Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grateful for

Today I'm joining the lovely Maxibella Loves who regularly posts about things she is grateful for.

As part of my recovery from anxiety and depression, I'm a huge fan of Mindfulness, and living in the moment.

As part of that, each day I take time to find at least five things that make me happy. Or grateful.

The benefit of my '5 Things' is that even if I've had a day from hell, or feel like punching someone in the head (perhaps even myself), I realise that actually, life is pretty good after all. And that gives me an instant boost.

Sometimes it's a struggle to come up with five; but thankfully, on other days, I can come up with dozens. There's a 'grateful for' right there!

On handover days when my kids go back to their Dad for his time with them, I usually fall into an instant depression. I miss those warm-hearted little souls so much, and I'm anxious because I'm not with them.

But today, they were smiling as they drove off.

Miss 8 was overjoyed that we'd just tracked down her favourite guinea pig Star, who scuttled off when naughty Kit Kat chased him. Mr 10 was excited to show off the first two days' worth of his latest obsession, the Harry Potter collection. (A current promotion of The Courier Mail/Sunday Mail.)

So I was grateful for their smiles.

Here are a few more moments from my week that made me happy:

- My pets. Sure, a few of them are on loan, having come with the house we're minding while their owners spend a year overseas. Those furry, warm creatures add so much to our lives. They help the kids get to sleep - each child usually has at least one of them in their beds as they drift off to dreamland each night - and they keep me warm when the kids aren't here. (Literally. I end up with three cats and a dog in bed with me some nights. Who needs hot water bottles or electric blankets?) Plus, they are just warm, cuddly, loving and fun!

- My friends. They are kind, empathetic, funny, and accept me for who I am, and more importantly, who I am not. There is little better than cracking up laughing with a friend who gets you!

- Having food to eat, a safe home, and a warm bed to climb into each night. I know it's not a given.

- My health. After months of off and on pneumonia and vertigo, not to mention the afore-mentioned anxiety and depression, I'm finally getting my energy, health and mojo back. And gosh, it feels fantastic!

- Books. I'm halfway through Jodi Picoult's Keeping Faith at the moment, and was so engrossed I didn't even hear the GP calling my name the other day. She had to walk right up to me, which scared the crap out of me, before I realised it was my turn! I love writing which takes me right out of myself and into the story.

Readers, what are you grateful for?

Who can feel sad when there are these two around to warm my heart and make me laugh?

So much to be grateful for!

Finally, apologies to readers of my previous post. Apparently YouTube pulled the original Noni Hazlehurst reading because it was offensive.

If you're quick, you can catch it here ...


Unknown said...

Firstly congrats on getting your mojo and health back on track! I can imagine its a great feeling for you to revel in!

I too do the "5 grateful things" list in my head before bed, to try and stay mindful of the blessings, especially on days when it all feels a little hard, or just plain mundane. Its proven a great help, even though I'm the first to admit I have MUCH to learn about mindfullness :)

And yes, who could be sad with cute faces such as that in your world? They are just gorgeous!

Mum on the Run said...

Such a fabulous attitude to have.
I defintely want to spend more time 'accentuating the positives' and being mindful.
I'm super grateful right at this moment that my toddler is having himself a mammoth midday nap as we are flying to Ireland tonight - many hours after his usual bedtime.
I'm polishing his halo as I type!!

Maxabella said...

You've taken 'recovery' and given it a RRRRRRRR, lady! That's a fantastic attitude. I've always done the weekly 'grateful thing' but never daily. I'm in awe. x

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Excellent attitude Bronnie! I always find it helpful to do that especially when I'm feeling a bit anxious or worried about things. It is such an instant way to calm down too.

P.S. I can't believe youtube took it down! :o

Anonymous said...

Forget the book “Go the F**k to Sleep”, a pathetic, soul-less, allegedly rebel, ‘children’s book’. Don’t waste your hard-earned money, instead read a BANNED book like “America Deceived II” by a real rebel and the “World’s Most Hated Author”, E.A. Blayre III.
Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I'm grateful for every 24 hours I get to see, I'm grateful for my family & true friends (like you) who are there for me.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Unknown said...

I'm so glad things are looking up! I am grateful for my warm house and bed every night as I drift off to sleep, there so many that can't even count on that....

traceyb65 said...

wonderful news about your continuing improving health. and the first five things that randomly jump into my head?

1. my imagination
2. warm socks
3. human-scale technology
4. public health, and
5. books …


Anonymous said...

Glad things are improving. I too focus on being mindful, it helps me manage my anxiety as well. You've lots there to be grateful for. I'm grateful for my family, great friends and so much to look forward to. Not a bad list at all. x