Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Acts Of Kindness

The other day, I was walking back to my car after dropping the kids in to school, when I noticed a man putting something on my car.

I'm so used to people being snarky, that I mentally ran through what I may have done wrong.

Had I parked a little over his driveway? Was I too close to his wheelie bin, which was out for rubbish pick-up?

Instead, as I neared the car, he got on his bicycle*, and rode away, saying: 'Have a lovely day'.

And when I reached the car, I found he had left me this:

a bouquet of herbs!

Wasn't it lovely?

I have no idea why he chose me, but it turned an ordinary day into a lovely one.

The kindness theme is kind of fitting, as today I'm announcing the winners of a few recent competitions.

There's a big thank-you to the companies involved for the kindness in donating prizes to my followers. And to my followers for reading my posts and entering the competitions.

There will be more to come next week!

Without further ado, the winners are:

Baker's Delight Chia Giveaway #1 - pack of Chia seeds, Chia t-shirt and $10 in Baker's Delight vouchers - AlyceB

Baker's delight Chia
Giveaway #2 - as above but with $15 in Baker's Delight vouchers - operationhotmother

And winner of the ZhuZhu pet giveaway is Honey the Great Dane.

Please email or DM your details so I can send your prizes.

* He really did have a bicycle, which he rode off on.


Fox in the City said...

It is amazing how one little act like that can really make a day a happy one. Enjoy your herbs!!

Mum on the Run said...

It's just brilliant when great people like this renew your faith in humanity.
It's been that sort of weekend here - and I'm all weepy!!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love reading about RAOK's. My friend calls me Pollyanna but I love these lovely little acts! :)

Sara said...

RAOKs are heart warmingly wonderful. I hope you find something yummy to make with those herbs.

Unknown said...

what a lovely gesture...and one that's so practical and useful.

rambling mum said...

How sweet! Makes me want to do a RAOK for someone!

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I'm always doing random acts of kindness for others as my nana always does it & to see the smiles it brings to people its very rewarding.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Being Me said...

What a way to change your day. It's wonderful and faith-restoring when that sort of thing happens. I'm so happy it happened to you! :)

Storage said...

This small acts of kindness for now reason are really inspiring. I try to make some little surprise for my beloved people every day and that makes me feel so happy!

Tony Brady said...

My inner skeptic says beware, this may be the first public approach by a stalker. Keep an eye out for that bike.

I here the boos & hisses already, but think about it; What's more likely?

That out there is a Male sooo in touch with himself and the world that not only does he grow and randomly distribute herbs (There are those that do this but we are talking legitimate not illicite here)but he also rides a bike and can offer appreciated salutations at appropriate times.

Or; Bronnie has a stalker

Just Saying!!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - WE WON???!!! WOOOHOOO!! We've NEVER won anything in these sorts of draws!! That is so exciting!! Thank you so much! Honey is going to be so delighted (well, I hope! Hee! Hee! There should be a funny video in this at least!) - we'll definitely be posting about this on her blog...

Thanks again!
ps. will email you our address separately

Unknown said...

Oh Tony, don't say that! I choose to believe in the power of the RAK. And girls, I left the herbs in the car for as long as their delicious smell wafted through it. Hsin-Yi, you are welcome, I bet Honey will get a lot of enjoyment out of the toy. Just don't let her eat it!

Parental Parody said...

That is so lovely! I bet he has no clue how much it meant to you, either.

Yesterday, I had just come out of a particularly average appointment with Miss6's Paediatric Development specialist, and I was wiating for her in the bathroom, when a lady came out of one of the toilets, looked at my (very cheap and quite old) sandals, and commented on how nice they were.

Such a little thing, but it really helped when I was on the verge of bursting into tears.

As a result, I went out of my way to compliment a couple of people myself, working on the whole "pay it forward" theory.