Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Right Royal Occasion

On Saturday, I woke up to a house littered with what appeared to be the detritus of a super-hot party.

Empty platters bearing a few lonely morsels, crumbs on the floorboards, and the odd upturned champagne flute.

Not to mention the fact that no one wanted to get up yet, and most of the household were still snoring.

Before you cast judgement, dear reader, please know that the previous evening, ChezMIA had celebrated,  and watched, sometimes tearfully,  the Royal Wedding of the Decade.

When I lived in London, many years ago, a lovely Auntie used to regularly invite my then husband and I to the country for a Proper English Sunday Lunch.

And it was divine, with at least one roast each time, Yorkshire puddings, roast vegies, and all the trimmings. Including bread sauce. Oh I'd forgotten about the bread sauce!

Afterwards, we'd go for a brisk walk or be taken on a tour of some important local landmark our rellies deemed significant, while Auntie and her grown up daughters prepared High Tea.

It was always delicious, and a little bit naughty. Party pies, sausage rolls, and loads of delicious sandwiches. Plus sweet things like biscuits and trifle for dessert.

Usually a glass of champers or Pimms was served, followed by good English Tea.

Just delicious.

We'd drive or train it home to London, fully satiated with love and food, and in no need of dinner.

In any case, with the Will and Kate marriage news being absolutely everywhere, the kids really wanted to mark the occasion.

They've actually never been to a wedding, or a proper High Tea, so we agreed this would be the perfect way to participate in this historic event.

After school, we prepared a feast.

Spring rolls, dumplings, lovely cheeses and dips, vegetable sticks, sausage rolls and mini pies were the main hot fair. Plus that Aussie party staple, hot cheerios and tomato sauce. (Non-Aussies, cheerios are little red sausages, like mini hot dogs).

In addition, we did cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches for the adults, and fairy bread for the kids. (Okay, and some of the adults). Plus a fruit platter for all.

The drink in the champagne flutes was creaming soda, not champers, but it was a treat for the kids to be trusted with the grown-up glasses.

We got to the tea and scones just in time for Kate's walk down the aisle.

We practised making wedding small talk - nattering about the weather and toasting the happy couple - while eating our canapes. (A new word for both the kids).

And we had us a Right Royal Good Time.

Look, I'm not a royalist, but the Kate and Will's marriage was still an important moment in history, and I love that we could share it.

I remember, as a little girl, watching Princess Di marry Prince Charles and thinking how lucky she was, and that fairytales came true. (I conveniently overlooked the fact that I did not find the Prince of Wales at all handsome, I was just caught up in the magic of the event.)

This time, Miss 8 was similarly starry-eyed. "I want to be a Princess when I grow up," she said. "Wouldn't that be cool?"

I tried to explain the realities of Kate Middleton's Princess Catherine's new life, and that it wasn't going to be all singing animals, flower picking, and picnics in the woods.

But she was having none of it.

For now, I'll let her keep her fantasy.

Dreams can come true, and it only takes one look at the besotted Catherine to know that hers certainly have come to life.

I'm hoping they were worth the wait, and this is one royal marriage that will last the distance.

Now that really would be a fairytale!


Unknown said...

We all need a bit of fantasy in our lives, especially the children who seem to be growing up with a constant diet of news about death, destruction and everything else depressing.
What a wonderful way to let your children participate in the wedding festivities. I'm sure the memory of this occassion will stay with them always.

Lady Estrogen said...

It's hard not to get even just a "little" caught up in the whole dream, for sure :)

~~Kallie~~ said...

Sounds like a great party :) Leave Miss 8 with the fantasy :) She might find a prince among men even though it's unlikely she'll find a royal :)

Annieb25 said...

I'm sure your children will remember that night. Sounds like good fun. Kids love drinking out of the good champagne glasses. Very posh.

traceyb65 said...

my inner 8 year old is just LOVING that all … as much as i enjoyed scoffing my burger and watching it in the cafe with Kallie T and the Italian family owners, a little flight of fancy would have been quite nice.

and no dream can ever come true if we don't dream it in the first place. xt

Unknown said...

What a cute idea to have your own High Tea party!! :-) Yeah, for a "non-royalist", my English Pom husband said he suddenly started feeling "strangely patriotic" - ha! ha!

I remember watching Princess Di & Prince Charles too - I was about 6yrs old and living in London at the time...

...although I don't think I ever wanted to be a princess and marry a prince! Too stifling a life! I said to my own husband that I think I would have to think seriously (and REALLY love somebody) to consider marry into a royal family...the thought makes me want to run a mile!(although Kate & William seem to be breaking free of a lot of traditions and hopefully might live more liberated, modern "royal lives")