Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was lucky enough to get free tickets to the Queensland premiere of Glee.

My daughter, 8, who lives and breathes Glee, totally wanted to go. But Mr 10, who also loves Glee but is too cool to admit it, wasn't as enthusiastic.

"It's a girl movie," he said dismissively. "Do you think I could sneak into Green Lantern instead?"

Erm, no.

We compromised, as we usually have to.

I said, we'd go for Miss 8, but if Mr 10 really hated it, we'd leave early.

As it happened, there were cheerleaders in the BCC foyer,  and singers in the actual theatre as pre-show entertainment.

We settled into our seats, where as usual, Mr 10 promptly spilt his popcorn. It's kind of a movie tradition these days.

To be honest, it was a bit of a let-down for a premiere. Call us spoilt, but if it's a premiere that usually means Free Stuff! We didn't even have to hand over the mobile phone or other recording devices, which always makes us feel very secret squirrel.

Instantly, Mr 10 began to complain about the 3D glasses.  C. has Aspergers Syndrome,
and apart from the sensory feel of the glasses on his face, he hates having images coming out at him as they do in 3D movies.

So the combination of the glasses, music, and concert noises had him moaning before we even made the half-way mark.

Luckily, Miss 8 is extremely loving towards her brother, and offered to leave as soon as he felt sick.

She still wanted to watch the end of the movie - and to be honest, so did I - but we couldn't sit there and let Mr 10 suffer.

So we came home.

We were lucky we didn't have to fork over money for the tickets, but even so, were a bit disappointed in the movie overall.

Miss 8: I loved it. But the glasses hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. I was embarassed when Britney acted all sexy and stuff. That was yuck.
I liked it when the little woman who was older was named Prom Queen. (H. was talking about a beautiful dwarf who had overcome obstacles to live her dreams).

Mr 10: I hated it. I would have watched it if it was in 2D. Why does everything have to be 3D?

Me: I would have liked to stay until the end.
The parts we saw were a bit disjointed and seemed to have been hastily cobbled together.
There were some aspects that were a bit adult for an audience that includes kids/teens. In particular, the character of Britney doing Britney Spears at her scantily clad, raunchy best, were a bit much I thought.
The movie would have benefited from more story-telling, and dare I say it, less music.
The story of the young girl with dwarfism in particular, stuck with my kids, and has been a talking point for days.

In particular the movie lacked one important character - the fantastic Sue Sylvester, who featured in the viral marketing of Glee, The 3D movie.

Readers, are you Gleeks?


Cecilia @ Parenting Controversy said...

You have no idea how many judgy pants mothers have frowned upon me for letting my 9 year old daughter watch Glee. (She's obsessed with it as well)

I'll admit that Brittney and Santana make me cringe... saying and doing things that I don't really want Miss 9 seeing and hearing, but she loves the singing and dancing so much that I just can't bring myself to stop her from watching it.

Mrs Woog said...

I am an addict. For sure! x

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love Glee! But no Sue Sylvester? She is my favourite ever villain!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Glee. That said, I haven't let my kids watch it but they are younger than yours. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie.

Unknown said...

My kids already got addicted to Glee after watching it at their Dad's. I probably never would have let them watch it otherwise! Some parts are inappropriate and it's often too late for them at home. But most of it I think is pretty okay, and there are some good messages in there. We'll be waiting for the home video version!