Sunday, October 16, 2011


You know that last post, the one where I said I wasn't going to write about mental health?

Did you see what I did right there?

I kind of talked about it.

One of the deals with Mental Health Month is to raise awareness that a person can enjoy a perfectly happy, fulfilling, holistic life just like people with physical illnesses and injuries.

So by 1. blogging, and 2. giving stuff away, I'm getting my happy on. And hopefully adding some cheer to a few of my followers' lives too.

Today's giveaway is something that makes Miss 8 happy, and Zsa Zsa the toy poodle even happier: ZhuZhu pets!

If you don't know what a ZhuZhu pet looks like, you clearly don't have or know children, or you live on another planet.

They are small, noisy, and either extremely annoying or cute, depending on how you feel about that kind of thing.

This is a Zhu Zhu pet. You can get Kung Zhus for boys (or tomboys), as well as babies, puppies and other toys. And you can buy them clothes, costumes, carriages and other accessories. (Of course you can!)

They're based on hamsters/guinea pigs I think, and even now that we have our own guinea pigs the ZhuZhu pets are extremely popular at ChezMIA.

ZhuZhus scurry around making cute little noises, and kiddies love them. As do toy poodles.

Butter - or ZhuZhu Pets - wouldn't melt in her mouth ...

Kind-hearted Harmonie has a collection of ZhuZhus but kindly donated a couple to Zsa Zsa to play with.

Zsa Zsa cracks us up when she follows them around the house, and noses and fusses over them like they are babies.

Zsa Zsa in a tender moment with one of her ZhuZhus.

Nawww sweet.

Except that, well, lately, Zsa Zsa has started to destroy her babies! (Warning: The following image may be unsafe for the eyes of small humans...)

This is what is left of the ZhuZhu featured in the previous photos.

Scary, huh?

And lest you think I'm critical of ZhuZhus, I am not. Just the opposite in fact.

They are freaking sturdy for a toy that costs about $10.

This one endured months, of padding at with paws, nose-poking, licking, gnawing, biting, nipping, mouth-carrying and dropping before it started to look like this.

And that's after already having a first life as a much-loved kiddy pet. So they are a pretty good choice for a toy that lasts. Especially if you can't have a real guinea pig. And unlike the real thing they don't poo, wee and wheet all the time!

For today's Mental Health Kindness Giveaway, I have a toy and matching outfit that will make your child and/or pet happy.

ZhuZhu Guinea Pig ...

And an outfit!

To win, simply tell me what your favourite toy was as a kid in the comments below. Make sure you're following my blog first!

For extra entries, tweet or FB, but leave a separate comment to tell me.

Entries closed and winner drawn October 21, 2012


Mrs Catch said...

My favourite toy when I was a child was Lego. I played with dolls, but always came back to the blocks.

Our family is determined to win a Zhu Zhu eventually. Our original got loose and sailed off the deck into the pool. This set of two would suit my twins perfectly. Please???

Marita said...

I loved my books always, but had a great collection of Barbie dolls that I loved spending time with too :)


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What wasn't my favourite toy? :P Actually I was obsessed with my View Finder or View Master. I was convinced that somehow there were little people living in there and it was just a matter of wishing myself in the images :P Zhuzhu toys are a new thing to me though!

Denyse Whelan. said...

Oh Bronnie, you are asking me to remember a loooonnng way back. I remember the best present I got when I was 6 was a Bride Doll. The best thing was she was pretty but her eyes closed. *sigh*
I have resisted these Zhu Zhu pets ever since Mrs Woog posted about them but I do get tempted sometimes "for the grandkids" you know.
This a a great idea. A Happy & Kind ZZZZ giveaway & post. I already follow ze blog...
Thanks for doing the blog hop thing XX

Unknown said...

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! I've heard so much about Zhu Zhu Pets - some of our dog blog friends have posted hilarious stories/videos of their dogs meeting one for the first time! :-) I'm DESPERATE to get one for Honey - ha! ha!

So yes please - here is my entry. Oh! And my favourite toy as a child was "My Little Pony"...did you have those in Australia? They were an American thin - I was introduced to them as an 8yr old when we were living in the States...they're little plastic pnonies with big cute eyes, coming in all different colours with different manes & tails, which you could brush & curl & tie up with ribbons. They each have an identifying picture on their rump - like a little cherry or a heart or some stars and really gorgeous girly names to match - like "Cherry Sparkle" or "Candyfloss" or things like that. The Little Human Girl Pup would love them! :-) Actually, I think I've seen some still on sale now in toyshops but they're not the same - they seem to be much more crudely made and much cheaper quality. The ones I had - have - are really gorgeous. I think I have about 30 ponies - I used to collect them! One day I'd like to have them all out on display! :-)


Sarah said...

I had a pound puppy that I loved. It was only a small one but I thought it was ok

Rubyjaz said...

I had a Tippy Toes doll that had a little high chair and a little bike that she actually rode. It made a noise, crk crk crk crk when she road the bike. Her little eye lids would flick open and shut. Thinking about it now I don't know how I did not find it creepy, but she was my baby and babies are always beautiful. Amber

Kylie said...

I had a Patty O Green from the Rainbow Brite series. I loved it and even had it as a teen. My dad got rid of it and I wanted to give it to my daughters, so was rather devastated

Unknown said...

So many great toy memories, thanks for sharing. The winner is Honey the Great Dane, so please get in touch so I can send out your prize.

Unknown said...

It's funny that this post came up in my memories because just last night my daughter and I came across a zhu zhu pet that is still talking and moving, after years of love and ... then sitting in a box. Lucy Dog seemed a bit scared of it, but we laughed at the memories. What good value they were. Are they still around?