Friday, July 8, 2011

Back to reality

As the school holidays draw to a close, I relate to the kids' anguish.

Don't you remember being a kid, when you wished holidays could last forever?

And I know many of us parents, particularly Mums, joke that we spend most of the school holidays curled up in despair in the corner, but let's face it, school holidays are special, even for the grown-ups.

Oh how I've loved those week day sleep-ins! Not having to pack lunch boxes, but make snacks throughout the day, as the mood strikes us.

I must admit, that being school holidays, my kids have been up at the crack of dawn. Unlike school days where I practically have to peel them off their beds, pour them into uniforms, and push them, ever so gently, out the door.

But even in the early hours, they were content to watch usually forbidden kiddie telly and munch cereal in front of it. Sometimes they cuddled up with me in my own bed, joined by the dog and at least one cat.

Sometimes my dear mini-Masterchef and his able assistant, insisted on making me breakfast ... omelettes and cappucino or tea, since you asked. Gosh, I love them.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I've been able to read, pay bills, tweet, and occasionally post; all whilst accompanied by the kids.

We've done every free or cheap event on offer (thanks to the council or local shopping centres). We've walked around the local lake; fed ducks, eels and turtles; pampered all our pets; cooked up goodies; and gone to the movies.

We visited their grandparents and other relatives in the country, and the kids were angels not just in the car during the hideously long drive, but in the country as well, where there's not a lot to do.

Unless you count participating in an army march, lunch with diggers at the local RSL, picking vegies and fruit with Pa-Pa, and eating Grandma's home-made soup. The kids were stunned by how many people knew me. (To be honest, I'm still stunned at that. I look nothing like I looked as a kid or a teenager, and yet people from my home town still know who I am!)

Sadly, Miss 8 suffered an awful ear-piercing infection, which resulted in her spending a couple more days with me, because she only wanted 'Mumma' to look after her.

And as much as I hated her pain, I treasured that special alone time. I would like to spend the same amount of special time with Mr 10, who at the time was happy enough to have quality time with his Dad. The idea was that we'd swap at a later date. But at the moment Miss 8 is veto-ing it! "I want to be with Mumma too," she pouts.

We'll have to talk about that, because I think it's important for kids to spend special one-on-one time with their parents.

In the meantime, we have just one more weekend to enjoy our holidays before it's back to school. Lunchboxes, uniforms, homework and all that. Back to a not-so-bad reality.

Until then, I'll be busy, racing them around the lake!

Readers, how have you spent your school holidays?

PS Either Blogger or my internet connection is being antsy, so I can't upload photos. Aren't you lucky? But don't worry, I'll catch up at a later date!


Fox in the City said...

Ah, sounds like a great school holiday. I so agree with you, one-on-one time is so important but can be difficult to get.

vegemitevix said...

You reminded me about when I was absolutely skint and had school holidays with the kids and yet how it wasn't awful, it was special finding things to do together. We baked and made popcorn and went down for long walks on the beach. Listen to me! I sound almost wistful, despite the rising anxiety I feel about the long holidays coming up over here in the UK, in the non-existent summer.

Unknown said...

The weather down here hasn't been very cooperative - so any outdoor activities are heavily limited. And now my younger kid is sick. So we've been pretty much house-bound. Thank goodness for our school's holiday program and childcare. I don't think I could spend that much time alone with them.

And, yes, I do love our relaxed mornings, the no need to rush, the lack of routine.... One more week...

Mum on the Run said...

Aaahh - school holidays.
Yours sound blissful.
Mine are just beginning so I look forward to the adventures.

Denyse Whelan. said...

You have covered some ground these hols! I always think this holiday period is for "taking time out" from the drudgery of routines & more. In fact, being Winter means longer bed snuggles in the morning.
Sounds like a good all-round time had by all... Ear piercings infection notwithstanding!

Queensland Girl said...

This is the first time in over 20 years that school holidays have not impacted on my life! Well, except for the wild eyed, desperate mothers in shopping centres trying to keep their darlings entertained as they run riot! Don't miss that... Jo xx

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Although I know that school holidays can be a stressful time I bet they love those memories and times with you too! :D

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