as well.

During songs and ad breaks, the boys kicked back, signed autographs, posed for photographs, danced a bit, and chatted and joked to the audience.

Partway through, Andy announced he needed to do a wee, and he hoped he'd be back without any suspicious wet spots.

Apparently, he'd had to ask a nice police man to unzip him so he could get out of his suit far enough to wee. He came back on, still getting dressed, much to the delight of his fans. And then Hamish, like a true gentleman, zipped his mate back up.

The great thing is that this isn't the end for Hamish and Andy. In fact, it's time for the boys to do the things they wanted to try years ago, but no one wanted to know about, let alone pay them to do.

To make time for this, the pair are reducing their air time next year to just one drive show a week on Fridays for the national Today network, represented in Brisbane by B105.

The pair have gone out on a high. Their show was the highest-rating radio series in Australian history, reaching about 2.7 million listeners nationally.

To see them live? Totally worth the wet spots!

Everyone in the Jetstar VIP area got a free snack box
The contents:

What's an Aussie event without a few portaloos?

For The Ladies...
Crazy bag lady. Don't know who she is ...

The enthusiastic crowd
That weird lady again...

No wet spots, after the wee

Hamish's tail...

I have loads more photos but most of them are blurry because of the rain. If you'd like to see more, pop over to B105's website. They are way better than mine!

And yes, I did snigger at the fact the tour was sponsored by Foxtel,  of the FuckMiss and EOFYS Ad fame.


Liz said...

Aw that would of been fun! except the rain part lol

Wanderlust said...

Ah good girl! I was hoping for pictures and you didn't disappoint! :P

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Not sure what happened to my previous comment but will try again.

I was wanting to go to that but with it raining I choose to stay home so I didnt get more sicker.

Glad to hear you had fun.

(((( Hugs ))))

Toni said...

AW how awesome! and totally cool that you went with the pink butterfly umbrella.

Pauline said...

That crazy lady looks like she's enjoying herself! And who wouldn't? Love Hamish and Andy (and Rover, I miss Rove!)

Fi said...

Oh Pauline I miss Rove too!

You look like you had an absolute ball - sounds like Hamish & Andy were on fire as always - love those guys!

Looks like they had a great turnout despite the rain!

Great pics!

Unknown said...

Thank you all. I have a soft spot for both of them - and Rove. Look; let's just say I'd be happy to get one of them in my Christmas stocking this year. (Except that they are all TAKEN! Any wannabes, may reply within...)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to be there but rain put me off... Shame because I'm going to miss H&A!

Unknown said...

Well done you - takes a true fan to brave the elements and still come out the other side smiling! They will leave a big hole in my radio loving world too...

Rubyjaz said...

That looked like so much fun. I have watched a bit on the 10 website of their farewell tours. They crack me up.