Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hump Day happiness

It's Hump Day, and today's theme is apparently things that make us happy.

Here is one of mine:

Brumby's Hot Choc Buns!

I hate hot cross buns. Always have and always will. And I've tried choc cross buns and no-fruit ones too, and found them almost as disgusting

Until yesterday, when Miss 8 talked me into buying a six-pack of Hot Choc Buns from Brumby's.

They're running a special deal where you get a free sandwich loaf or six bread rolls free with every half dozen, which appealed to the bargain hunter in me.

"Are you sure you will eat them?" I asked Missy Moo. "Because you know I don't like them."

Yes, she said, she would, bouncing around happily like a little energiser bunny in anticipation.

Non-bread-eating Mr 10 is packing away jam sandwiches like no tomorrow since his recent surgery - they were the first food he kept down after his op, and I think have become like instant comfort food. So we chose the free sandwich loaf together with a six pack of the double chocolate buns.

When Miss 8 tore into the buns for afternoon tea, they smelled divine. I pinched just a tiny piece off from one of them, just to taste you understand.

And Oh. My. God.

I almost melted in pleasure. I tried a little bit more - just to make sure I wasn't mistaken, of course. And a little bit more. Before I knew it, the bun was gone!

The softness of bread and the richness of the plentiful chocolate chips were, quite frankly, better than sex. (Mind you, it's been a while...)

This morning, under the guidance of Herself, we heated the buns lightly so the chocolate got gooey and melty.

And Oh. My. Freaking. God.

We were both in chocolately ecstasy.

I think the secret is that the chocolate is Cadbury, which is my favourite everyday chocolate, and which is moist and rich without being too sweet.

Hot Choc Buns aren't very Boombah-friendly, but this morning I did not care.

Miss 8 is lucky, as she can indulge in them whenever she likes.

And apparently there are raspberry choc and orange choc ones as well.


(A pleasurable one...)

Readers, what's your guilty pleasure?


Lady Estrogen said...

ORANGE CHOC!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Oh dear, I didn't know about the rasp choc or orange choc ones. Must remember to stay away from Brumbys, I'll be too tempted not to say no.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe this is why I never buy them! They'res so tempting! When I make them at home I have to have people around to take them off me! :P

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Usually I ake my own hot cross buns last year I didnt but will be this year.

Happy to hear you found some buns you can now eat.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

babycakequeen said...

Yummmy. I ONLY buy the ones that DON'T have the sultanas in them. Otherwise I sit there like a 2 year old picking them out :D

Unknown said...

Oh I always pick out the sultanas as well ... and it kind of takes the pleasure out of it.
Lorraine and Susan, I will try making my own this year ... I am finally having success with breads, pizza dough, and buns. Yep, I haz nice buns ...)

Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia said...

Hi Bronnie,

We’re so happy to hear you like the Hot Cross Buns! :D

It'd be great to hear what you and your readers think of the other flavours once you try them.


The team at Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia

Unknown said...

Oh I would be happy to check them out for you dear Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia Team. I might also buy some of your very yummy cooking chocolate drops so I can make my own ...(And I feel I've made a blogging milestone now you've graced me with your comment!)