Thursday, September 29, 2011

Puss ... and pets

It was a scary situation at Chez MIA yesterday, when Zsa Zsa the Toy Poodle alerted me, by barking frantically, that Russy the big gentle pussy cat, was unwell.

Russy is a gentle giant of a kitty, who came with the house we're renting.

He's been ours for almost a year now, and just like Zsa Zsa, we love him like he's one of our own furry babies.

Lucky the kids were with their Dad, because when I saw Russy's shaking face, and darting unfocussed eyes, I knew instantly he was not okay. His back legs were down, and when he tried to walk towards me he collapsed.

It was terrifying enough for me to see Russ like this, that I knew the kids would be really traumatised had they been here.

All I could think of was that the cat had been poisoned or bitten by a spider or a snake. We live near a forest, and we'd had no less than five skinks in the house in a couple of days so it was a distinct possibility.

I dropped everything, popped Russy in his cage, and took him straight to the vet.

The vet was great, and took Russy ahead of the queue instantly. No one in the waiting room minded.

Russy was fast deteriorating and was kind of fitting in my arms. I thought he might bite or scratch in his distress, as the vet drew urine and took temperatures, and shaved bits where Russ thought he might be injured or bitten. But Russy just kind of moved into me, as if for protection. I had never loved him more.

Russy spent last night at the vet's hospital on a drip and on valium to calm his nerves, while more tests were done, and this morning the vet revealed the results: Snake bite.

He'd suspected as much the day before when shaving had revealed a suspicious puncture wound near Russ's face. But clearly the snake hadn't gotten a good grip of Russ, and it looks like our big pussy will be okay.

I hope so.

His real owners had warned us that Russy was an outside cat, who probably wouldn't spend much time with us once we moved in.

Indeed, he spent most of the first week or two staring at us balefully from his favourite spot near the outside pond.

He'd come in at night through the cat door, and eat his special, expensive cat biscuits, then disappear again, like a thief in the night.

But gradually, he'd come when called for a cuddle, or his favourite, a combing and brushing session.

Then he started letting Harmonie pick him up and lug him upstairs and into the house at meal times. And he'd stay here, joining us on the couch for petting and purring.

One night, he terrified me - and Zsa Zsa - by jumping on me in the middle of the night. He only meant to join me in bed! He still occasionally sleeps with me, usually only on a really cold night when the kids aren't here. They are his preferred sleeping partners of choice.

And then he started bonding with Mr 10. I'd often find the pair curled up in bed together, Russy sprawled on his back in ecstasy as Chase patiently rubbed his belly. Or sleeping side by side, Russy sharing Chase's pillow.

Even when C. was staying with his Dad, Russy would go to his room looking for him, and then settling down on his favourite spot to sleep.

When I came home last night, it felt strange not to have Russy waiting at the top of the driveway and then walking down to greet me as he always does. And when I leave today, it will be weird not to have him walk to the car with me, to see me off.

I knew I'd have to say goodbye to Russy - and to Zsa Zsa eventually - but I never thought it would be quite so soon.

So I really hope that the furry angels are looking down on Russ and will bring him home safe to us.

Our sweet Russy...
In the meantime, here's an ad that reminds me of how Russ would be if he was human. Erm, a cartoon. Well, you know what I mean. He's a big ginger kitty, and he's charming, just like Puss In Boots.

It's a parady of the infamous Old Spice ad, and I could really use a laugh right now!

Readers, has a pet ever touched your heart?


Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

Russ will be better & back with you all in no time

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Unknown said...

Oh what an awful, scary experience! I'm glad Ross was not more badly hurt, although he sounds like he was suffering enough! Thank goodness you were there to take him to the vet quickly. He sounds like he had a lucky escape!

It's not hard to see how he has warned his way into your hearts – he sounds like such a character! And how lovely that he and the kids have bonded with each other. Really hope he recovers well and is back home again soon!


Hotly Spiced said...

I feel your pain. I've had one of my two dogs at the vet for the last two days. She's back home now but I'm doing a bedside vigil while also administering her analgesia and antibiotics. I'm a full-time nurse! I hope your adopted cat makes a full and swift recovery.

Unknown said...

oh its awful when your pet is unwell.. hope he gets better soon, he is gorgeous! We love our cat xx

Crash Test Mummy said...

Oh, poor Russ. I grew up in NZ, no snakes! I hope he is better soon and has as much attitude as Puss in Boots (that Old Spice ad was hilarious by the way, will be sharing!)

Jay said...

So glad Russy is on the mend. He is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, isn't Russ just beautiful? I really miss having a pet, ever since moving out of home I've lived at pet-free rentals. My beautiful cat Phoebe was bitten by a snake, but sadly she died in my arms on the way to the vets. Hope Russ is up and about and bad to his gorgeous self soon.

Anonymous said...

*back* to his gorgeous self even.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I wishing Russ the best of luck and I hope he recovers and is back with you in no time! One of my cats Otto touched my heart especially. I really still can't talk about him passing and I can't get another pet because I think my heart is still broken.

Pet Stores Melbourne said...

Cute cat.

Unknown said...

He was the best cat. He survived that experience - and became even cuddlier. Sadly, I did learn he passed away in more recente times, but as Aussies say, he 'had a good innings', and my goodness, he made so many people and animals happy. RIP dear Russy.