Friday, March 25, 2011

Flog your blog Friday

If it's Friday, that means some serious blog-flogging has to go down.

The trouble is that after Aus Blog Con 2011 I was so exhausted, I didn't really do anything that interesting. There was quite a bit of catch-up sleep, and a zillion emails to deal with.
And I really missed the constant supply of yummy food and goodie bags.

(Note: I was not alone apparently. Early mornings, busy days, and late nights - not to mention lot of squealing - will do that to Bloggers Of A Certain Age. Allegedly).

However, on my return home, I discovered the pumpkin vine had really taken over my back garden ... See for yourself!

Erm...there used to be a lawn here somewhere ....

A pumpkin AND a flower

I have a secret passion for pumpkin and/or zucchini flowers. I grabbed a few flowers from the garden, washed them, stuffed them with ricotta and herbs, breadcrumbed them, and lightly deep-fried them.
Not Boombah-friendly but so divine, they were worth it!

The only problem is they unintentionally ended up looking a bit rude.

And coincidentally when commenting on a blog later, this was the word verification ...

I think there's something in that for all of us, don't you?


Torkona said...

congrats! you got a boner :-)


my word verification is hypho.. not as exciting :(

- tork
Adelaide and South Australia blog

Romantic Flair Original said...

Oh thank gave me an idea...great idea filling them up with ricotta!

Tat said...

That pumpkin looks very promising. I wish I had a garden to try your pumpkin flower recipe.

Suz said...


♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

It was lovely to meet you Bronnie. So glad you didn't abandon our table in the very back corner.

That word verification is GOLD >

MMM - great idea. I stuffed & crimbed mushrooms but hadn't thought of pumpkin flowers.

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I'm still yet to try any pumpkin or zucchini flowers.

Seen them been cooked heaps of times on Ready Steady Cook but as yet they haven't passed my lips.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Steve said...

Boners and food? So many ways I could resond but ettiquette dictates that I don't. ;-)

Being Me said...

That's some vine. There is some kick-ass manuscript being spell checked gradually by Word Veri, am sure of it.

Glow said...

Hahaha! I looove word captchas when they seem to fit with the comment you're trying to post. Sadly the one for here is unater and therefore not remotely connected nor funny.
P.S. Naughty table rocks.

Not Quite Nigella said...

LOL please tell me that that captcha phrase was on my blog! :P welcome back Bronnie!

Jen Walpole said...

I love zucchini flowers! My favourite is to stuff them with goats cheese and lightly grill them with fresh cracked pepper, yum!

Your Pumpkin looks awesome, you should do a week by week growth chart! I wish I didn't live in an apartment and had a veggie patch!

Dani Stevens said...

Bonnie got a BONER!!! That is gold!! Great post and lerrrrrv the ricotta and zucchini combo!
You have a new follower and connecting from FYOB xx