Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 you better be swell ...

Much of 2011, quite frankly, sucked.

In fact, my good friend and inspirational bloggie colleague and fellow Amanda Cox, she of the Bad Mother's Club/Real Mother's Club and Diary of a Mad Cow fame, summed it up best.

"If 2011 had been one of our kids, it would have been sent to its room until it could learn to behave in an appropriate and socially acceptable manner," she said, in her Farewell to 2011 Diary of a Mad Cow post. 

Couldn't have put it better myself.

Not being one to make New Years' Resolutions - quite frankly I make and break resolutions year round, often on a daily basis - I wasn't sure about making a farewell 2011 post of my own.

But so many of my blogging friends were posting great wrap-ups of their 2011 experiences, and I had enjoyed reading them. It occured to me that since this blog is a record of my life with my kids, our travels, and my journey towards happiness, it would be remiss not to take a look at my own year.

And from the very first post, the one from this time last year, it was apparent that 2011 didn't suck quite so much as I thought.

In fact, I've come a long way in just 12 months. 12 months in which, once again, there were tears, challenges, anxiety, grief, and loss; but also growth, friendship, travel, joy, and laughter.

For one thing, I am now in a complete different place. Literally. Physically. Emotionally.

This time last year, after surviving what had described then as "the worst year of my life," (and I stand by that description), I'd ridiculously hoped that it would be 'heaven in 2011' .

Clearly, I was asking for trouble. For 2011 Bloody Well Was Not Anywhere Near Heavenly.

But parts of it were.

And for that, I can be extremely grateful.

2011, like life, was a mixed bag. That cliched rollercoaster of highs and lows, of darkness and light, of feeling dreadfully sick, and joyfully alive.

The main thing is, I'm still here. And 2012 is another year.

And it better be good, or I'll be giving it a good talking to, and sending it to the naughty corner.

In the meantime, here are some of my more interesting moments from 2011.

- Too cool for school and Holiday High-Jinks: A wrap-up of last year's Christmas/summer school holidays

- The day Mr 9 turned 10 and Miss 8's birthday

- The night I was touched by a man just right in a bar, and then fondled publicly by a woman the very next day. Sigh. Fondles, fun and frolics

- The very long day, when my little man needed surgery.

- A happy post that ended up sad. For such is the reality of single parenting.

-  The Hot Cross Bum post. (Warning: May contain TMI).

- Beware the skanks. Because it made you smile.

- My Autism Day post. It didn't articulate everything I wanted to say, but it was one of my most heart-felt and popular.

- Possibly my most revealing post ever, my entry into the Kidspot Top Blogger's Competition. It didn't win me a car for a year, but it did explain what drives me.

- Parking at rear. Or what it's really like to have a colonoscopy. (More TMI)

- The weird week that started stressfully but ended on an unexpected high. It coincided with what would have been my 11th wedding anniversary, and ended up with all kinds of signs from the universe that life was looking up.

- The ones where I posted about taking my kids on the holiday-of-a-lifetime to Fiji:  Postcards From Fiji, Fiji Me, Bula, Get Thee To Fiji,  Fiji - Finally!, and Mumma Gets Her Zen On. Fiji was definitely a highlight of our year, and was so wonderful, I still have dozens of posts and photos to share.

- On our return, I got sick with a chest infection and tummy bug AND moved house. Surprise, surprise, there are no posts about that nightmare. Not because I didn't want to share - in fact I have a post in drafts still to finish! But I simply was so damn exhausted and sick and busy I didn't have a spare moment. Maybe I'll resurrect that post one day, but in the meantime, I'm not even sure if it's that interesting any more.

- Then the kids finished school with a raft of events, where I couldn't draw breath, after which we found ourselves on a plane again. This time, the purpose was to visit my brother and his family in Western Australia. Again, we had the best time. It was an eye-opening experience for the children, and a reminder of the size of this land of ours that we call home. I've posted about our time in Western Australia: Go West, WA's best fish and chips, and Sunset.  (There will be more to come from WA too).

- Finally, there was our Christmas, and this, wrap-up I guess, of 2011.

Happy New Year to you all. And may 2012 bring only awesome things.


Mum on the Run said...

Happy new year to you.
I sincerely hope that 2012 can be the 'heavenly 2011' that you never had.

BossyMummy said...

Might sneak in as your first comment of the year, but might not, as my smart phone isn't very smart! Have an amazing 2012 and cant wait to read more of your journey :-)

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

We hope that 2012 will be a lot of highs for you & your family, when your faced with lows your strength & us will help you through them.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

vegemitevix said...

What's the saying: fall down twice get up three times x 2012 is going to be our getting up year. Pinky promise. Xx

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Happy New Year Bronnie! Sorry that it was such a mixed bag for you. I hope that 2012 brings lots of travel and delicious opportunities for you! :)

Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

Happy 2012 - hope it's...hmmm... 'swell twelve..' Okay, that sounds cheesily American! Regardless, hope it ends up being the fabulous year 2011 didn't turn out to be. But.. isn't it funny when you look back over a year how much was enjoyed/celebrated/achieved?!

Happy 2012!

Now, I'm going to go back through all your links and read all those posts...