Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Get smart

Just in time for back to school, the crew at the iconic Stubbies brand have come up with a world-first: School wear for kids, that blocks 97.5% of the sun's damaging UV rays.

Overseas followers may not realise this, but Australia is one of the skin capitals of the world. UV levels,  which cause sunburn, skin and eye damage, and skin cancer,  are at their highest in summer between 10 am and 3 pm. That's the time when most school kids are outside taking lunch breaks and/or playing sports! And the rays are there even on cloudy days or in the shade.

CEO of the Cancer Council of Australia, Professor Ian Olver, says that childhood sun explosure increases the lifetime risk of skin cancer.

"Melanoma can occur at a young age and is the most diagnosed cancer in 15-44-year-olds," he says.
"Cancer Council's SunSmart program has approved the Stubbies SunSmart range, and found that this uniform option will provide school age children with the hightest level of protection in clothing."

As an added bonus, the shirts come with cooling vents in the underarm area, an adjustable waist,  and a scratch-free neck label so kids don't get itchy there.

That's really important for kids like Mr 10, who gets eczema, and finds his usual school sports shirt irritates the hell out of him! "Try not fidgeting when you're itchy all day," he says. "I wish my school had these shirts."

The SunSmart range also features reversible shorts, to save parents money!

Stubbies has become part of Australian culture. It has even entered Australasian slang vocabulary, and is referred to in the Australian Macquarie Dictionary as "short shorts of tough material for informal wear".

Stubbies have given me two shirts to give away: One roy-coloured (kind of like a dark blue) size 12 SunSmart Polo, and one sky-coloured (pale blue) size 6 Polo.

To enter, simply follow MIA, if you're not already doing so, and comment below, letting me know if you would like one or both shirts.

Entrants must be survivors of the summer natural disasters which have hit Australia, or someone who is entering on their behalf.

Winner/s announced next Tuesday, February 15.

If you can't wait, you can check out the products online at http://www.stubbiesschoolwear.com.au/. Stubbies currently are offering free delivery for orders of $50 or more.

The Roy-coloured SunSmart polo


Anonymous said...

I know a family in Brisbane who would pass this on to - friend of my BIL

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That reminds me, hubby and I need to get our moles checked! And coincidentally the verification word is "councer". Kind of close-now if that isn't a hint I don't know what is!