Monday, August 22, 2011

Stuff my kids say

So we were driving to school this morning, and talk turned to dinner.

Mr 10 was adamant he wanted to cook sausages tonight: Two kinds, pork, and chicken.

"And you're going to have to eat some Mum," he said. "You need more iron in your diet."

(WTF? He is 10 and would eat lollies all day if I'd let him...)

And then Miss 8 chimed in. "Yeah Mum. If you don't eat your meat, I'm going to tell Pa-Pa, and he'll go mad at you then. He'll be all: 'You've got to eat your meat, or you can't have anything else to eat'." (Said in her best impersonation of my Dad).

Hee hee.

This has all stemmed from the fact that because I love animals, I'm trying to abstain from eating animal products.

I won't say I've turned veggie, because my kids are carnivores, and it's not always possible or healthy for me stay completely meat-free, especially if I'm in a rush. But I've certainly cut down and I feel better - physically and emotionally - since I've done so.

But the kids don't like it. They love meat, even though they also love animals, and they can't get their heads around the fact that someone would choose to eat veggies instead. Whether or not they are pornographically-shaped or boringly normal.

I'm lucky that they eat veggies and salad too, and will try anything once, so we kind of compromise when it comes to meals, so that there is something for everyone.

And I love that Miss 8 thought of telling on me to my country-living Dad. Yes, Pa-Pa certainly loves his meat and three veg for dinner, and his German heritage always come out at meal times because he's constantly trying to feed us up.

Gosh, my kids are funny.

Recently, I was wondering aloud if I should go ahead with plans to attend Nuffnang Australia's blogopolis in Melbourne. You know because of the expense, and the fact that it would involve a night away from them.

"Is it for blogging?" asked Mr 10. "Yes," I replied.

"Then you have to go," he said earnestly. "It's your career. You HAVE to go, if it's going to benefit your career and your blog."

Aww, so wise and such a big heart.

Then there's the funny stuff.

During the nightly goodnight call whilst they were at their Dad's one evening, Miss 8 started telling me about their dinner. "It was yummy," she said happily. "We had those rolls we had the other night with you. You know, the casseroles."

Oh how I laughed.

Readers, what do your kids say that make make you laugh, cry or just think WTF? And have you ever been told on?


Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) said...

All the time Bronnie.

Last week I caught my 10 year old out in a lie and while I was talking to her about it all my 5 year old comes up and says to be "at least it wasn't me mama, does that make you feel happy?"

Clever 5 year old managed to diffuse an unpleasant scene.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

Wanderlust said...

You can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat! Kids are brilliant, the things they come up with. Love the casser-role! I need to start writing down the stuff my son says because he comes out with some doozies.

Shelly - Tropical Mum said...

I love that your kids are looking out for you.

I must admit I didn't get the casseroles thing. Feeling a bit dim.

Sannah said...

Hahaha! Love it. A couple of years ago when my eldest had just started school there was a great little conversation between him and his brother about 'square' words - you know those ones that are bad that you can't say? He told his little brother that he thought there were probably 'triangle' words too :)

Nikki @ Styling You said...

Love it! That's one smart 10-year-old!

Cecilia @ Parenting Controversy said...

I hear you on the meat thing. I've weaned myself down to eating just chicken and fish.

The funniest thing my daughter has come out with lately is talk of the "pecking order" at school - PRIMARY SCHOOL.

Apparently, she's middle class and fine with that. She's not aspiring to climb the primary school social ladder because the popular girls are boring - apparently they don't play, they just wander around.

A pecking order at age 9 - where do they come up with stuff? *grin*

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

yes, all the time here too.
Loved the casseroles, so sweet and funny.
Your boy is very smart too !

Kat Halliwell said...

Oh I think you have wonderful and smart kids. I don't have kids on my own but I think that one thing that's always surprised me is when they try to make sense most of the time. It's weird because what seems to be an innocent remark could just leave you something to think about.

Anonymous said...

So it seems your babes are as awesome as their Mama ;) x

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe they're clearly a very smart pint sized management team! :P

Unknown said...

Hee hee, thanks everyone. I'm a bit baised I know ...

Kellie said...

That's too funny! How wonderful that they're looking out for you. What smart little cherubs! x

sevencherubs said...

Hilarious! Imagine if we followed the advice of our children more often. We just might live a happier life in many ways. I love watching there minds tick over and love what comes out of the mouth of babes. N x