Friday, September 9, 2011

Giveaways, good times and generosity

It's been fab to see the rise in support from the lovely social media-aware companies who support MIA.

There is Sony Pictures Australia, who regularly send preview invitations for me, and movie passes and packs as prizes for MIA followers.

There's the PR company Kath Rose And Associates, whose clients often include me in opportunities for traditional media, and also have been known to offer up prizes.

There is Virgin Airways, who, while unable to help when I was begging for professionally pitching for event sponsorship recently, uploaded a couple of lounge passes to my account so I can check the new-look lounges out and review them for you when I next fly Virgin. (Which will probably be soon!).

There is Nuffnang Australia, who not only get me the occasional paid advertisement here at MIA, but include me on their panel of product reviewers.

Generally, they send out a general email detailing the product available, and asking for interested participants. Then they work out which blogger/family is best suited to the product on offer, and send the product to that address.

So, I had mixed feelings when this arrived in the mail this morning:

Unfortunately, it wasn't a cute labrador puppy.

It was a family pack of Kleenex Cottenelle Toilet Paper.

Yes, obviously the people at Nuffnang and Kleenex worked out that my family go through a shitload/crapload large amount of toilet paper every week. I am sure we also possess the perfect bottoms with which to test and review their toilet paper.

Either that, or they think my blog content is shit/crap gentle-on-the-bottom, disposable, flushable and kind to wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife, a huge thank you to the Australis Diamond Beach Resort And Spa, whose team offered up a two night family getaway for an MIA follower.

I'm not saying the resort people think my readers are wildlife, I'm referring to the rich flora, fauna and marine life in and around the resort which are just waiting to be explored.

 Have you entered? For your last chance, go here, check you're following MIA and leave a comment. Entries are drawn at 5 pm today and announced tonight, or possibly on the weekend, depending on the co-operation of small humans and animals.

And I'll get back to you on the toilet paper!


Anonymous said...

you are too funny!!

TheUrbanMum said...

Well I never. And here I am thinking if I write intelligent, fun - finger on the pulse type posts...
Well who knows what might come my way. Now I know. I will keep up the hard work and perseverance.

I guess on the bright side it saves lugging a massive bag home from the supermarket. I did just post about quality time spent in the loo...x

Lisa - Epstein News said...

Miss Five has had five accidents today so I need that loo paper.
Also I am happy for you to refer to me as wildlife.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha I think I probably would burst out giggling if I were sent some toilet paper! :P But you're right Bronnie, it's great to see so much support for MIA. It's also very much to do with the great job that you do!

Joseph Rent said...
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Mich said...

Lol, that sounds like the kind of reveiw I should be doing with constant running to the loo with ibd!

And has Master 10 recovered yet?

Lianne said...

hahaha how funny I know we go through som much toilet paper hubby thinks we eat it urk!