Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You can have too much chocolate

You can never have too much of a good thing, right?

Especially when it's comes to every woman's friend ... chocolate. Mmm ... chocolate!

I thought so too, which is why, when the kids and I tried Bistro Allure's 40 Days And 40 Nights Of Chocolate Buffet recently, we thought we were in heaven.

Trying out the chocolate fountain ...

We were like kids in a lolly shop ...

This rather phallic-like structure was a chocolate sculpture. At the top, the kids gleefully pointed out, was a man's bum! So you could have Chocolate, Out Of The Man's Bum. I cannot tell you how funny this is to children of a certain age. (By the way, I'm not sure what the man in the background was looking at!)

Shh! Dessert-creating genius at work!

A selection of chocolate slices ... most of these were off limits because of the nut thing

Mr 10 closes his eyes in ecstasy ...His favourites (and Miss 8's) were the strawberries they dipped into the chocolate fountain themselves.

One of Harmonie's tasting plates ...
And which Chase did for me. (What a good boy). My favourite was the Turkish Delight!

"No, I only had a little bit of chocolate Mum ..."

Our verdict: The chocolate buffet was a school holiday treat and it was definitely a one-off event.

Although it initally looked the part, with jars of jaffas, smarties, and chocolate crumbles, it was all a little bit too unhealthy for me, and even for the kids.

The chocolate fountain - which was tiny and difficult to get to - was supposed to be accompanied by seasonal fruits, but there were only strawberries, plus mini-meringues, marshmallows, and chocolate crumbles, which could all be skewered on to sticks. (Actually, I notice in the photos, there is a bowl of fruit up high in one of them. But being vertically challenged, I didn't notice it at the time. It certainly wasn't at kid/duck-height).

There were a huge selection of slices, and cakes, but when I told the waitress my son was anaphylactic to nuts and asked which ones contained nuts she couldn't tell me! She said most had been made off the premises, and they had no way of telling which goodies contained nuts. That really wasn't good enough for an establishment within a hotel which purports to be five-star (the Sebel King George Square Brisbane).

It was the same with the ice-cream. It was self-serve, but there was one scoop in a watery container for all the ice-creams, and two had nuts in them. Sigh.

So that meant a lot of foods were off-limits for Mr 10.

Luckily, he didn't have an Aspie meltdown and contented himself with making chocolate-dipped strawberries for himself and his mother.

Self-service water was available as was milk, but it would have been nice to make hot chocolate as well, or to be asked if we (okay I) wanted coffee or tea).

The slices and cakes tasted old and dry, as did the chocolate pastries.

But you know, for $1 per age for the kids (so $10 for Chase, and $8 for Harmonie) it was good value.

At $20 or $25 for me, it was not, but I enjoyed seeing their happy little faces eating so many forbidden treats. I ate about two chocolate strawberries and two turkish delights and felt my tummy contract.

Afterwards though, we all felt sick.

"No more chocolate," groaned Harmonie, as we left the building.

"Never again Mum," moaned Chase. "Never."

"I'm going to be sick," I said, dashing for the nearest ladies' room.

And it's true, we've barely touched chocolate since overindulging that unforgettable day.

Recently we walked past a Max Brenner* store.

"No Mum, it's one of those chocolate buffets," said Harmonie, grabbing my arm and dragging me away. "We're not eating chocolate again!"

Did we really say never again?

* I know Max Brenner is not a chocolate buffet but something far more decadent. I long to convert the kids, but it will have to wait until memories of out self-inflicted chocolate coma has worn off!


Anonymous said...

I went there for lunch one day & thought it was a bit over rated & def overpriced. I'm not convinced by your too much chocolate argument though ;)

Mum on the Run said...

Swinging between 'yummm' and 'yuuck' here!
Everything in moderation!

jennie jackson said...

Chocolate fountains rock!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!! Yummo :)

Anonymous said...

The chocolate buffet sounds amazing in theory but like you I think it could become too much of a good thing all too quickly. Very disappointing about the cakes and slices - nobody wants stale baked goods, nobody!

Terry said...

I would go with no such thing as too much as a very long time chocoholic..but what a great system. When I was young, a popular holiday job was working in the Mars factory. All the chocolate you could eat...and almost nobody took any after 2 days. Get sick, to kick!!

Rubyjaz said...

Wow, how decadent, I think I may have to go their so I can OD and kick my choc habit. Thanks for the info.

Unknown said...

Re-reading this (it popped up on my Facebook memories today), it sounds a bit harsh. I'd definitely do it again, and it was a great indulgence. For the price, you can't be too snappy but I guess you (or I) expect things to be first-rate at a top-notch establishment. I thought the stale slices were disappointing and the nut thing is inexcusable these days. But compared to the prices of chocolate-specialty stores, it was good value. Even if our tummies ached afterwards. And yes - we have eaten chocolate again. We prefer quality though, not quantity! But looking back, we created a fun family memory and I'd recommend it if you're ever in town and they are doing it again. How many times can you offer your kids the chance to eat all the chocolate/lollies they can fit in?