Friday, October 14, 2011

Mental Health Kindness Giveaways!

It's Mental Health Month in Australia, and I've tried many times to write my post in support of the cause.

I've written openly about my own on-again-off-again relationship with anxiety and depression, and the nasty major depressive disorder that saw me hospitalised in one of our finest mental health institutions.

I helped organise RUOK? day in Brisbane, and as an ex-journo I've been sat on the other side of the reporters' notebook, which has been a very strange feeling indeed.

And it all kind of drained me.

When the whole baring-my-soul thing became just a bit too raw, I decided I would take some of my own advice and show myself some loving kindness.

So I'm not writing about mental health.

Instead I've decided to do something different to mark mental health month, something that makes me very happy: Give Away Stuff!

As you know, there have been some fabulous social-media savvy companies who support MIA with giveaways, so I'm looking into my prize cupboard (okay it's a prize section in a cupboard)! And I won't stop until the cupboard section is bare.

Day one of Maid In Australia's Mental Health Kindness Giveaway is thanks to Baker's Delight.

Bakers Delight recently added freshly-baked white and wholemeal Chia Bread to their range of yeasty, bready goodness.

Have you heard about Chia yet?

Dubbed nature’s complete super food, Chia seeds are the highest combined plant source of Omega-3 ALA, dietary fibre and protein.

Baker's Delight source their seeds from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, so you're getting a true blue Aussie product that is good for you and the economy!

Miss 8 and I loved the bread - and she usually won't eat wholemeal so that was a bonus!
I didn't try it on Mr 10 because of his allergies.

Chia bread is a new favourite in our house, particularly when toasted and served with Vegemite in the morning.

Thanks to Bakers Delight I have two Chia prize packs to give away. (Ok, there were three, but I've been dying to try Chia seeds so I snaffled one for myself. A blogger's privilege!)

Pack 1 contains: A Chia singlet (large/one size fits all), a pack of chia seeds, and $10 worth of Baker's Delight vouchers so you can try the Chia bread yourself.

Pack 2 contains: A Chia singlet, chia seeds, and $15 worth of Baker's Delight vouchers.

The Chia singlet. You can't have the man pictured wearing it. I already checked!

To enter, simply share your favourite lunch box recipe/idea in the comments below.
You can tweet or FB to earn extra entries, but be sure to leave an extra comment to tell me.

Here are ours:

Miss 8: A thin cover of butter and Vegemite on Chia bread, cut into triangles.

Mr 10: A wrap, no butter, with ham or chicken, a little grated cheese, chopped/torn lettuce and Japanese mayo.

Me: Chopped chicken, celery, avocado, spring onion and lettuce, mixed with mayo and a little pepper, between slices of Chia bread.
What is yours?

Entries close, and winners drawn on October 20, 2012.


Anonymous said...

I love a good old curried egg with lettuce sandwich on fresh bread.
Love your solution of mental health week & making yourself happy.
Thanks MIA

This Mummy Maze said...

My fav is chicken,snow pea sprouts and mayo so yummy!

Unknown said...

I love a wrap with a spread of pesto, some chicken, capsicum, tomato, carrot and cheese. Hmm .. now I'm hungry!

kirri said...

I'm a simple girl - Turkey, aoli, tomato, cheese and lettuce or sprouts does it every time for me!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Giving away stuff makes me happy too! I quite like chia seeds-they do get stuck between my teeth though! ;)

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

I LOVE chia bread. I love a fresh turkey and salad white Chia sandwich with some cranberry sauce - it's a regular at my parents' place!

Natalie said...

I think I overdid pre-wrapped sandwiches in my school days.. can't come at them now unless they're fresh! My favourite fresh bread sandwich at home would have to be egg and lettuce :) For lunches, I prefer things that can't go soggy.. like a tins of flavoured tuna with some crackers - assembled as you go not hours before!

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