Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter bags, and other stories

Do your kids still believe in the Easter Bunny?

Mine still love making Easter 'Bastards' and egg and bunny nests, but Mr 10, at least, is well aware that the real bunny has two-legs instead of four, is far less hairy, and has a tendency to fall over if she attempts to hop.

I'm pretty sure he has shared the knowledge with his little sister, but she is happy to go along with my vague subject changes, possibly in the hope of getting some extra shiny things on Easter Sunday.

Of the three of us, she's also the only one who likes Hot Cross Buns (only the chocolate ones mind), though there was a day when I shared some with her, gave into their chocolatey goodness, and discovered why she loves them so. (They are definitely off the menu for me now though, because yeast and I just don't get along very well. Sorry for the overshare).

Despite all this, Miss 8 still recalls a time when she woke up and saw her Dad creeping into her room with the eggs and bunnies.

We got past that one by saying that of course Mummy and Daddy buy the kids eggs too, and whatever the bunny brings is a bonus.

But I think she smells a rat. Or bunny.

Anyway, my kids don't actually eat a lot of chocolate, even at Easter. My 10 is anaphylactic to tree nuts and allergic to all nuts, so we have to be careful what chocolate he eats anyway. There are a few companies who can guarantee their chocolate is nut-free, and candy eggs have never really cut it with my kids.

And if they don't eat all their eggs, I can't help out, because I'm still battling The Boombah.

And thank God, I went off chocolate a long time ago, so I no longer enjoy it. (Unless it is Lindt, Cadbury, and/or in the form of a gelato).

We hate waste, so this year I asked the kids if they wanted an egg/duckie/bunny from me, or a toy instead. And they've both gone for the toy.

Great minds think alike, because my brother and sister-in-law had already decided to do the same.

But sis-in-law went one better. She came up with the idea of Easter Bags - bags of goodies to keep the kids busy during the school holidays.

We all loved it.

Miss 8's bag contained:

Some lovely books and soft toys

 A very lifelike bunny

Some timeless Easter stories

C. with his own stuffed toys (he collects them, so is not yet too old). Plus some Roald Dahl and Pokemon goodness. (I would have taken more photos of Mr 10 but in a camera-shy moment, he refused).

Despite their grown-up thoughts, I have a feeling the kids will still appreciate some aspects of a good old-fashioned Easter.

I plan on making our own hot choc buns plus the traditional Easter bunny biscuits, and a few other treats. Of course, the kids will be involved.

Seafood on Good Friday, a little church, and an Easter egg hunt on the Sunday. Hopefully, we'll have the chance to visit with family and friends too, though most of them are camping so I suspect it will be a picnic or barbecue for lunch rather than the traditional roast.

Readers, how do you plan on celebrating Easter? 


Nicole said...

I don't really celebrate Easter any more but I do remember getting a toy bunny off my dad every year from when I was about 8 to I think 13. It became his tradition when my parents split since I got chocolate from mum.

I've still got a few of them to pass on.

~~Kallie~~ said...

My kids will be with their dad for half the Easter break, all our families live 550km+ away, we still have Easter eggs from last year so... I'm thinking maybe I will just pretend Easter isn't happening :)

Toni said...

We have a big roast lamb dinner on the Friday night, with a chocolate tart that is to die for. And wine. Lots of wine. (even 'kids wine' which is Maison in a fancy glass)
And then on Sunday, we give the kids their eggs (one egg with a mug or something, and a chocolate bunny) and Daddy does the egg-hunt if we remember.
We've never done the Easter Bunny or Santa, so it's pretty laid back.

Jodie Ansted said...

Good thinking!

We never do a truckload of eggs. I try to get the eggs that come with something. Eg this year the 4yos is a Toy Story one that comes with a torch. He'll love it!

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

We still buy an easter egg for the step daughter either 1 chocolate bunny or 1 chocolate easter egg (meduim size) then she gets a few presents like reading books, or a game etc.

I did the same with my oldest daughter when she was younger also do the same with hubby.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Do you know I think I've only been on one Easter egg hunt ever? Mind if I join yours? ;)

Jayson James said...

My family would usually go to a fancy restaurant to eat some delectable meals and take part of the indulgence :)

Jayson James said...

My family would usually go to a fancy restaurant to eat some delectable meals and take part of the indulgence :)

Unknown said...

As a Chinese child, Easter is really a foreign concept so I never had the whole believing issue - but as an arty child, I sure liked painting the eggs & such!

Those Easter bags are a great idea!


Unknown said...

I never believed in the Easter Bunny- maybe I did but I must have stopped believing earlier than I gave up on Santa. Bunnies and eggs never made any sense to me. But I loved the cryptic easter egg hunts my parents did for us, so I'm starting that tradition this year with my 3 year old. Not too cryptic though - just photo clues. I think he'll love it.

Anonymous said...

I just gave you the "Versatile Blogger Award". Check out my latest post for details and congrats! http://wp.me/p1fT2t-2d


J said...

Oh man, I suddenly feel guilty for now planning anything 'special' this Easter weekend. The bag of goodies with stuff to do on school holidays is a brilliant idea though (but I guess it's too late for me now).

Unknown said...

We've just been through another Easter. The kids are teens now, so it was an Easter Bilby each, and a special present each on the Wednesday before Easter, as they were spending the long weekend with their Dad. I managed to have a good time with family and friends but missed them loads. Loved seeing this post come up in my memories, and thanks so much for the comments. (Better late than never!)