Saturday, January 28, 2012

And now for something really important...

Forget about national events, there have been far more important milestones going down at Chez MIA.

The week began with kids making the long awaited/dreaded Return To School.

 They were reasonably ready to go back to school, and even fleetingly pose for a photo.
The budget-busting, kitchen-table-groan-inducing school supplies eventually were wrapped, labelled and stuffed into these ...

It only took me about four trips to carry them through torrential rain on the first day. (I let the kids off with just the initial trip with their back packs, since I didn't think they needed to get soaked umpteen times on their first day back).

Sadly, the change of weather did not bode well for Miss 8's asthma, and the next morning we found ourselves at our GP's where she was treated and monitored for an acute asthma attack. Poor little pet.

When we picked up her big brother that afternoon we were met with the news that there had been a reported case of nits at school. A very ill child and a suspected case of nits, all by day two of the school year people. Day Two!!

The next morning I was dragged screaming  jumped effortlessly out of bed bright and early to celebrate Mr10's Mr 11's birthday celebrations! Yes, that's right, Chase turned 11 on Australia Day. (And he shall always be my Australia Day baby, just as to our GP, he will always be Sultana Boy. But that's a story for another post ...) 

Unfortunately, the never-ending Queensland rain, and Harmonie's and my own-ill health meant we had to cancel our park and ice-skating plans, but we still managed to have a pretty good day.

First, there was the traditional Dawn Ceremony/Opening Of The Presents, which this year consisted largely of Moshi Monster type goodness, in the form of membership and toys.

After presents, one of our birthday traditions is that the birthday boy or girl gets to choose to have a meal (or morning or afternoon tea) out.

This year, Chase chose breakfast. And, for a change, he didn't want to go to a restaurant.

This year, his meal of choice was McDonalds. With a pre-breakfast $2 birthday massage. 
A usually forbidden massage treat. Aaaargh ...

Birthday breakfast. Fit for an 11-year-old apparently.
Sibling love ... Could he sit any further away from his sister?
Later, it was time for visitors and of course, cake!

We made sure not to forget Tasmania!

Unlike Arnott's special Australia Day shapes!

Although Harmonie had a solution!

See? Instant Tasmania ...

Just another typical week at Chez MIA.

And the greatest of these? Was of course Chasely's birthday ...

Happy birthday to the boy young man, who make me smile. And laugh. Worry. And sometimes cry.

Mr 11.

Now he is something worth really celebrating!


Lisa - Epstein News said...

Happy birthday Mr 11.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Shame about the continuing rain....

Not much fun for going back to school... We still have a few days before ours go back...

Unknown said...

aww happy birthday to your gorgeous young man.
Did you guys actually like those aussie day shapes? i thought they were hideous. the kids gobbled them right up though lol

Ms_MotorbikeNut said...

They look so excited about going back to school.

I check A's hair every day even on weekends when she is here and goes to school, that way we stay on top of it & nip it the bud.

(((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a dramatic time you've had! And I hope Miss 8 is ok and happy birthday to Chase! :D

kelley @magnetoboldtoo said...

Happy birthday to your dude.

And he is totally looking like a dude now.

They grow up so fast!

(BTW I looked EVERYWHERE for those damn shapes. Boo was broken hearted)

Unknown said...

Sorry we're late but belated happy birthday!! And gosh - I couldn't believe that first picture of the "human pups" - haven't they grown?? I hardly recognise them now!! :-)

(by the way, have you decided to change things and "do names" now?? I always thought you wanted to avoid that...wasn't sure if it was a slip in this post, although I noticed it you did it several times so I assumed it was on purpose?)

You have some awesome birthday traditions! :-)


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. To be fair, my own kids didn't have nits! (And we are forever vigilant).
Kelley, if I can find you some Aussie Shapes, I will post them to you, but as Ozzie Thiftmumma points out they taste like cardboard with personality-changing spices sprinkled on them. Which predictably means that kids love them.
And yes, Honey, I've decided to go with first names as an experiment as it just seems unnatural not to. I'm still wary of how much info I put out there and perhaps I am wrong, but my kids have said they would prefer if I use their actual names. So we'll see.
I guess it's the nature of the blog. It's organis and can change.

Unknown said...

organic even