Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stress overload!

Ever feel like your mind is running around in circles at one thousand miles an hour?

Lie awake, exhausted but sleepless, worrying about whatever you've forgotten to do?

Always focussing on what you're not achieving, not all the awesome things you're doing every single day?

If so, you're not alone.

I'm Bronnie, and like you, I know how hard it is to avoid from the occasional episode of Life Overload. (I sound just like the dude on the Centrum ad, right? Couldn't resist!)

About one in three Australians suffer from moderate to extreme stress. Quite simply, they're so busy doing and achieving, that they don't have time to enjoy their lives.

That's an awful lot of petty arguments, cranky school runs, road rage, office politics. Not to mention, overwhelming urges to punch someone the next time they send you a snarky email, walk really slowly in front of you when you're in a rush, or hold you up in 12 items or less aisle.

So what are you going to do about it? Not everyone has time to take up yoga, study Mindfulness meditation, or spend hours in therapy. (Though trust me, they all work).

Medication helps too, in the right circumstances, but it's not suitable for everyone.

And while we'd all like to quit our jobs and move to Tuscany, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon either.

Here's the thing: You need to deal with what's stressing you the hell out. And the sooner, the better.

Which is where psychologist Dr Helen Street is here to help.

She's an associate professor in behavioural science at the University of Western Australia, who specialises in helping people deal with work, relationship, and life overload.

Thanks to the lovely people at Finch Publishing, who have been wonderful supporters of MIA, I have a copy of Dr Street's book Life Overload (Immediate life-saving strategies from a stress expert) to give away.

To enter, just check you're following my blog, then leave a comment below telling me what really ticks you off.

The winner will be drawn next on Friday, June 24. That leaves you plenty of time to enter ... after all, I don't want you to get too stressed about getting your entry in!

Life Overload: Immediate Life-Saving Strategies From A Stress Expert by Dr Helen Street, Finch Publishing, $29.95


Scuzzi said...

What really ticks me off is the cat in the morning.
Its like the whole world has to revolve around her.
While I'm struggling to capture those few extra stolen moments of sleep, she is sitting on my chest in bed, patting my nose with her paw telling me she's hungry, or wants to be let out or some other little thing that is totally going to bugger up the start of my day.
Thats all I've got to say about that!

So Now What? said...

These bunch of ladies who smoke in the school bus stop every day. I've point blank told them to leave, told the Principal etc. Nothing changes. Ticks me Off!!


Meredith @ thinkthinks said...

Those freaking green pigs. I hit them with all my wrath and fiery vengeance, and they sit there with freaking black eyes and missing teeth and just laugh at me.

Yeah obviously I have it pretty good, if Angry Bird is rage is all I've got :)

Susan Whelan said...

Only one thing that stresses me out? Having to choose is just another stressful task to add to the list. :-)

Since it is bucketing down rain at the moment, I'd have to say people who drive like they are part of a V* Supercar time trial despite the fact that visibility is limited to 5 metres at best. And they're often talking on their mobiles at the same time. Do they have a death wish?

Re the escape to Tuscany, a woman I went to school with is currently enjoying a Mid-life gap year in Southern France with her family (partner & 5 children. The fact that I am not doing the same is yet another stress to add to the list.

MadCow said...

Stupid people, having to reply to the same question over and over again, that stupid really frigging annoying whine toddlers make that is just noise and not a proper cry, lack of communication, did I mention stupid people, people who dont' listen, my son's teacher (who doesn't listen), that my To Do List just gave birth to quadruplets and that was only one of my lists, the universe fucking with my head, people who can't see when they have something great, peopel who bitch about their mums and follow up with "oh, but she's picking them up from school so I can have a break" when I don't have a mum I can rely on to do that, that its easier to get meds than a holiday, petty highschool crap in adults, people who lie, people who use the word 'integrity' to avoid doing something when they've been so far out of integrity it has majorly screwed stuff up for me, financial stress ...

... um, sorry ... stress mounting up.

Also, my vodka bottle seems to be emptying quicker than I'm drinking it ... really annoying!

nereda said...

Somedays nothing stresses me out, somedays EVERYTHING stresses me out.

Nicole said...

hmmm one thing that ticks me off, rude customers.
The list is a pretty long one but a couple that stand out are:

The woman who waves at me from the door so I can start her coffee while she takes another 30 seconds to finish her smoke.

The man who grunts at me to order his coffee (He has no problems talking to other customers)

The guy that casually told me he worked at a cafe until he grew up and got a real job.

And all the while I have to smile and be cheerful.

This Mummy Maze said...

People who smoke with their kids in the car and people who see you are in a hurry and deliberately get in the way are just a couple of things that peev me