Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie review: Zookeeper

Hump Day Holiday is currently on hold, because Monday's movie review came late.

I'm sorry, MIA is my hobby, and sometimes life gets in the way.

But I need to announce the winner of my Friends With Benefits competition, so the lucky winners can get their prizes. And I wanted to review the latest family-friendly flick Zookeeper, which the kids and I saw on the weekend.

So Hump Day Holiday got shoved aside. It will be back next week. (Fingers crossed).
We'd already been impressed by The Zookeeper ads, and the kids were keen to see the movie. (You can check out the trailer here.)

And I have to say, that as a Mum, it is the Best Darn Kid's Movie I've Seen For A Long Time.

For starters, I did not fall asleep once.

Secondly, neither Mr 10 or Miss 8 felt the urgent need to wee/poo/be sick throughout the movie. Nor did Mr 10 spill his popcorn.

Instead, we settled down, ate some unspilled popcorn, and laughed. A lot.

Zookeeper is a really lovely family movie. There's a distinct lack of swearing and sexual overtones, a suggestion of romance, a statement about core values, and lots of cute animals acting like humans. And I know that's kinda wrong, but they manage to do it really nicely here.

There are plenty of laughs for kiddies and adults, and as for Kevin James (the actual zookeeper), well he can stop my car on the Brooklyn Bridge any time. (Am sure most of the Dads felt the same way about Rosario Dawson, the romantic interest in the flick).

The animals are voiced by actors like Cher, Sly Stallone and Adam Sandler. So it's just FUN!

And of course, it's very predictable. But the voices, the special effects, and the writing means that, in the end, it's still a great kids movie for an adult to attend.

Disclosure: The kids and I got to see Zookeeper for free, for the purpose of this review. But I would have paid to see it anyway. In fact, the cost of popcorn and drinks was obscene, so even though it's not technically allowed, I'd suggest packing a goodie bag.

Now, here's what we thought:
Miss 8: It's wonderful, funny, and cute. I liked the end bit the most. (The animals sing through the end credits). I give it two thumbs up!

Mr 10: I loved it all. The best movie I've ever seen. I think they need a sequel because when it was over, I felt it wasn't really over.

Me: I just thought it was fun. It was harmless, with a nice message, and plenty of jokes for the adults too. I wonder if TGIF sponsored the movie though? Product placement to the max! It's the best kids move I've seen for a long time.

Unfortunately, I don't have tickets to Zookeeper to give away, but I can announce the winners of the Friends With Benefits movie packs.

They are:

Please message or email me with your details so I can send your prize.

Readers, do you smuggle in your own snacks when you go to the movies?


Mum on the Run said...

And a cheeky bottle of water too.
Shame on me.
But shame on them for hiking those prices sky high.
My sister worked in a cinema candy bar in Dublin and used to charge everyone less than the marked price because she felt it was so unjustified! Yes, she always had the longest line at her kiosk!!
The movie sounds terrific.

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

sounds awesome, thanks for sitting thru it bronnie!!!

Anonymous said...

Smuggle food into the cinema, me? All the time.

My excuse (other than the bank loan required to indulge in candy bar prices) is that eating super salty popcorn makes one thirsty so they drink a stupidly large drink resulting in multiple bathroom trips during the movie. Our solution is to stop by the supermarket and pick up a box of Milo cereal to munch on. The kids love it, it is a sweet and affordable treat that they wouldn't normally get to have. I love it because excessive consumption doesn't result in excessive thirst and subsequent bathroom trips.

Unknown said...

I totally always pack water. And I'm with you on the popcorn. I read somewhere that it's full of fat and salt and really bad for you. Also my kids often get a tummy ache after eating too much. I usually pack lollipops or chewing gum as they're not big and they take a while to eat. But we do occasionally splurge on the frozen drinks.

Amber S said...

I always take in water, I don't like the kids having undiluted soft drink. Yes, I will have to put my hand up for taking a few treats in my handbag to. The thing I might buy the kids is an ice-cream, that might make my bag a tad messy if I tried to smuggle it in. The Zoo Keeper sounds great, it sounds like I have found our school holiday movie. Thanks for the info.

Amber S said...

I was not sure where to leave my thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!!!. Can't wait to see the movie, and use the pillow. dash Stevie's not home tonight.