Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two more sleeps...

As I write this post, there are now Two More Sleeps until the Big Man In Red uses his magic key to break into our house visit, and leave us loads of hopefully acceptable cool gifts.
I can't even begin to describe how I struggle with the concept of welcoming a strange man into our house every year. (And am I the only one who thinks Santa's magical key sounds rude?) * **
It's my first Christmas as a single Mum and I'll still trying to work out how I'm going to sneak a few gifts into the house, and wrap them, without the kids cottoning on.
(Yes, I know! The plan was to have wrapped and stashed them already, but of course, I didn't quite make it ...Sigh).
In any case, the Festive Fun Fever is high, and the Christmas Cheer has begun.

We had this year's Santa photo taken at Westfield Garden City (Mount Gravatt).
From initially not wanting to have his photo taken because he was 'a grown-up now' Mr 9 came away saying the Garden City was the best ever. ***
"He's the best I've ever seen as well," I told C. And it was true.
This was a lovely, old-fashioned Santa, with a twinkle in his eye, and a genuine "Ho Ho Ho" belly laugh. He gave us big hugs, and talked in such a lovely way to the children. Just as I imagine the Real Santa would.
Miss 7 asked for: A 'Fake Pony, which eats Fake Carrots and stuff'.
Those ponies, like real ones, don't come cheap. Santa must have sensed my fear, because, he told H. he couldn't remember if the elves had made any of those this year. If they had, he would bring her a Fake Pony, and if they hadn't he would bring her the nicest thing he could think of instead.
It was the same with Mr 9, who rather optimistically told Santa he was hoping for an Iphone 4, an Ipad, or a Jetpack "which comes with fuel and insurance." (I love that C. has managed to factor in the cost of fuel and insurance and get someone else to pay for it.)
After a lovely chat with Santa, the kids came away with a couple of activity packs, reindeer antlers, and a slightly more realistic expectation of what the Big Guy might be able to provide.
Even better, the photo was free!
Though I couldn't see the offer displayed on site, I subscribe to the Westfield Garden City newsletter, which this year had informed us that if you ask, the Santa staff will email one photo to your mobile phone or computer, without charge. Talk about giving!
In the event, they emailed it to both, which it meant I didn't have to cough up for photos.
(Have you seen the prices this year? Outrageous. It was all thanks to Telstra's 55 Days of Christmas and Westfield apparently. The free digital photos, not the outrageous prices. Talk about the season for giving ...
In other festive news, it was time for our adoptive toy poodle Zsa Zsa to get a new look for Christmas.

 It's amazing what a new do will do for a girl's confidence ...

 Wearing her Christmas bandanna and festive ribbons

 Isn't she sweet? (Yes, she's getting sleepy. This Christmas caper is hard work!)
I love this. Someone in our neighbourhood has decorated a tree in the middle of the road. The blown up empty wine bladders add a particularly Aussie touch...

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. May Santa's magical key unlock all your secret doors and fill you with happiness. xo

*It's rare to have chimneys in Brisbane, so Santa uses his Magical Key to enter homes like ours
** Yes, I am single ...)
*** Mr 9 may have been bribed with a Boost Juice in return for playing. Miss 7 refused to have her photo taken unless she could sit on my lap. #MotherOfTheYear


Veggie Mama said...

Aw what a dear santa! Saying he would bring her the nicest thing he could think of if he couldn't find a fake pony. Such a sweet thing to say! (hormone overload haha)

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

My father played santa for Harvey Norman a few years back and they are told at Santa school to say to children anything along the lines of

"I don't know if there will be room in my sleigh for that present"

Making it easier on parents who like you don't have the money or just don't feel giving kids dear presents is worth it.

That way there is no promise made to the child(ren) & so none should get upset but sometimes younger ones still think that its a promise no matter what Santa says.

Merry Christmas to all your family, the animals & you
from all our family (including Felix his meowing here saying don't forget me LOL)

(((( Hugs ))))

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Zsa Zsa is the PERFECT name for her! And hehe about the Santa. The closest I came was seeing a drunk Santa on the streets of Darlinghurst last night! :P Merry Christmas to you and your family :D

Pauline said...

I hope you managed to stay dry for Christmas - the weather dry that is! My son asked me to write a letter from Santa to his 7 year old, saying the reindeer where playing up this year and refusing to pull heavy loads, so he wouldn't be able to bring her a horse but would hunt around for something else nice for her! I swear Christmas turns even honest people into terrible liars!