Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy birthday baby...

It was Miss 7's turn to have a birthday this week, and she celebrated turning 8 with great enthusiasm.

Our family tradition is that the birthday girl or boy always gets to choose dinner on the night of their big day.

Last year, H. chose to have Peking Duck at our favourite little Chinese restaurant near school. (Though, that had to be for lunch, because I was still in hospital, and someone refused to bring her to see me. I managed to get a few hours' leave from hospital, and got permission from school to see my daughter and her brother on her birthday. Thankfully, the staff saw the benefit of spending lunch with the Mum they were missing desperately and were more than happy to let them come out at lunch time.)

This year, H. opted for Sizzler, much to her duck-loving brother's disgust. (And last year, C. chose Sizzler! You can't please them both at the same time...).

Anyway, this year I got to spend quality time with both my kids, and we were all a lot happier as a result.

The night before H's birthday, C. came up with a new family tradition: The 'Saying Goodbye' Night.

His idea was that we should also have a night to farewell the old year, kind of like New Year's Eve I guess. (Without the staying-up-until-midnight lark!)

So on the night before the big day, we enjoyed a candelit dinner (a birthday treat), and H. got to open one of her presents.

I was baking cupcakes for her class at school anyway, so with the oven on, I baked a few other family favourites, like chocolate-chip cornflake biscuits, which the kids devoured fresh from the oven for dessert. 

The inaugural 'Saying Goodbye Night' was a huge success!

The next morning, she woke early to open her presents, before going to school to celebrate with patty cakes and ice-blocks.

After school, her Dad picked her up for presents with Nana, and then dropped her off so we could go to Sizzler with a favourite aunt and uncle.

Miss Now-8 declared it the Best Birthday Ever. And there's more to come, with her Dad throwing her an AMF bowling party tomorrow afternoon.

As with my post about Mr 10's birthday, I feel completely in adequate in describing how much I love the wonderfully wild/sweet/tomboy/girlie contradictions that make up my Missy Moo.

Instead, I'll share some of our favourite moments from the year Miss 8 was 7!

 Happy birthday Harmonie. You're the best little girl in the world!

H. loves animals as much as I do. Here she is waking up next to Zsa Zsa, our foster toy poodle. The kids are lucky in that they both get to sleep with a pet, and they share them quite well.

Losing a tooth at a local food court. No tears, she was ecstatic. Because of the Tooth Fairy Money, obviously!

Feeding and fussing over her spoilt guinea pig, Star.

I'll have that one please ... as a pet though, not to eat! (She wishes! I've got to draw the line somewhere...)
In a rare pensive moment...

Cuddling our Kitteh Hannah

H. is an Aquarius and a true water baby!

Please forgive my tardiness in announcing the latest winners of my giveaways ... that will be done before the weekend is out, I promise.
In the meantime, there's a little more celebrating to do!

Readers, how do you celebrate special birthdays?


Anonymous said...

Lovely post. Family and birthday's go hand in hand with us. Love to have host parties for my girls. So exciting :)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

What a beautiful post - and such a lovely tradition. Gorgeous shots of your lovely girl too (ps: I need that frock of hers in the shot in the archway - fabulous!)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww we never got to choose-not fair! Although I don't remember asking so I can't blame my parents :P I am a big fan of birthday weekends :)

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Hope your big girl has a lovely time

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Pauline said...

A lovely post about a special little girl - she's lovely!

Think I must have missed something - hope you are recovering from whatever it was that took you to hospital! Take care.

Maxabella said...

With wild OTTness, that's how!!

Happy birthday to your Missy Moo! x

Beet said...

We have family dinners, often with added rellies, and the b/day person gets to pick what is cooked. Presents are had after tea and, and their choice of cake after that.

And every now and then I do really silly stuff like filling their rooms with balloons or streamers lol

Happy birthday to your lovely girl :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo with her lost tooth! The Saying Goodbye night is a lovely idea, I will most definitely remember this. The twins will always have to share birthdays so I like the idea of having some special family time the night before. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a saying goodbye night! My son is 15 this Tuesday, and I have a meeting that night, so maybe we will do the goodbye celebration on Monday. (We actually did go out for his birthday dinner last night, as he was hoping to get presents early!)

Miss Now-8 looks like she had a very filling year. Hope this one brings her another great year!

Unknown said...

Aw...belated Happy Birthday to the Little Girl Human Pup! Sounds like you had the loveliest time - and what a great new tradition for the "Goodbye Night"! :-)

I have had some fantastic doggie birthday parties in the past but I also like the more "quiet" birthdays that I celebrate with just my humans. Anything is great as long as there are yummies involved! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

MultipleMum said...

Happy (belated) birthday to Missy Moo. Your enthusiasm oozes from the screen :-) Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind! Lovely to have you on board x