Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Selections

I am linking up with the lovely Kim from Frogpondsrock for her weekly Sunday Selections blog.

And because I love her so, I'm also joining the gorgeous Thea from Do I Really Wanna Blog? in her Sunday Session.

What, a girl can't have her bloggie cake and eat it too?

Here we go ...

As always, favourite memories from my week involve kids and animals. (I'm sorry, I'm horribly predictable. One day I will surprise you!)

Zsa Zsa, the toy poodle we love as our own, even though we will eventually have to give her back to her rightful humans.

Russy the cat, who is also ours temporarily. He likes hanging out in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.

Polly Pig, our adoptive guinea pig, and Miss 8's own guinea pig, Star.

Our own gentle kitteh Hannah, who puts up with all kinds of things, including a cuddle from Star!

Russy Cat has taken a liking to one of my handbags!

Hannah Kitteh, who loves to stretch out on a comfy bed. She's lying on my side!

 Zsa Zsa gets a play date with my brother and sister-in-law's dogs, Pippa (the poodle with the purple tale), and Wilbur, the ageing mini-daschund.
After the obligatory bum-sniffing, they all had a ball ...No literally. They played with a ball.

As for Sunday Session songs, I think I'll follow Thea's lead and pick a song from the 80s, Expo-88-ish.

It's Great Southern Land by Icehouse, one of my all-time favourite Aussie bands back then. And their music still stands the test of time.

Back in the Expo 88 days, they regularly performed at the free concerts by the river. But I loved them even before that.

(Confession: A friend and I once threw our bras at Iva Davies during a concert in Toowoomba. But they were nice new ones, so had second thoughts and went back later to get them. I still remember a roadie fondling my bra and saying: 'Oooh, lacy' before reluctantly handing it back. Note: We didn't do this because we were overcome with lust. Or drunk. We did it because it was funny. Just as we once gave bananas to Mental As Anything, blown-up wine bladders to Madness, or left desserts in bowls on the cars of strangers. I called it 'being profound'. Hey, I was an Arts student, I was supposed to be weird! )

And for something newer, I thought I'd share a song by Lily Allen that I thought was totes Safe For Kids.

 Yeah, I thought it was called 'Thank You', and was playing it quite happily in the car one day. When Miss then-7 piped up: 'Mum, why is she singing Fuck You?'

'Don't say that word,' I began, before realising: 'Oops, she's right.' Total Mother FAIL.

So if my kids say 'Fuck You', don't blame me, blame Lily Allen. Cough.


Toni said...

heh heh go Lily Allen, I love that song -- and Great Southern Land!
80s songs were so good... well, some of them...

Thea said...

Oh,love you too gorgeous!
And this post is too amazing on too many different levels.
1. I love your fur friends, totally awesome.
2. I love that were watching acts on the river stage at Expo88 too, imagine if we were sitting right beside each other....possible!
3. I was about to tell you my funny 'river stage' story from Expo...we were watching a support act, they were Japanese, and when they said, "Thank you, thank you very much," at the end of their performance we swore they said......just what fricken Lily Allen is singing!!! LOL

Too funny!! xx

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Love all the pics & I love Icehouse's Great Southern Land but alas I haven't heard of Lily Allen.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

ooh meeeemories! I love that Icehouse song. 80s music has no equal...

kim (frog ponds rock) said...

It is a bit too early here to click on to the music :( Thanks for joining in again.

Carolina said...

The eighties were great for music. Not so much for hairstyles ;-) Did you know that the fuck you song is about the last president Bush? I just heard that yesterday. I think the song is a wonderful excuse for shouting out FUCK YOU lots of times. Especially fun when driving a car ;-)

I love your love for animals. Even though most of them are 'rented'. Purple tailed poodle??????

Gaby said...

I love animals too so am always happy to meet such delightful creatures, they are just beautiful, what a full house...and Hannah reminds me of my Max cat who is just the shape of my heart, as is my older cat Jed >(*!*)<

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Hahah! Love the Lily Allen song, but yeah, just a tad embarrassing probably for you! LOL!

Nice selection!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

weeeeeeeeell, surprise surprise I have NEVER heard that Lily Allen song.


I know!

I love that adorable mini-daschund. I want one so bad!

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