Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, new life ...

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions.

Mainly because I tend not to keep them.

But this year, inspired by @bigwordsblog's latest post, I thought I'd join the blog hop.

So New Year's Resoluations/themes for me have to be vaguely achievable. For example: I wouldn't aim to look like Jen Hawkins and have her massive rock, bank balance, and fiance. But I might aim to get fitter and slimmer in a bid to continue my Battle With The Boombah.

And I'm not going to choose obvious ones, like spending more time with my kids. Because that's a given. I'm ALWAYS wanting to spend more time with my kids, and I'm ALWAYS trying to be the best mum possible for them. I love our relationship, and I don't have to aim to work on that, because it's just part of being a mum and a family.

With that in mind, here are my vaguely achievable aims for 2011 ...

Be nice, not a walkover.
During a surreal stay at one of the country's finest mental health institutions at the start of last year, I discovered I had spent most of my life trying to please people. And when people were mean to me or took advantage of me, I would 'turn the other cheek', and let them have another bloody turn at knocking me to the ground.
That hospital stay was possibly one of the best investments I've ever made in my life, because it taught me a lot. Like it's okay to say no; it's perfectly reasonable to expect to be talked to and treated with respect; and it's never okay to be bullied.
I want to continue practising being a good, decent person, but to find my balls and use them whenever the occasion calls for it.

Make my mind up
I've been dithering over whether to give one of the several novels and two non-fiction books I've been playing with a  proper go and getting them to the stage where I can send something to my agent, as I've been promising to for, oh, several years now. But then part of me would like to go back to uni as well, and there is one just around the corner ...
(Please don't say do both, because I won't be able to manage it. Remember: These are vaguely achievable goals, not impossible ones!)
I need to figure it out and get working on it. (At this stage, I think the writing will win, because my characters keep calling me and telling me stuff to write. Either that, or I am going insane!).

Be more patient
With others, with myself, with my kids, with life. I feel like everything takes too long and I don't have enough time to fit in everything I want to achieve.

Live Mindfully
Having done two courses in Mindfulness this year, I practise it regularly, and I've found it invaluable. But I still could do it more, particularly when I'm having a busy and/or stressful day. This isn't airy-fairy hippy stuff either; there is a mountain of proof on how Mindfulness can reduce stress and boost happiness, not to mention 'build' parts of the brain.

Get off my fat arse, and work off my fat arse 
Again, I do a little of this but not enough. I'm aiming to visit the gym at least 4 times a week this year.

Sort my crap out
My office and my inbox are full of things to be filed, discarded, seen to, whatever. I need to deal with stuff as it comes in rather than it build into a hideous pile of overwhelming files.

Become domesticated
(Just a little)
I cook, I clean, I parent and I care for pets, but I don't have that special touch that allows me to put a piece of fabric over a pouffe, chuck a few coloured stones into a vase, or place a jug of iced water on a table, and instantly transform a room into something off a Better Homes and Gardens set. Nor am I prone to making zillion layer cakes, a la Donna Hay.
No, a tidy room, and a one layer cake - okay, two to be fancy - would be fine for me. I want to get closer towards getting there without swearing, burning a finger, or messing up the kitchen.

Lose the guilt
My head knows it's okay to not be able to build Rome (or a tidy house) in a day. To not be young and gorgeous. To say no. To take time out for me occasionally. But I still need to get around to accepting that.

To travel more
I'm a Saggie and love to travel, and I've already gone one certain trip in the diary. But there are a few more I'd love to do, a couple in particular. I don't want to jinx them, but I'm hoping later this year I'll be riding on a big jet plane ...)

So readers, do you make resolutions? And do you want to share them?


Unknown said...

Lovely list - I am so happy you are looking ahead to a year full of love. And when you work out how to do something crafty please teach me!

Thanks so much for linking up with bigwords x

Hear Mum Roar said...

They're great things to aim for:) I will be battling the boombah too, I'm afraid:P

CATE said...

I don't make resolutions, I suck at them.
You sound like you are resolving to find balance, and that is a perfect thing to aim for.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Nice list Bronnie-good luck with it! My lists are the same every year so I just "renew" them :P

Pauline said...

I like your list of resolutions. One of yours was on my list - become mindful! The others were to be less of a hermit and improve the garden. Not sure how they are going to work together but I'll give it a crack.

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to answer your recent posting but I've been sick.

I'm with Cate P I don't make any resolutions as I find most of the time they get broken cause something always crops up family emergencys ect.

Instead I just plod on and if I get something done well and good if I don't no big deal it just wasn't meant to happen.

All the best with yours.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

JallieDaddy said...

I didn't, but I seem to keeping some anyway. I may be onto something here!