Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's official: I am challenged!

I love it when my online life crosses over into real life.

Like arriving home to find this waiting for me:

And inside ...

Two bags full of Danone Activia yoghurt!

Yes, it seems my propensity to overshare with posts about colonoscopies, bums, and the Boombah Battle, have rewarded me with the dubious honour of being among the first women in Australia to try Danone Activia.

Without sounding too much like an ad, Danone Activia is a yummy type of yoghurt already eaten in more than 68 countries.

But it is new here, which is why they've chosen some well-known gluttons foodies around the country to taste it first.

You see, Danone Activia is the only yoghurt in Australia to contain the probiotic Bifidus Activ Regularis. What the hell is that, you ask?

Basically, it's an active culture that is scientficially proven to improve digestion. The promise is that with each pot of yoghurtie goodness that you eat, billions of good bacteria will travel down to the large intestine where they will stay alive and active for 10 days.

Not only do they work their magic by improving digestion and relieving the enemy of women everywhere, bloating (yay), these busy bacteria mingle and encourage more good bacteria to grow.

That's what the advertising says, anyway.

And I've signed on for a four-week challenge to try Danone Activia, to see if lives up to the hype.

Oh yes, dear reader, there are no ends your fearless MIA will go to, to discover the truth. All in the name of research and giving back, of course!

Anyway, that means I'll be eating two tubs of Danone Activia a day, for at least four weeks. Which sounds a lot, but the tubs are only 125 g each, which makes them perfect for snacks and lunch boxes. And to stave off boredom, I've got a nice mix of flavours: berries, vanilla, strawberry, and pear. Apparently, there's an apple-kiwi flavour as well.

Let me just say, that the Danone Activia couldn't have arrived at a better time.

I'm on strong antibiotics as I recover from pneumonia, and we all know what antibiotics do to a girl, don't we ladies? (Men: Close your eyes for a second if you don't want to know. That's right: Thrush!)

Now, (OVERSHARE ALERT) despite taking a Caneston anti-thrush pill at the same time I started my antibiotics, I'm still a bit delicate in the Lady Part region. So I'm hoping the bacteria will get down into my large intestine and kick some bad bacteria butt. And soon.

I was going to VLOG tomorrow, when I'll have the kids to help me make my Vlogging Debut, but I couldn't wait to break into my stash.

I tried the berry flavour first and it was delicious. Cool, creamy (but not too creamy), sweet (but not too sweet), and crammed with berries. It's too yummy to be good for me surely, I think?

We shall see.

Disclosure: Danone Activia are providing four weeks' worth of Danone Activia, plus 10 pots to share. They've also given me a Flip Video so I can film my participation in the challenge. (Look out people).


Reservoir Dad said...

I can say that we Have one thing in common - thrush.... I mean gloating.... I mean.... I give up. The insomnia's confusing me. Good luck with the truckload of yogurt. Hope it's a cure.

Jodie Ansted said...

I keep seeing stuff like this advertised, so I'm curious how it turns out!

Good luck!

Lady Estrogen said...

Good luck!!
I enjoy them - but I'm too negligent of my own body to notice a difference. I have had my galbladder removed, so I'm SUPPOSE TO be taking extra pro-biotics. humph.

Fox in the City said...

I find that it is really yummy yogurt but a wee bit on the expensive side so I only buy it when it is 50% off.

Enjoy and hopefully it will help with the thrush.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Best of luck Bronnie! There was a similar challenge with Ski Activ (oddly similar names huh!).

Cathy said...

My tastebuds can only usually handle sweet yoghurts - but you make this one sound delicious! Good luck with the challenge!

Johanna Baker-Dowdell said...

Not too PR-ish at all. You were up front about where the product came from and honest about the challenge. I'm interested to see how it goes too - for taste and other reasons :)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

The first time I had it... you know... *whispers* thrush *whispers* my doc told me to apply it TOPICALLY.

It was summer.


Don't do that.