Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day Holidays: Melbourne

I never really got Melbourne.

Sure the shopping and the food is great, but what about the crazy weather? Not to mention the weird-arse turning rules when driving?

But on my recent stay in Melbourne for Nuffnang's Blogopolis, the city worked her magic.

My trip from start to finish was fab.

I started it by falling into the embrace of a warm cab, whose friendly driver made getting me to the conference venue in the shortest time possible a personal endeavour.

Then after a fab day talking blogs and meeting some of my favourite people, I walked back to my hotel whilst admiring a double rainbow over the Yarra.

My room, a last-minute Wotif mystery deal was the Melbourne Citigate Hotel, where the staff were friendly and the rooms were quiet, despite the fabulous location.

There was a small hiccup where a bunch of us jumped into a stinky cab, and the driver abandoned us at what appeared to be the middle of nowhere for the after-conference party.

Finally, after a few emergency calls and with the help of strangers we found our way to the venue on the banks of the Yarra.

Next morning, I had a few hours to wander the beguiling alleyways surrounding my hotel.

I was entranced by the food, the shops, the smells, the buzz and of course, the coffee.

And I cursed the fact that I had booked one night instead of two, and reluctantly made me way back to the airport. This time with a suicidal mini-bus driver who almost knocked down an old lady in his haste to get us to the airport in double-quick time.

Next time, I'll be staying longer.

Readers, when did a destination surprise you?

At Blogopolis, I once again became one of Kelley's biatches.  

Afternoon tea at blogopolis. Chocolate mousse to die for.

Rainbow ...

My room at the Citigate. With a big bed just for me. Sigh.

My room AFTER I'd been in it for a few hours!

Room with a view ...

Sunday morning. How I would have loved more time to explore ...

On your bike!

Street art 

Says it all really!


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Use to live in Fitzroy as a teenager to me Melbourne really had nothing to offer me apart from Melbourne Goal where Ned Kelly was hanged. That was always good to check out.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Sannah said...

I have always like Melbourne, never thought I would be living here, but I'm enjoying getting to know it. There are definitely some great spots.
The destination that surpised me was London. First time I went I was 20, and felt the description 'london is like a public toilet - you have to go there but you don't want to stay too long' fitted it quite well. Then we lived there about 3 years ago, in the south west london, and still didn't really take to it. then during my last week there, i stayed with a friend, who lived in a flat in one of the best central suburbs of london, and had a couple of days shopping and dining, and it was spectacular. she showed me what london could be at its best.
glad that you liked melbourne this time round :)

Jo @ Little Melbourne said...

Melbourne rocks, that's why we have a website all about the fun places to go for Families!

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One of my Hobby Blogs said...

I always wondered where they put those "mystery" wotif rooms! great pics! Glad you liked our Melb, that is what you are saying isn't it??? lol

Brooke, WhyGo Australia said...

Aw I love that Melbourne surprised you -- always a pleasure when a trip leaves you wanting more :)