Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Blog Day!

My friends at Nuffnang have decreed that August 31 be named International Blog Day, where bloggers can celebrate all things bloggie.

As part of the celebrations, I've been asked to share six blogs that I love.

Now, it's really hard to pick just six, because there are so many people who write so brilliantly in the blogosphere.

And while I would love to give everyone a guernsey, here are six of my favourite blogs:

Honey The Great Dane: Drooling, dancing and a few adventures in-between. Honey, funnily enough, is a Great Dane, and I met her when I interviewed her owner Hsin-Yi for the New Zealand Women's Weekly, when we all lived in Auckland. Hsin-Yi is probably the first blogger I ever met in 'real' life, and we got on famously. She's not only an awesome person, with an amazing talent for animal handling, but she's a clever writer and blogger as well. Funnily enough, we all live in Australia now - Honey too - though Hsin-Yi and her lovely hubby Paul are now living in Newcastle. Hsin-Yi gave me loads of blogging tips when I first started out, and I'm a big fan of her work.

So Know What? Bern Morley is an accountant who happens to be an extremely talented writer and blogger. Her blog frequently makes me laugh out loud and spill coffee all over the keyboard. (Thank Goodness I have a trusty Toshiba now, unlike the Dell that apparently died after a mystery invisible spill just a few weeks into it's life at Chez MIA).
I'm proud to say we're friends (either that, or I'm a stalker who admires her greatly and she is just very polite to me!).

Not Quite Nigella Written by the lovely Lorraine Elliott, this cooking, eating and travel blog never fails to make me hungry, envious, and/or give me itchy feet. NQN was the first blog I ever subscribed to, and I read it pretty much every day. I also love that Lorraine is a very giving blogger, and always responds to comments and returns the love.

Magnetoboldtoo - She's rude, foul-mouthed, and irreverent, and that's exactly why I love her! Kelley, is another blogger who makes me laugh out loud when I read about her life. Her words have also made me cry and/or nod my head, and she gives awesome advice. She is also the only blogger I've allowed to fondle my boobs. Whilst she was branding me as one of her 'biatches'. (I wonder why people think bloggers are weird?)

Denyse Whelan - A teacher, principal, wife, mum, grandmother, and all-round totally wise woman, I love the way Denyse blogs from the heart and also tries to give back to her followers and the community in general. Got a question about dealing with your child's teacher, or helping with homework? Chances are Denyse has already written about it, and if not, ask her, and she'll answer.

Styling You - The blog of fashion stylist and journalist Nikki Parkinson-Hubbard is not new, but it is awesome and is Australia's Blog Of The Year. Like the other bloggers I've listed here, Nikki is a really cool person, who actually gets back to people who take the time to comment on her blogs, or ask her questions on twitter. She's very generous about sharing her knowledge, and she runs great giveaways. Nikki also knows how to adapt the latest fashions to suit ages, figures, and budgets, and isn't afraid to use herself as a guinea pig on our behalf.

So there they are: Six blogs that I absolutely love.

There are so many more I wish I could list, and I hope, perhaps, that someone might think Maid In Australia is worthy too.

Anyway, Happy Blog Day. That's got to be a reason for cake, right?


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww gosh Bronnie! I am so honoured that you included me in your list! You are ever so kind and I love catching up on your life and reading your blog! x

Marg said...

Hadn't even heard about today being celebrated in this way. Oh well. Maybe can celebrate next year.

Nikki @ Styling You said...

Oh Bron! Thanks so so much for including me! X

Tarnya @ Million Dollar Woman said...

What cake are we having?

Kellie said...

What a great list, Bronnie. You have impeccable bloggy taste! I love all these blogs too for much the same reasons you do! :)

Unknown said...

Oh! I'm blushing now! I came over to say a belated hello & catch-up and I see this!! Thank you for mentioning Honey's blog - it is a big honour!! And I'm so happy to have become "friends in real life" too! :-)


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...


Thanks so much my love. I love you right on back to the power of bacon.

And that is a freaking LOT.



Nimfa and my Great Dane Dog said...

Happy Bloggers' Day! I am amazed and really happy to know that bloggers like us can celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Such a small think. ;-) But such a great idea