Friday, December 23, 2011

Of mice and webcams ...

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Anyone who follows me on MIA, Facebook, twitter, or even in real life, knows I am #technicallychallenged.

When the opportunity came up recently to try out and review the latest Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 7 AND the Microsoft LifeCam Studio WebCam I kind of jumped at the chance.

I post as someone who recently deliberately bought an el-cheapo black-and-white printer that the salesperson assured me that was just like the old-fashioned ones.

This was because I wanted a printer that only printed. That did nothing fancy, that only printed black and white word-processor-like print-outs. That not even a #technically-challenged Mummy Blogger like me could stuff up.

Just like Santa, I asked the young man and checked with him twice: Are you sure it’s easy to use and there’s nothing special I need to do or know?

“Oh no,” he said. “It’s easy as. And it’s the last one left. Lucky last.”

Was it the best, or was it the only one ever available?

Because I got home and found I STILL had to install damn software.

And despite wasting hours on it, and enlisting the services of Mr 10 – who can pretty much work out anything computer-related - I STILL can’t get the computer and printer to talk to each other. Which means I STILL can’t print anything.


And so I’ve learned that old-fashioned is not always best.

Meanwhile, did I mention that I get RSI in my right wrist? Not because of anything naughty, but because until now, I’ve been using a variety of computer mouses/mice, and none of them are up to much chop.

This is because, as Mr 10 wisely admonishes me: ‘You get what you pay for Mum’.

And I’ve never done a VLOG or Skype before, because I have a morbid fear of seeing myself on camera.

Which is pretty strange for someone who started her career as a television journalist, but there you have it. (Note: I was younger, thinner, and more confident back then. And had fewer wrinkles and freckles as well.)

So when the opportunity came up recently to try out and review the latest Microsoft Touch Mouse for Window 7 AND the Microsoft LifeCam Studio WebCam I was in.

Because I am sick of using mouses/mice that don’t work and make my wrist ache.

And I’m sick of not being able to skype my friends and rellies because I’m embarrassed that I’ll look even weirder than usual. (And don’t even think about business meetings)!

And this stuff is the best of the best.

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t even know how to install it.

In fact, I was waiting for my kids to come and help me install it (cringe, but true story), when the lovely Vanessa from Nuffnang rang to ask me if I’d reviewed it yet.

And so I decided to be a Big Girl and have a try myself.

And I could do it!

In fact, it has been the easiest of anything I have ever had to install on my computer.

The mouse and webcam basically talks you through the installation, so that even I couldn’t stuff it up.

The mouse is interactive, so you can choose the level of interaction that suits your fingers/thumbs/touch etc. It’s much easier for my poor arthritic hands, but much quicker and easier for any hands!

Isn't it pretty?

But the webcam!  Even without make-up, the technology makes the vision far more flattering than my in-built Toshiba laptop webcam. I did think I’d use it first up, but I still want to experiment, and I would like my kids to be a part of my first VLOG.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio perched on my laptop 

It comes with full 1080p HD Sensor for superior video quality

In one cute package

Check out more information on the webcam!

So my lovely readers, you have future vlogging fun to look forward to (or not).

But it was so ridiculously easy to install, and sits so easily on my computer, that I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want one.

And I now have no excuse not to skype with friends, rellies and business colleagues from far away places.

And erm, VLOG.

Consider yourselves warned.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I love Mr 10's quote "You get what you pay for Mum". Sounds like something Mr NQN would say! :P Merry Christmas Bronnie! I hope yours is full of relaxation and fun-you definitely deserve it! xxx

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

I love the gel mouse pads you can get. I have used the the touch mouse for windows 7 as but found the dearer ones like that really played up on my wrists.

So took mine back to the shop & went back to my Logitech products which I love and make life so much easier to for me when using a pc.

Glad you loved yours. If you still can't get your printer and computer to chat to each other let me know & I'll do it for you.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Unknown said...

A good mouse really makes a difference, particularly when you get sore fingers and wrists. I'm finding it's definitely worth experimenting and spending more, especially when you use the computer a lot!

Kindred Spirits said...

Ha ha that's classic...and me! With so much to know about all this, it gets very hard to keep up. I am new at blogging and things still don't go where I want them too!

Unknown said...

Wow, Vlogging - never heard that term before!

Sorry for being such a lousy blog friend recently!

And So sorry this is so late (things have been really crazy lately with our move to Sydney, etc, etc!) but Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Hsin-Yi (& Slobbers from Honey the Great Dane, especially to the human pups!)