Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Love Bank ...

Last night, I came out of the shower to find a note propped up on my laptop.

And inside was this:

It was the best medicine a Sick Mumma could have asked for.

It had been one of those nights.

I'd had a crappy week, in and out of the doctors' surgery, pouring medication into the kids, mopping brows, and cleaning out sick bowls.

I then caught the lurgy myself (kids are so sharing, right?) and was feeling awful myself.

A little feverish, I was longing for a shower, but had been kept busy supervising Mr 10's shower, rubbing in cream for sore eczema, and getting snacks and drinks.

Miss 8, meanwhile, was feeling better but needed help to wrap a birthday present and write in a card for her friends' party today. (Of course they are better today: It's a weekend!) Cue: A frantic search for sticky tape, scizzors, novelty rubbers erasers, and lollies, because it seems you can't just do a present and card anymore; it has to be a card filled with lollies and novelty items and a present decorated with them.

I was just at that: 'Why doesn't anyone look after ME stage'. when the kids finally gave me five minutes to shower in peace.

And when I came out I found the note. And felt bad for feeling like such an ogre only minutes earlier.

Later, we were all tucked up in bed, when C. came into my room.

I was about to tell him off - after all he was supposed to be asleep - when he said: 'I'm just having trouble sleeping and I need an extra hug'.

And we hugged, and he said: 'Mumma's hugs always make me feel better'. And he toddled off to bed.

This from a boy with Aspergers Syndrome, who doesn't love to be touched. Bless.

And I was so glad I hadn't grumped at him, and had enjoyed a hug and a special moment instead.

I did eventually fall asleep, and while I'm still feeling physically awful, I feel like my emotional love bank got a substantial top-up last night.

Readers, how do you handle being sick, in a household of sick people?


Penny (@spigrrl) said...

What a beautiful note!! I love getting those :) I've had a house of sick kids this week too, and then last night suddenly a wave of nausea came over me and I thought, uh-oh, here we go. Hubby dearest (who goes to bed early as he gets up at 4am for work) saw my distress (I don't handle getting sick well - I have an extreme phobia of vomiting - seriously) and stayed up with me until almost midnight, just to make sure I was ok. As luck would have it, I didn't get sick (touch wood). Maybe it was love that scared it away! But normally - it's just me and a lot of cleaning up and washing (my kids are too little to use sick buckets effectively so there's lots of puke just ... well, everywhere) and giving lots of cuddles, knowing that the close proximity to my kids means that I may get sick too. But you can't deny them that comfort, can you? :)

Scuzzi said...

Ummm .. being a bloke I am either well or just about dying. I'm afraid I don't do sick well, just sorta cancel the day, put my head under the blankets and complain to whoever is will listen till it goes away. The cat gets very tired of this but the dogs are full of sympathy.;)

PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Now that is just beautiful. Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it? (except the lurgy and cleaning bit - that sucks). What lovely kids you have - they must have a very special mum x

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

How beautiful, it is moments like these that reassure you , you are doing an amazing job and are loved.

Fi said...

Awww Bron that's just beautiful!
Sometimes all you need is to just feel a little bit appreciated - I'm glad that your kidlets were able to help you feel that way xx

(PS I sniggered like a immature schoolgirl at the crossed out 'rubber'. Tee hee hee)

Mum on the Run said...

That's just gorgeous.
Hope you all have a healthy, happy weekend.

BossyMummy said...

That is just too lovely. Isn't it amazing how, in the same way mummies know what their kids need, kids know what we need - even if sometimes we don't know we need it :o)

Kelly said...


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Aww that is so sweet Bronnie! I would have melted too :)

J said...

Awesoe post. I wish I can find a similar post it note soon. Btw, kindly send me your details at as you won in my Zhu Zhu Pet giveaway. I sent an email last week but you may have missed it. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks Joni you have made my day. Sending email now. And thanks everyone else for commenting.

Amber S said...

Hi Bronwyn,
I hope you are all better now.

Anonymous said...

Sweetness personified. I make a really conscious effort to give as much love and hugs as DS will let me as I know one day he'll be "too old". It is awful when they make you feel guilty for your reaction to something, isn't it?

Sarah said...

Visiting from DR bron's link up...I think that the emotional exhaustion and the need for space really gets me. I live my showers but as my daughter gets older (she is from my first marriage but is 6 now, it was just her and I for the first 3 years) she visits me there. It's our time to talk about how she is feeling, her worries, her (mostly) absent dad and school stuff. I try hard but sometimes you have to fall in a heap. Loved having a look around your blog x