Sunday, October 2, 2011

He's back....and we have babies!

Thank you to all who have sent their love and prayers and concern.

Russy the big, brave Abyssinian pussycat is back home after his brush with a nasty snake.

In fact, he's lying on the bed beside me, and seems unwilling to let me leave his side.

Gosh I love him.

Kit Kat, Hannah Cat, and Zsa Zsa the toy poodle are here too.

And even better news: When I arrived home after picking up Russy from the vet, Polly the pregnant guinea pig was wheeting loudly as usual, and when I peeked inside her hutch, I saw a little splash of brown and gold flashing by.

So I ran and got Polly some 'quality fruit and veg' as Mr 10 would say, and returned to see the little splash of brown and gold suckling her. And then I checked to see if there were any more babies, and I spied a little golden piggie on her other side.

Babies! At last!

The guinea pigs babies are perfect.

They are like mini zhu zhu pets, but even tinier. And unlike zhu zhu pets, they don't make sounds like 'awww', and 'oh shit, oh shit'. (I kid you not, we have one that says that. I have it on video, but I can't seem to upload it to blogger).

Polly Pig and one of her babies ...

Polly and baby number two ...

Here they are .... (Sorry, I have no idea how to stop the video from appearing twice. If I delete one, it deletes both. Leave a message saying if you'd rather see the video, or not at all. I'm new at the video caper. thanks.)

Readers, have there been any happy events in your furry family life recently?

As for the kids, they haven't seen them yet as they are still with their Dad. They would love to come and see them, but Dad won't let them until after school on Monday.

Mr 10 has already laid claim to the honey-coloured one which he has declared he will call Honey. I'm hoping Miss 8 will be happy with the Polly-coloured one!

Apparently they can change sex until they are about three weeks old, when we will take them to the magical Guinea Pig Lady to determine their sex.

And then, if male, then they will need to be separated from their Mum or sibling, because naughty guinea pigs may mate with any females, including their mothers or sisters.

And now I must go to sleep, to the music that is Russy's snores. (And that is a good thing!)


Jay said...

Ohhh, how adorable! We have Polly-coloured piggies named Molly and Amber.

So glad your Russy is out of the woods :)

Benison said...

Your cat! And babies! I'm a cat person at heart - have two - but love all animals, including our not very bright Jack Russell. Miss our departed bunny rabbit a great deal.

I adore having animals around the house too, except for having to vaccuum the carpet & clean up poop everyday.
Still, I never feel lonely!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your kitty is ok. I have just returned out foster kitties and I miss their trailing presence around the house!

Unknown said...

so glad to hear that Russy is home safe again! Hope he doesn't go off on any more solitary adventures for a while…

And congratulations on the new guinea pig babies! They are so cute!!

Katie Goebel said...

Ok, I know this blog post is super old, but my kids have a zhu-zhu pet, and it also says "oh shit oh shit"! We were all pretty blown away when we heard it. Luckily, neither one of the kiddos has picked that up yet.