Friday, August 26, 2011

Breakfast of champions

One of my earliest memories is sitting at the kitchen table and positioning the Kelloggs Rice Bubbles and Cornflakes boxes just so, so that I didn't have to look at my brothers.

Next minute, one of them would swipe a box, and we'd be at it.

"Muuuum, D's looking at me," I'd wail, before he replied that I was looking at him! Cue arguments, yelling, and tears. And that was just Mum!

Ah breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

The memories came flooding back this week, when a team of really cool peeps from Kelloggs flew to Brisbane to talk to a bunch of Bris Vegas Mummy Bloggers. I assume they chose us because they thought we were Terribly Important And Influential.

MIA was one of them. Ahem.

And it's not just me who thinks Mummy Bloggers are influential. Just ask my kids. Or George Negus. Or A Current Affair who featured a babble of Mummy Bloggers on last night's show.

Kelloggs didn't ask us to post or tweet for them. They didn't offer money or advertising. I make this point, because some bloggers have been criticised for attending the brunches with claims they are 'selling out'. WTF?

A few representatives of the company simply sat down with us, and talked about our lives and kids, and what we looked for in a cereal. We also had the chance to ask them questions. (The answers were really interesting, and I'll be posting a few Q. and A.'s later.)

Yes, they treated us to breakfast, and samples of their products to take home, and that was in recognition of the time and effort to get there. (None of us receive an income from our blogs, and many of us had to leave work and/or kids and other responsibilities to get there).

For Kelloggs, it was a chance for them to get in touch directly with the main buyers of breakfast cereals: Mums.

It was a perfect example of a brand meeting blogs in the best way possible.

And did I mention: I got my face on a box of Cornflakes?

See MIA, right at the bottom there ...
 And on the back! (Miss 8 took the photo of me that she used. She is demanding a photography fee Cornelius...)
Kelloggs cracked out some vintage cereal boxes for the occasion. I remember this one, because I actually entered the Magnetic Island holiday competition. Complete with massive $100 cash spending money!
Oh how I wanted that holiday. And the cash. I wonder how far $100 went back then?
(Note: We weren't regularly allowed Coco Pops. They were usually a school holiday treat).

Flash forward ... a table set for breakfast. And a frank discussion!

 Okay, you got me. Will blog for coffee.

 Mmm...Mum's don't usually get to enjoy cut-up fruit.

Breakfast was not cereal! I chose the haloumi, poached eggs and crumbed mushrooms with toast. Divine!

Me and my cornflakes. Photo courtesy of Kelly, BeAFunMum

Kelly and I ...
It wasn't all socialising. Tweeting and taking notes.
(Photo courtesy of Hannah Millerick)

The blogging bunch at brunch

All in all, a great time was had by all. I learned a lot about nutrition, cereal, and marketing from the folk at Kelloggs, and I loved the chance to catch up with some of my favourite bloggers.

And did I mention the coffee?


Being Me said...

Aaaaaaargh your cooked breakfast looks divine. Hungry now. I'm glad they asked. I hope they listened.

Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh no I missed this on tv last night! Iused to eat rice bubbles and want to get my father to make snap crackle adpop come alive!

Removal said...

Everything seems just perfect.The food looks great and is very healthful.And you are all so beautiful!


Mum on the Run said...

I seriously adore the personalised Cornflakes boxes.
Awesome work, someone @ Kellogs!

Mrs Woog said...

I was very impressed with the way Kelloggs ran this event. Tres professionale!

Lisa - Epstein News said...

I want toys in boxes, just like Mrs W.

Unknown said...

I asked about the toys in boxes too. And a few of us said we wouldn't mind being pestered to buy cereal for the toys, because at least it's making sure our kids want to eat breakfast!

Andy Peverill said...

Loved this blog - did you ask if the eggs were Free Range (sorry thats my passion) I remember Kellogs from my childhood - I used to make ships from the empty cartons. They have been around for a long time. Love your work!

Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi said...

Good to see you got some hot brekkie too! My house was the same with Coco Pops - they were a real treat. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

Amber S said...

Love the MIA cornflakes, are they going to become available soon?. Your breakfast made me hungry to.

Kelly said...

I'm only just getting around to writing my post. Awesome wrap up Bron! I'm linking this in my post. xx